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March 2019
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Approaching Liftoff

Not really much to talk about.. Not even a screenshot! I quested with Pil and Kezz last night in Dragonblight and got closer to 76.. 25% away.. Then one more level until I can FLYFLYFLY!

Tonight we are supposed to try 25man Obsidian Sanctum.. Hopefully we can get 25, uh, “men”.. Later all! Have a good weekend.

Wintergrasping at Straws

Yah.. Pretty bad, eh? Anyway, sorry I missed yesterday, but I was working on the latest episode of TNB. So, to recap.  Tuesday was a fun night. We got together and ran 10-man Archavon (I won the shaman chestpiece.. woot! oh wait.. i’m not a shaman) and then kept the raid and successfully defended the keep! I had never done Wintergrasp before and it was loads of fun on my hunter. I got a ton of achievements for it also! (See right sidebar).

Ok.. afterwards I worked on da Druid some more and then last night I did even more. Fyra finally made it to level 75 and I haven’t done quests anywhere except BT/HF/DB. Still haven’t finished BT or DB even. Fim didn’t do BT so he was farther through the zones by 75 I think. I ended up taking a break for the night early and went and played some Fable II on the 360. Oh.. And 1 sad thing, the main warrior tank we’ve had in the guild like forever has decided to quit Wow.. Sad day for the guild. We do have other tanks, but he’ll be missed.

So, anyway. Nothing is scheduled for tonight still so it might be more leveling time.  Two more levels on the Druid until flying (woot!).. Priest still needs 3, but he’ll get there.

Mal means BAD

So… Malygos… Just bad… Anyway, I did get invited to the final 2 bosses of Naxx last night. Donned my resist gear and promptly saw my AP drop abysmally. UGH! Anyway, the bosses went down pretty smoothly. I had done the frostwyrm before, but never killed it (Ding Achievement!).  The Cloak of Mastery dropped and I was happy to win the roll. I replaced a GREEN cloak!

We moved onto Kel’Thuzad and took him down in one shot also. Supposedly both kills were done in the fastest time yet for the guild. Woot! Nothing interesting (for me) dropped off of K’T though.  We then moved on to try out Malygos. Lets just say that we got to phase 2 twice. I think we tried it about 10 times before calling it.  I think we are missing something. We’ve been using a DK to pull the sparks and trying to stack them up (difficult job). Maybe we just need more practice, but I thought my head was going to explode given how many times we tried it last night. (Might have been more than 10, can’t really remember..)

KT_010509_213523 After we called it, I finished up the anti-Nesingwary quests in Borean Tundra on the druid. I also made some more enchanting scrolls on Fizz and Freez (2 of which were for my actual gear) and then called it a night.

Tonight I think we are going to try to head into the Wintersgrasp Raid (if we win it) and see how that goes.  I’ll let you know!

Also!! Twisted Nether Blogcast wants your WoW Moments! Go take a look on the site and contribute!

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