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25 Things: Letter Me This

Ok.. In the tradition of all of you out there doing 25 things posts… Here is mine.. These are my top 25 letters of the Alphabet! Some will have reasons.. Most will not.. Here we go!

  1. F  – If you read this blog and don’t know why.. Read it all again..
  2. G
  3. E
  4. J
  5. M
  6. D – Daddy
  7. N
  8. K
  9. T
  10. X
  11. Z
  12. C
  13. I
  14. R
  15. U
  16. B
  17. O
  18. H
  19. A
  20. L
  21. P
  22. S
  23. W
  24. V
  25. Y – Cuz I really don’t know.


Enjoy! (I tag you all!)

Proud History Debuff

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Asleep at the WoW. I’ll be your host for this morning/afternoon/evenings festivities.. Who am I, oh, I’m Fimlys.. Still.. I might have changed my main to Fyra (WHAT!?!?!) for now, but I’ll always be Fimlys.

Yeah.. I talked about the whole change of main last week, remember? Anyway, we finished up Naxx10 on Friday and it went really well. It was the first time we one-shot all the bosses in there and there was much rejoicing (yay…). I think we ran some heroics afterwards, but I don’t remember. If we did, I think Fyra got some gear from them.. Maybe.. Possibly..

WoWScrnShot_020209_222312 Soooo. Saturday I spent a bunch of time leveling my priest, Fhuun, and got him up to level 76. Then later that night we ran AQ20 and AQ40. We did pretty well all the way until the last 2 bosses.  We had a bunch of trouble on the twins, but got it done finally. C’T was also a pain, but after the 3rd wipe, we picked up a few other guildies and got it done.. In 1 weakened phase!

After the AQ we did some more Heroics and I’m pretty sure that Fyra got some gear that night.. Maybe…

Sunday I spent some more time leveling Fhuun and then we just ran a few more heroics again.  This was after the Superbowl… Did you watch it! Just.. FREAKING.. Amazing.. Game.  Really.. Ah well.. So, yeah, I think I got gear for Fyra in the heroics that night too.. maybe..

WoWScrnShot_020109_001359 Last up was last night! (I made it) I got on and a bunch of our main raiders were trying to tackle Heroic Oculus (unsuccessfully wiping on the last boss until respawns appeared). After they finished we made our way into OS10 and took the whole thing down in about 30 minutes. Fyra was 2nd on the damage and dps which was pretty gratifying considering how much time I’ve been putting into her. And!!!! I won the glove token! Woot!

That’s about it.. Now you are all caught up.. Did you miss me? Maybe I should try to blog on the weekends too.. Eh, maybe not! :D 

Change of Main

Maybe possibly officially. I was asked, quite nicely, if I would mind switching out my “main” toon according to the guild. It seems we have quite a few hunters, but no Boomkin in the raiding group. So, I happily replied that I would be fine with that.. 😛

So, Fyra got her first chance in Naxx-10 last night.  We cleared 3 wings (all but DK wing) pretty quickly.  The DPS were all ranged and we ran with 2 tank (warriors), 3 healers (Druid,Priest,Pally) and 5 DPS (Mage,Warlock,Boomkin,Shaman[ELE],Hunter).  The DPS were dpsing in that order. Mage and Warlock are pretty well geared from the 10mans, the boomkin was mine (decently geared from heroics but in mostly blues), the Shaman had just switched from Enhancement the day before and was still gathering gear and the Hunter has been in naxx10 before but is not as well geared as Fimlys.

Things went really well in all. We smashed through pretty much everything. I respecced before joining to a more raid-happy spec. I’m pretty happy with it so far. I need some more practice in timing my debuffs and the eclipse procs, but I’m getting there. On suggestion of someone in BA Chat (um.. don’t remember who) I tried out Squawk and Awe addon. It’s pretty good.. Having some visual anomalies, but otherwise works great.

I need to see about making my frost resist gear for tonight I guess. If we go back, I assume we will get to the frost drake :D.. Later all!

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