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May 2018
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Quick Shot

Not much to say. Worked on the Druid last night and did some instances. Drak’Tharon and Gundrak (it was draknight I guess). Tonight we are supposed to start 25man raiding.. We’ll see if it happens. Everyone have a good weekend.. Hopefully Ep30 of TNB will be out tonight.

Split Boomkinfinitives

I know I promised to really post daily.. (see what I did there?.. Ugh).. Well, I was sick yesterday and well, I never promised.. I think.. Well, anyway, the last couple of nights consisted of running instances with Fyra and the gang. We tried to do OS last night, but ran into problems that our MT was having really bad lag. So, we ended up getting the little drakes down and then tried the boss once. It did not go well and we decided to call it for the night.

So, really, it’s been pretty run-of-the-mill.. Not much raiding and not much to talk about. Fyra is getting closer to 78 (about 25% left). I am LOVING herbing in flight form again. I spent 30 minutes in Sholazar Basin herbing and got stacks of herbs and more than 4 Eternal Life!

That’s all I’ve got so today. I’m not sure what is up tonight. I don’t know if we are planning on raiding or not.  The first 25 is planned for Friday still. We are going to do Obsidian Sanctum even if we don’t have 25.. Figure we might be able to pull it off with 20.. Maybe…

Sliced and De-iced

Yes! Finally! The druid, Fyra, is finally level 77. I went immediately (I had 4k xp > lvl 77) and trained cold weather flying.. What did I do later that night when I went to fly to Grizzly Hills and saw an herb on the ground in Storm Peaks?  Blew myself up on a freaking MINE! Ah well.. Not gonna do that again (unless it is for the achievement).  So, Fyra has now completed all the quests in BT, HF and DB. We’ve moved on to Grizzly Hills and I think we’ll probably be 80 before finishing Zul’Drak (if it even takes that long).

I’d like to get our little group into more instances. We still haven’t done Old Kingdom (other than the first boss) and then there is Drak’Tharon, etc… I’m ready! Fhuun also achieved something (although it isn’t as important, I think..) As you can see from the image above.. He made a flying carpet! Of course, it is only the low level one (he doesn’t have speedy flying yet) and he is not level 77 so I had to take the SS in Shat.. LOL..

Grizzly_011109_235119 Over the weekend we visited Naxx-10 a few times. Last night we tried to start on the construct wing (the only one we had left) and had some issues with raid DPS. We quit after 2 tries, thankfully, but you can really tell when you aren’t up to snuff.. We got him to 6% each time before he beat us all down.. I think with a little bit more gear for some of the “less” geared folk, we probably could have gotten it done. We’ve done it before, but we’ve been missing a few folk from our core raiding group recently.

I assume we will probably head back in tonight to try to get through that wing and finish up the raid before reset tomorrow. Here’s hoping it goes well! Later all..

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