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Dragons, Dragons and The Force

Just because this is a “WoW” blog doesn’t mean I always talk about WoW (just a disclaimer).. On that note, I’ll start this post talking about.. WoW..

Last night was the start of our 3rd week in Dragon Soul. I’ve talked with a few of our guests on TNB about the raid and the difficulty level and we’ve heard both ends of the spectrum. I think I’m somewhere in between. I find, with my raid group, that the first 4 bosses are, apart from implementation quirks, pretty easy. I don’t find this to be a problem. I enjoy killing things (in game) without too much banging my head against a wall. That said, I was very happy to pick up my shoulder token last night which brings me to 2 pieces of T13 or whatever number we’re up to. Last night we got through the first 5 bosses. Ultraxion, while we were able to get him down in the second week and last night too, is still not a “cake walk”. WoWScrnShot_121411_000555Part of the issue is relying on a mechanic that can get completely hosed up due to lag. Since not hitting your button at the right time, or the server not thinking you hit your button at the right time, is instant death, this can quickly cause us to call for a wipe and reset. In the end, everyone stayed alive even in the end and we got him down.

The boat boss proved to be a little more difficult to get a handle on for us last week. This week we only did 3 tries but on the 3rd and final attempt, we got to Phase 2 finally! I’m hoping tonight we’ll get through that fight and finally get to start on Deathwing! I am having a blast in this new raid and think that Blizzard did a great job with it, personally.

ScreenShot20Moving on to the next Dragon… Skyrim.. Yes, I have been playing Skyrim quite a bit (although that has now changed for reasons you’ll read about) and love the game. I’ve been playing for over 110 hours so far and my character is around level 56 (maybe 57 .. I can’t keep track Smile with tongue out ). I finished what some would deem to be the “main” quest, at least one of them, but then ran into a bug in the Imperial quest-line right at the end. The final confrontation with the Stormcloak King and while I can beat him to the ground in about two hits with my Uber Bow of the MIghty Death Killing, it won’t trigger the NPCs to do their thing and finish the quest. I’m hoping for a patch soon for this (PC version). Since I can’t get past that, I’ve been working on Thieves Guild quests and more of the seemingly infinite number of side-quests, etc. I am sure I still have more shouts to pick up so maybe that will be my next endeavor.

Ra-Mos1The Force.. I was invited to the first day of Early Access for Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO by BioWare. I played in the beta a bit over a couple weekends and it was great getting back into the game and finally being able to make “permanent” characters. This, of course, is the reason my Skyrim playing will be waning. I intend to continue to play WoW (mostly raiding right now) and also play SWTOR. My first class I’m working on is the Jedi Consular. Screenshot_2011-12-14_01_41_19_004964The Consular is the ranged DPS version of a Jedi Knight. There is still plenty of lightsaber fighting at least in the early levels though. At level 10, I’ll probably pick the Sage advanced class and spec into DPS at least for leveling. At some point I might respec to healing for Flashpoints and Operations (instances and raids). Our guild Polyjedious is created and ready for people to join us over on the Juyo server. So if you are interested in joining a pretty casual Republic guild on a PvE server, hit us up. My Consular’s name is Ra-Mos.

That’s it for now. I’ve been having fun with all these games lately and I’ve got a bunch of PS3 games I’m getting for the holidays too (no idea when I’ll have time to play those!). Keep an eye out here for possible exciting news coming up.. But don’t get too excited, it might just be nothing.. Smile with tongue out

End Time of Eternity

Another post? I know! Ok well, we didn’t get Ultraxion down last night. We did get him to 8% on one try, but no luck. The end of that fight is just insane. I’m really glad I’m not a healer! We’ve got the mechanics down, it’s just a matter of buffing DPS a little bit more to get over that last hump.

After calling it, I decided to join a guild group and head into the new 5-man dungeons. We had time for 2 of them and did 2 randoms. We got End Time and then Well of Eternity (I think it did that on purpose since I hadn’t been in either).

WoWScrnShot_120211_004433I think they did a really good job with these instances. They are varied, the boss fights aren’t too technical but are fun enough. We had one non-main dps and the healer was a non-main also. We still had generally no problems with the bosses or trash fights. Hanging out with Illidan in the second one is pretty freaking cool. It’s nice to see some of the story unfold in these.

WoWScrnShot_120211_010104Given my gear level, nothing that dropped was an upgrade. Same for the quest rewards. I almost wish they would do the quests in such a way that they were something more than just “complete the things you have to do for the instance anyway”. Maybe even make one a randomized repeatable (either daily or for each time you run the instance). You can decide if you want to do it or not, but it takes you a little out of your way and awards some additional gold.

Gotta Have Soul

Yes, World of Warcraft Patch 4.3 has finally dropped, which you already knew, of course. Us being a particularly raid-centric group in my guild (at least the 10 or so of us that are raiding…) always seem to rush into the new raid, when there is one, on day 1 (being Tuesday…). I was very impressed that the patch went generally well which has been the norm for the past few patches now. I did have some addon issues that I solved by turning all of them off and then back on a few at a time. A few people have reported to me that they just disabled all their addons and were able to enable them all after a few restarts adding them back in.

WoWScrnShot_112911_213815The Dragon Soul raid, so far, has been fun, but generally easy. We only raid for about 2 1/2 hours a night and have done so for the past 2 nights. We got the first 2 bosses down on Tuesday and then the next 2 on Wednesday.

Morchok was the first to go. We actually 1 shot him! Given our gear level and generally knowing the fight somewhat beforehand helped. We did, however almost have a wipe on the trash before him.  I managed to stay alive and down the last mob, but it wasn’t easy. Morchok didn’t drop anything for me, but I can’t say the same thing for Warlord Zon’ozz. He wasn’t the “push-over” that Morchok was mainly because you have to learn a “ping-pong” mechanic. Most of this fight is bouncing a ball of energy back and forth between the melee and the ranged to build up a debuff on the boss (after it finally hits him). We got him down pretty much on the last try for the night and the Horrifying Horn Arbalest for me!

WoWScrnShot_113011_222530The next night we came back in and started with Yor’sahj the Unsleeping. It took only a few tries (maybe 4?) to get this one down once we figured out the ooze mechanics. We knew the order of which to try killing first and the healers did a great job keeping us all alive. Last but not least, so far, was Hagara the Stormbinder. She has a few trash packs but then her fight isn’t bad either.

WoWScrnShot_113011_235402So far, all the bosses we have faced have interesting mechanics, but I have to say that geared as we are, the normal mode bosses, so far, seem to generally be easy. Not easy like “steam-roller” easy, but more that with a good understanding of the mechanics, we were able to get them down without a lot of hair pulling.

Before we logged out for the night, we gave a quick look at Ultraxion. His mechanic is knowing when to switch back to the “normal “ realm. We gave him about 3 tries before calling it for the night but I have to say that his trash is particularly annoying.. You have been warned!

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