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Oops.. I missed a beat.. Anyway. 2 days now, eh? So, Tuesday we did some 25s! OS 25 went great. We plowed through there with almost a full group (I forgot to count.. but I think we were up to 24????).  Next up was Naxx. We took down the whole spider wing pretty easily without any wipes. (Woot!)  Next we went to visit Noth. All I can say is .. UGH.. He kicked our butts over and over.  We were only sporting 5 healers though (but we had plenty of tanks) so that might have been the problem. I guess we’ll try again soon hopefully.

Last night we were going to continue the heroic raid run, but couldn’t get enough of the right people. (If you are a resto shaman and want to raid with us… do it!) Anyway, so instead, we got together our 2nd string alts (that is my Druid for me) and hit up a couple of heroics.  The daily heroic was Halls of Stone. We were particularly gunshy on this one from the last time I was in there on heroic. Well, we did pretty darn well.

WoWScrnShot_012809_220103 One funny snag that happened is that during the Tribunal of Ages we wiped the first time and then right at the end of the second one, we all died.. But…. We had 2 priests with us. One of them was the last to die. She was still up in “angel-form” when Brann finished his “work” and the faces turned on the mobs and killed them. Guess what? We got credit! Chest is lootable.. Woot! So, yay for priest angelform…

Next up was Nexus so that our other priest could maybe get the mace from the end boss. Didn’t work out, but we had a fun time anyway. Afterwards we were getting tired and called it a night.

No clue what the plan is, but sometime tonight Episode 32 of the Twisted Nether Blogcast should be posted .. Go listen!

Loot Festival

Joined up with some guildies to aid in their running around and getting coins from the Northrend instnaces.. We decided to do a few of them in heroic (including the daily, UK). I asked to bring my Boomkin, Fyra, for the ride so she could maybe get some rep and a little gear.. Wow.. make that lots of gear.. Here is what dropped or I bought (Dagger and Neck are the ones bought [neck is emblems]) last night.

  • Battlemap Hide Helm
  • Encircling Burnished Gold Chains
  • Spaulders of Krystallus
  • Handler’s Arm Strap
  • Flameheart Spell Scalpel
  • Temple Crystal Fragment
  • Overlook Handguards
  • It was a pretty crazy night.  We did a bunch of heroics (topped off with the D’T heroic where i got the Handguards). It was lots of fun and my druid was keeping up pretty well to the other DPS (the DK we were running with was trying out a tanking build, so I was beating him easily on the charts 😛 ).   Playing her is really a boatload of fun.. Have to respec at some point and add BoP.. My +hit is abysmal!

    Tonight we are supposed to be doing 25man OS.  Hopefully we’ll get lots of peeps and be able to move on to Naxx afterwards. Later all!

    Naxxray Spectacles

    Weekend was fun. I got to do a bunch of Heroics with Fyra and she is, as usual, a blast to play. I was consistently at the top of the charts, although the pally tank is keeping up with me… What’s that about?!?

    We tried, first last night, to do OS with 2 drakes up.  That didn’t go so hot.. Then, after a few wipes, we tried with 1 drake up.  This went better, but we still couldn’t do it. Then we took the last one down and just did it in “ezmode”, which ended much better for all of us. We then moved on to… Naxx-10.

    Or, better to say a marathon Naxx-10. Finished up from 1 2/3 wings done to finishing it off.. Kel’Thuzad… Drops.. Nerubian Conquerer … Woot!  He also dropped the Shaman, Warrior, Hunter token, but I let the Shaman have it since I got the gun.. :D  WoWScrnShot_012509_012710 It was a decent upgrade.. Now, I just have to get a crit scope put on it. My DPS was acceptable. Within 1% or so of the top give or take. I’m not sure i can bring myself to switch to MM or SV just yet though. I still enjoy BM. 

    I respeced a little to remove the +hit (since I have plenty now) and add things like Animal Handler and Imp. Revive Pet. I used the revive pet during the K’T fight too. Generally I did fine, but it definitely requires more thought that it did before.. And this is a good thing. I think if they had the dual-spec thing in, I would feel more comfortable trying out something else.. I’m just not a respecer.. 😀

    WoWScrnShot_012509_002934 So, no clue what tonight will bring. Only 10-man raid we haven’t done this reset is Malygos, and I don’t like him.. at all…. Maybe more heroics on the boomkin! We had a lot of problems with CoS for some reason.. Couldn’t even down the first boss.. Guess we aren’t ready for that one, especially single healing it.  We did dual healers for a bunch of them and then single healed UK and then tried to do the same for CoS, no luck.  More heroics = better gear = more DPS! Woot! Ok.. I’m ready to go!

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