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May 2018
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To be honest, I think I have been playing more RockBand 2 than WoW.. (HERESY!!) Anyway.. I did get to run a few heroics here and there and work on leveling the priest (and a little working on the Druid). Fhuun is up to level 73 now.. I think he is half-way to 74 or so (close anyway). He is now exploring Dragonblight.  This time I got my little dragon to fly me around BEFORE I did all the quests. 😛

So.. I titled the post professions. Just wanted to make a quick rundown of how I am doing on the profession leveling front.  I think I have mentioned this in the past, but I have at least one of each profession “leveled”.  My blacksmithing is the only one I have < 300 and only because so far I have not found anything useful in it.  The toon that has it is also level 60. Here is the rundown:

  • Fimlys (80): 448 Leatherworking, 450 Skinning
  • Fhuun (73): 413 Mining, 409 Tailoring
  • Fyra (72): 407 Alchemy, 450 Herbalism
  • Freez (70): 395 Enchanting, 391 Jewelcrafting
  • Fizz (65): 396 Engineering, 402 Inscription
  • Furis (60): 231 Blacksmithing

I think that takes care of all of them.. so.. in order of skill: 450 Skinning, 450 Herbalism, 448 Leatherworking, 413 Mining, 409 Tailoring, 407 Alchemy, 402 Inscription, 396 Engineering, 395 Enchanting, 391 Jewelcrafting, 231 Blacksmithing.

WoWScrnShot_122608_011003 I’m working on tailoring as I have the mats (I just send them to Fhuun or use what he gets from leveling). Same goes for Engineering (I send cobalt bars from Fhuun to Fizz and ore to Freez for prospecting sometimes). Alchemy will get leveled as I get the mats to make the items (I can’t easily get the higher level herbs yet). For Inscription, I have been sending some of the herbs I get on Fyra over to Fizz. I have been trying to make some enchanting scrolls and sending them to Freez to enchant for leveling and profit (some enchant scrolls sell for nice amounts).

I send all my BoE greens (that aren’t upgrades) over to Freez for Disenchanting and have a good stockpile right now of dust and essence and shards. Fimlys’ LW has been leveling up from guildies asking for items made with their mats. There isn’t anything past 440 (afaik) yet so it really doesn’t matter, but getting to 450 would make him “prepared”.. 😛

And Furis.. Well, He gets ignored for now.. I should just buy the bars he needs to level up and be done with it, but I am trying.. TRYING.. to save up so I can get Fhuun cold weather flying and speedy flying t at the same time when he hits 77…

Anyway.. That’s it for today’s post.. I blabbered on much longer than I had expected to. I hope to have the next episode of TNB out sometime tomorrow.. Look for it!

Clearing BT

No, Ratters, I didn’t solo-clear Black Temple on my level 72 shadow priest….

By BT I mean Borean Tundra… My priest finished up the achievement for # of quests in BT and also the D.E.H.T.A (I remembered! I think..) quest. Want to say thanks to the random Paladin who helped me kill Lane.. I probably could have done it myself, but it would have taken a little longer. Fhuun is still 72 but he is moving along nicely. I’m still shadow and still don’t know that I am killing things any quicker than I was when I was holy/disc.. There is obviously some more utility there, but I dunno what I am doing.

Anyway, I logged in and did the cooking daily on Fim (as usual) and then logged into Fhuun to quest. When Pil and Kezz logged in, we got on our leveling group (which includes Fyra) and worked on Howling Fjord quests. We got through everything except for the ones down by Kamagua (the Tuskaar village). We parked our toons over there and called it quits when it got late.

Worg_122408_001545 I went back and finished up the BT area with Fhuun and then took a hop to the Tuskaar village in Dragonblight. I also got a little tired and finally called it quits..

Note: It’s the last day to buy shirts from BRK I think… Don’t forget to get your order in! These are pretty awesome shirts and are in limited supply. Tell him Fimlys sent you and he’ll charge you 2x as much for shipping! LOL….

Note2: Matticus has a great list of Death Knight blogs up on his site. If you know of any others, let him know.. Hmm.. Need to check the tnb wiki to see if these are there…

For those of you that celebrate something at this time of year I just want to wish you a happy and healthy celebration and hope you all have a happy new year full of phat lootz!

Roger Rogue Leather

Mythos cleared Naxx 10 last night! That’s the good news.. The bad? I wasn’t there.. Just happened that the last night of the raid was the first night we had guests staying with us. They will be here for 2 weeks. Since they don’t seem to go to sleep early, looks like I won’t be raiding until the holidays are over.

So, anyway. I logged in late and started working on Fhuun. He’s level 72 and moving along finishing up Borean Tundra.. Currently on the animal lover quests (whatever that acronym is.. I’m too lazy to look it up). I also respecced him Shadow near the end of the questing time last night.  Killed a few things, finished up some more quests as Shadow. Still not sure what I am doing though. Haven’t been shadow for a LONG time.

When the raid finished up I was asked to join a group to do Heroic Old Kingdom. “Sure”, I said and switched to Fim. We did pretty well. There is a quest you can get outside the instance that requires you pick up a corpse of some spider dude and drop it on the brazier after the last boss.. You have 1 hour to complete the quest from picking up the corpse.

OldKing_122308_003114 We skipped the first and third boss and killed the 2nd pretty easily and even the 4th easily.  We did lose both mages (warrior, 2mages, 1 hunter, 1 priest) to the final fight, but the three left picked it up and we oneshot him too. We then went back and took out the other bosses including the heroic only one (took us two tries for that one).

Anyway, tonight is scheduled an Obsidian Sanctuary run, but I don’t think I am going to be able to make it in time.  I guess we’ll just have to see.. Maybe I can get with pil and kezz and get back to leveling the drood. Ok.. I’m outta here!

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