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Tired of the QueueQueue

Yeah. The queues are back. You’ll hear all about my conspiracy theory in episode 29 of TNB when I finally get it finished… Anyway, still wasn’t playing all that much Friday and Saturday (mainly profession grinding and leveling priest and druid). On Sunday however, I had a pretty productive night.

I got on early and did the cooking daily (as usual) on Fimlys. I have purchased all the recipes from the awards so now I am just stockpiling. I have a ton of the spices, so I am not going to buy those yet.. Maybe to sell on the AH.. Hmm.. That might be worth it.

Anyway.. I then logged over to Fhuun to get a few quests done. After Kezz logged in, she dragged my druid over to Borean Tundra to help with the quests over there (not that I needed help, but they went MUCH faster). WoWScrnShot_010309_021006 When Pil finally got through the queue, we picked up 2 more DPS and went to run through Azol’Narub (oooh, I think I spelled that right). We ran through it twice pretty quickly.  We had 2 75s (tank and healer) and a 73 (me, boomkin) and a 71 (another boomkin) and 70 (mage).  We did pretty well, only wiping on the 2nd boss the first time due to misplacement for the actual boss fight..

I didn’t get any usable loot, but I got a ton of experience. After that, we headed to do a few quests in Wintergarde and then I went back to BT to do a few more quests and finally ding 74! Ok.. WTF! I had to spend about 300g on new talents… Ok.. Maybe I haven’t gone back to pick them up for a few levels.. Whatever!

Mirror_010409_224441 Afterwards we had to record the “main” part of the TNB and when I got back on dinged 74 on Fhuun too! Haven’t traveled back to get his skills yet.. Need to do that. Once again considering respecing back to holy/disc or to just deep disc.. Bah.. Can’t decide. I really want those last 3 levels to 77 to go quickly… I need to get him into some instances too.. I think he’s only done UK and Nexus.

Anyway, I signed up for tonight’s finishing of Naxx (just the last 2 bosses left).  I haven’t been in a raid in a couple of weeks, so I don’t know that I will be invited. If not, I’ll work more on Fyra and/or Fhuun probably. Was thinking of going to do the Howling Fjord quests with Fhuun (since I leveled him initially at BT) but not sure I want to go back there already.. I’m ready to move forward! 😛

Later all!

WoW 2009

Can’t believe it will be / is 2009… (depends on where/when you are reading this).. Just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year!


As with the rest of this past week+, I logged in late.  Mythos was running through Naxx-10 when I logged and supposedly doing well! (Yay guild!) I logged into my priest and smelted some ore and such.  While I was doing so, the raid ended and Kezz asked if I wanted to log to the druid to do some quests.. Woot!

So, I logged to Fyra and we finally finished up Howling Fjord! In addition, she dinged 73! We moved on to Dragonblight and did a couple of quests for the Tuskaars there and then called it a night. Only 4 more levels to go for flying! Seems like it is taking so much longer, but that is because it is not my only focus as it was with Fim. It is actually going much faster in actual play time since I have help this time and I/we know the quests, etc.

No idea what tonight will bring, if they are busy with Naxx again, I’ll probably log the priest and work on him. We’ll just have to see. New TNB should be out any minute.. Go check it out!

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