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Azjol, you noob

I logged into Fimlys last night and did a few quests in Dragonblight. After killing a bunch of blue dragons, I went to pick up some more arrows and realized that I must have missed a bunch of quests in HF.. So, I went back and finished up the one quest I had left there.. Oh.. more quests! Bah!

Before I could head to the new quest giver, I got a group invite.. Oh, are we doing an instance? Ok… So, I headed over to get the new quests while they get it setup..

We got the group together and headed to AZN and AHK.. Woot, I could finally do the quests in here.  Got all of them done, the instances were easy but fun, and came out with lots of XP.

WoWScrnShot_111908_222620 Afterwards we were thinking of going to Drak’tharon Keep for the first time. So, we headed over there.. Our tank decided he wanted to mine instead, so just for fun, we went in anyway.  3 dps, 1 healer and my gorilla, Rico, tanking. We actually did pretty well in the first hallway.. Wiped a few times trying to get into the first big room and called it quits.. He was just too low a level I think and mechanics get in the way too.. He can’t easily be positioned to “turn” the mobs.. etc..

WoWScrnShot_111708_202208 After that, I went back and did a few more quests before finally going to pass out for the night.. Tonight will be more of the same probably. I think I want to concentrate still on questing.. I have a sinking feeling that I logged Fim out somewhere outside of an inn! Doh! That would suck.. All that lost rested XP.. bah.. oh well, maybe I’ll check it out when I get home and move him.

Anyway.. I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

Out of the Fjord

Into the Blight… That’s right, I finally made it (officially?) to Dragonblight.. I’ve been there before and had the flight points due to instancing, etc, but this was the first time I went there knowing I was running out (well, maybe not) of quest hubs in HF. This morning I looked and I find I’ve missed a few hubs and should go back.. We’ll see.. :P 

I also haven’t gone too far in Borean Tundra. I should also go do the quests there before I get too high level for them to matter.. 😛

So, anyway, Fimlys is now 73 1/3 or so.. I dinged 73 and kept right on trucking. Spent all last night doing quests (and getting free enchants!). It really is lots of fun. To anyone that I pissed off by accidentally pulling a mob you were going to pull or “using” something that was the quest result, I’m sorry. Some of the time I click and have no idea what it is doing (other than a bar shows up).. I was probably trying to skin something under/around it.  When I see the skin icon show up.. I click it.. 😛

Blight_111908_022952 Fyra is level 71 now (I don’t remember if I blogged about that) due to a Nexus run and other Coldarra quests she finished the other night. I think there are still quests to do there and in the Nexus, but I’m not really playing her right now.  I want to try to concentrate on Fim and see how it goes.  I would be happy to get him to 77.. Of course, Fyra is my only epic flying.. So maybe she should be first.. Hmm..

WoWScrnShot_111808_194042 Anyway, I hope you all liked the video. The song is Little Wonders by Rob Thomas. I thought it went well with the theme.. WotLK and Northrend in particular is just filled with these little events, these little “wonders” that just make the experience that much better.  I tried to capture a few of them in the screenshots, but many times they go by too fast or I just plain forget…

Tonight will be more leveling for Fimlys.. I’ve been trying to keep up on sending my enchanter items to DE and have to go to my inscriber to get minor inscription research. I don’t know that I upgraded his inscription yet.. I should probably do that.. Anyway, I am outta here..

Little WoWnders…

Ok.. Cheesy title.. Too bad!  I made a little slide show of my adventures so far in DK-land and Northrend. Hope you like it…

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