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Get Your Own, Turkey

Sorry I’ve been slacking.. I HAVE been working on episode 25 of TNB though. You can go get that to see what I have been up to also.. So, since we last spoke, the guild tried a little more of 10 man Naxx.. Well, not really “more” we tried the same boss again and failed again miserably. Then we tried a different wing (which is the more part) and couldn’t even get past the trash there!

We gave up on Naxx. The 10-man dissolved into a couple of 5-man heroic groups and I was pulled into one of them. So far in the last few nights we have done Heroic Utgarde Keep twice (I got the Drake-Mounted Crossbow!!!) , we failed (got 2 of the 4 bosses down) in Heroic Pinnacle, did Violet Hold on heroic (was the daily and I had never even done it in non-heroic) and got the “Defenseless” Achievement (where you don’t use any of the “alarm” things on the walls), and Heroic Nexus where we even did the optional boss.

WoWScrnShot_120308_004002 For many of the heroics we also had the Wintergrasp buff so we got the “currency” from the bosses from that. I got > 50 so I got that achievement also! (Last few nights were full of achievements).  Speaking of Violet Hold. It is a pretty awesome instance I think. It is very much like the Black Morass COT instance without all the trash mobs to take out before you start and the running around (much more condensed).  However, you get DIFFERENT bosses for the first and second boss.  We actually “mostly” wiped on both of the first 2 bosses (3rd boss was easysauce tho.. go figure) but got lucky that we could rez and/or summon back in (we had a lock).  On the second, the only one standing at the end was the Holy Paladin! The boss had about 1300hp when I died and he took it out, rezzed us all and we were back in business.

Fezzik_120108_234917 So, what’s with the first screenshot? Well, there is an achievement, of course. You have to use critter bites (something you can cook that makes critters follow you around for a few minutes) to tame 10 critters within 3 minutes.  I have to say the easiest place is where you do the Turkey and the Falcons (or whatever it is called) in eastern Fjord. I did the Turkey Shoot achievement there also (whatever that one is called too.. I’m too lazy today..).  It was pretty quick and I just HAD to get a screenshot, of course.

Crossbow_120408_004531 I have a feeling that we’ll be going back into Heroic instances again tonight. This is good since I like the way rep works too with the tabards. So far only the Crossbow has been a decent upgrade for me (I think I took a non-epic helmet and some other item too, but they are a sidegrade).  I’ve also been spending time in Ice Crown doing quests. So far I am enjoying the zone quite a bit. You can really see they put a lot of “phasing” stuff into Stormpeaks and Icecrown. Probably developed the technology before these zones were done. Anyway.. I’m off! Catch you later!

Ding Ding Ding Ding

As we know, World of Warcraft dinged 4 about a week ago (Nov 23).. Well, turns out I stared playing 1 week after it came out.. My Wowiversary was Nov 30, 2004! That was the day I created my account and began playing. I took a little bit of a time out (but still paid for my account, so does that count?) when Fimlys hit 59 or so (maybe 58) and then came back a bit before BC came out. Since then I have, obviously, been much more dedicated to the game (Blog, Podcast, ALTS up the wazoooo). So, happy wowiversary to me…

Anyway. Back to doings. . Yes, Fimlys hit 80 (see previous post). Haven’t done any heroics yet, but he did get his Epic flying from all the extra gold I have been collecting since hitting 80. I finished all the Storm Peaks stuff (other than quests that require a certain rep) and only zones that are left with significant quests are Borean Tundra (I didn’t go there after HF) and Icecrown. I need to spend time on the IC quests since I need Ebon Blade rep for my head enchant.. Bah!AccountCreated

We gave Naxx 10-man a shot last night with a bunch of newly minted 80s. Lets just say that either we picked a bad boss to start with (The first one in the spider wing), we are not well geared enough, or we just are missing something essential in this fight. I keep hearing, “Naxx is easymode”.. Well, newly minted 80s as we were with no heroics and not too many blues between us … It was no ezmode. It is also possible it was our group makeup. We had 2 Warriors tanks, Priest/Druid/Paladin healing and Mage/Warrior/Shaman/Hunter/Warlock for DPS. We were kicking around about 7.5k group DPS and just having issues all around.

WoWScrnShot_112908_234352 Anyway, maybe we should be pushing for more gearing via Heroics now I think.  I’m also working on leveling my druid (she is almost 72) and my priest (he a little more than halfway to 71). I’m still enjoying the questing even if I have done the quests already. Blizzard made it enjoyable to go from quest to quest without too much running around or delays.

So, anyway. Tonight will be one of a few things (no particular order):

  1. Run Heroics/Other Instances with Fimlys
  2. Level the Priest, solo
  3. Level the Druid, with group.
  4. Do quests on Fimlys in IC for rep and gold

All of these should include doing dailies on Fimlys.  I need to start doing them for rep, especially Hodir. They have the shoulder enchants and I need to get them to at least honored I think. Right now there are 3 dailies there and also I need to continue doing my cooking daily.. :)  So, anyway.  I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Fimlys is Oooold

Whoo!!!! I did it.. Finally pushed up to the ripe old age of 80.. This happened Wednesday night. I got though Zul’Drak.. Well, I ran out of quests there except for the Arena thing (like Ring of Blood). Didn’t have enough people that were interested to do it, so moved on to Storm Peaks. Through the tiredness I persevered and at around 3:30am or so he dinged 80..  I was the 8th person in the guild to hit it (3 of us in one night).

Now what?

Oh! I’ll tell you what! Lots of stuff.. Still have to get Fizz to 65 for inscription. Still have to start working on Fyra and Fhuun and Freez… It just keeps going. I’ll keep questing on Fimlys too for the gold and doing instances and heroics and raids.. Just keeps getting better from here. 

Anyway. Quick post.. Talk you later.

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