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I’ve Got the Buzz

As in wasps.. Sorry, I’ve been slacking on the blog.. I have been under the weather (so to speak) for a while now. I’m feeling a bit better and I’m up for a little blogging action.. 😛

I’m not going to try to recap everything i have done since I last spoke with you. I will say that the guild went into BT and whipped a few boss butts along the way. (I helped out with all we did except the first). We cleared Z’A again and I got a group of peeps together to go run Heroic Underbog in order to get Fimlys a level 70 wasp pet.

WoWScrnShot_110308_000900 It was lots of fun and a couple of others in the group switched out for their hunters to tame one also. I named him Slacker.. Don’t ask me why.. I really don’t know. I’m liking him so far though.

Then, last night (see, we caught up) I got the Shamlock duo to 60 finally. So now I have 5 60’s (Mage, Pally, Shaman, Lock, Warrior) and 4 70’s (Hunter, Priest, Druid, Rogue).  Pretty crazy…

So, that’s about it.  I’m back and all and so hopefully you’ll hear from be again tomorrow!

TKs For the Mummies

Happy Halloween! Ok.. Now that we got that out of the way, down to some srs bsns. Last night was TK night! I have decided that I am having some serious FUN playing Fimlys again.. Woot! I am really loving the changes they made and being back in MM is great.

So, TK. We did a pretty good job with A’lar, despite me being dead for most of the fight (2 times). We then moved on to Void Reaver and he was pretty much a piece of cake. Then we went to a boss I hadn’t done yet (even though the guild had), Solarian. Pretty fun fight.  We wiped quite a few times as people got used to noticing if they had the “time to fly” debuff.. 😛

WoWScrnShot_103008_231802 Finally got her down and our foray into TK was at an end. I then pulled out the Shamlock duo and started my first few quests in Outland (Woot!). One of the first quests in HH is to kill some demons.. Well, turns out that with RAF, you get almost 30k xp from that quest.. OMG! So, then I went and did the one to kill orcs.. And guess what?  Ding! 59! So, I’ve got to grant levels to my Warrior now to 59 and then go about finishing them up to level 60. 

Dead_103108_001102 We don’t have any raids planned tonight due to Halloween, so maybe I’ll drag someone into Scholo or just have them help with a couple of outlands quests.. I should get there quick.. In addition, Fimlys needs to shed some +hit.  Which means replacing some of the +hit gear with other stuff I can find. There is a nice badge belt I can get and also a ring to replace one of my rings with +hit.  I would love to add some more +haste since my steady is still (un-aided) at 1.7s cast at this point.. (I want 1.5 again).

WoWScrnShot_103008_230158 I think I might finally have enough badges to get one of the belt or ring now.  I was also thinking it might be fun to get a 5-man group together to try to do Kara.  I think it would be pretty awesome and at least more of a challenge than 10-manning it is now. But then again, if 10 ppl wanna come, that’s fine too.. We can blast through it and pick up a bunch o’ badges along the way.

Ok.. that’s it for me.. Have a good time with the candy-night and I’ll speek wit u on Monday. 😛

Sticky to the Plan

I’m the man with the Plan.. Well, I’ve got lots of plans. I’ve even got a bridge somewhere in here… Wanna buy it? >.< … Soo… My plans.. Yeah, plans for the next couple of weeks.

Lets start with last night! “Wait Fim!”, I hear you say. “That’s not the next couple of weeks.” You are right! But it’s my blog and I can bend the space/time continuum all I want.. So there!

Last night we did an interesting raid mixture.  Gruul, Mags, Hydross, Lurker. All one shotted except for Mags which had a real bad timing thing going (fallout from the roof in addition to having to click the cubes at the same time). Fyra went and the only thing she got for her troubles ( 😛 ) was mags head… Ewww…

Afterwards I ran Fellmara (warlock) and Filly (shaman) around Kalimdor collecting Candy. They got about 13k xp for each bucket due to RAF and I got them from 57-58 purely on those buckets. I could probably get almost to 59 on them also, but my PLAN is to head them over to outlands and HFP and level them there (so they can get the good gear from the quests)

WoWScrnShot_102908_001656 Ok.. Back to the plan.  Really, I’m not sure which plan I want to go with. I am almost done with the one toon at 60+ for each class… I then have the professions. I am close to 375 on engineering and have a long way to go on Blacksmithing. I’ve been enjoying raiding all sorts of stuff we hadn’t gotten to yet with the guild and I just need a few days of dailies on my druid to get Exalted with SSO.

So, anyway.  Tonight is the continuation of the SSC run we started last night. We’re also taking some time to look into some DKP(ish) systems for WotLK. If you have a suggestion, let me know.

Oh! And last but not least, Twisted Nether Blogcast #22 is up! Go check it out.

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