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June 2018
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Parts is Parts

First off last night we finished up our Kara run from the night before. We had Chess, Nethersipe, Prince and Nightbane. We took down Netherspite without a probem and then moved onto the Chess event and then the Prince. We wiped once on the prince.  Really not sure what happnened, but we got him down to about 5% or less. Moving on, we went to Nightbane and took THAT seletal dragon down! It was a pretty smooth and easy as far as Nightbane fights do.

Fyra picked up more than enough BoJ during the run to bring her totlal > 100 and she was able to pick up the Embrace of Starlight from the IoQD vender. The only problem now is that I need more spellhit.. I am replacing a chest (BLUE!) that is +30 spellhit.. Now I have to figure out where to pick that up without losing too much of any particular stat.  Of course, I might just not bother since once leveling begins again it isn’t as important as other stats.. (fighting mobs 3 lvls above me won’t necessarily happen that much, i’d think…).

WoWScrnShot_092508_220833 After the Kara run, a group of 5 of us went into Heroic Ramparts. Oh my.  Obviously we were doing something wrong. It was a complete wipe fest.. We did have 2 lesser geared dps (my rogue and pil’s hunter) but it was just .. painful.. So, eventually, pil and I swapped out. He for his Prot Pally and me for Fimlys (woot! He comes out of retirement again) and we tore up the place after that. :P  I got 1 more badge on Freez (from the first boss which we got down before switching) and 2 more on Fimlys (who really doesn’t need them for anything but maybe gems… I guess)

I was feeling a little tired after that or I might have either leveled the shamlock duo or leveled one of my professions (now that some of the mats are at a lower price point). I’d love to not only have every class to at least 60 before WotLK, but also all the professions to 375 (yes, that includes fishing.. my nemesis!).. The ones that need work right now are:

  • Engineering (Have it at > 300 [although that is on a gnome, so a little boost there])
  • Jewelcrafting (Still <300 but getting there)
  • Enchanting (<10 away from 375.. Should be doable if I can get recipes..)
  • Blacksmithing (Bah! Way too low.. Some day, maybe..)
  • Fishing.. (Fim is getting there.. I think…)

ramps_092608_010657 For the rest I have at least one toon at 375, so I’m good to go for the expansion.  I also need to go farming lower/medium level herbs in addition to going on a herb farming spree in outland. My stock of outland herbs is diminishing rapidly.  Time to restock! Fast Druid Bird FTW…

So… On the topic of druids… I was thinking. So, a druid is a cross between a Warrior/Mage/Priest/Rogue (kinda sorta), right? Well, what about adding Hunter into that?? I have a new feral form for deep in the tree.. That’s right! Quillboar !!! How about it. We could shoot quills like arrows and have a few different talents along those lines.. Give us a summonable Pig pet and we’d be all set.  Maybe even a feign death-like ability? Just a thought… *ahem*…

Tonight is a free night in the Mythos calendar so far.  I might just get on with the farming and such, but it is possible we’ll run some quests on Freez. Might even level the shamlock (get someone to run us through gnomer before we are too old?). Not really sure what I want to do all in all.. 🙂 Later!

PvP a Raidin’

Here are videos from our PvP Horde Boss Raid!… I only got the end of the Thrall one, but most of the Silvermoon one.



Spectrual Karassment

Just a quick update today. Last night we had night 1 of Kara. Given how far we got, we are getting closer to only HAVING 1 night of Kara at all (but then again, here comes the expansion).

We had a great time! We brought in a couple of people who needed to be geared, but in general we were all ‘experienced’ Kara-ers. We punched through Attumen and Moroes, made our way to the Opera which was the Big Bad Wolf. Then took a detour to take down the Maiden of Justice then out the door and up the tower to wipe the floor with the Curator.  (5 RANGED DPS FTW!) With an hour left to go, we smashed through trash up to Illhoof (yeah, stopped there before going on…) and then to a meeting with the Shade of Aran himself. 

WoWScrnShot_092408_234930 All bosses were 1 shot (we lost our priest twice on the Opera…) and we didn’t even wipe on trash! Very little loot was sharded (I can remember one piece of plate from Curator I think) and we all had a great time. Tonight should be nice and short with only Chess, Netherspite, Prince and Nightbane left. Fyra almost has 100 badges again and enough to buy the IoQD chestpiece.

WoWScrnShot_092508_012319 After Kara, I got my mage’s engineering skill up > 300 (woot!) and then got the Sham-lock duo up to level 32 by turning in the Green Hills of STV quests! The Shaman gets a lot of pretty cool toys in the 30+ area.  Very exciting and interesting.

So, anyway, tonight is the rest of Kara and then probably some more shamlock leveling..  Back to work I go.. 😛

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