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June 2018
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Sparkly McSpark

Well, after my last post, I go back to the useless crap you know and Luv.. Yes! Love is in the air.. Every where I look around.. Love is in the air.. In every guildie, every town.. OMG…

So, Tuesday night we managed to get a 25 man together (well, a 22) and took down OS and the first wing of Naxx.. We.. Just.. Can’t… Get.. Noth.. Down…  ARGGH!..  Anyway.. So, was fun anyway and I picked up a new chest piece to replace the blue cloth robe I was using. It isn’t the tier piece, but it is an upgrade nonetheless. Lots of other stuff dropped, but nothing was a huge upgrade and I let the other boomkin that was with us take most of it.

Last night we just couldn’t get enough people together to continue the 25. Many peeps were working on the achievements for the new holiday (ok.. officially hate these holiday things). So, instead, we got a group together and ran a couple heroics. I picked up new bracers (cloth!) from Heroic VH and then we ran over to heroic Nexus to see if I could snag at least the mace from the final boss (no luck there). 

I’m definitely starting to see that the best gear for a Balance Druid seems to be cloth gear.. 🙁 Boo.. Well, except for our tier gear. So, anyway. I have been keeping up pretty well with better geared folks in both 10 and 25 naxx, so I can’t complain too much.  A lot of that is knowing what to push when and paying attention to what is going on around you.

Tonight is unknown.. An enigma wrapped in a tortilla and lightly fried.. Yum..

Additional Note: Information about dual specs from Blizz.

Boomkin Rotisserie

No, i don’t mean cooking moonkin… 😛 I’m talking about the current keyspam I am doing when fighting (generally raid/instance bosses). This is the Moonkin spell rotation I use.

Since I am NOT hitcapped, I rely on IFF to give me a boost up in that regard.  Thus, I make sure it is applied all the time (the 3% crit is no slouch either). So, it is either my first or second spell cast..

So… We do Fairy Fire. Then goes the Moonfire.Then Insect Swarm. Those are my main “DoTs” and “Debuffs”. After that we start “spamming” Wrath. This is done to proc Eclipse. Eclipse gives a crit bonus to Starfire that is NOT to be ignored (read: AWESOMESAUCE). So, once the “Blue Moon” procs (blue is Wrath to Starfire Eclipse proc) we Start spamming Starfire.. During all of this, we keep up our debuffs and dots [esp FF]. However, during the starfire spamming, I would suggest not recasting Insect Swarm. Moonfire (if glyphed) should get 3 sec for the first 3 starfires.. But then generally I wait until the Eclipse proc is over and then go back to recast them all.

Boomkin2 After the proc is over, we have a choice.  This depends on your Mana regen both personally and via group talents (replenishment).  If you are not having any problems with mana, then I suggest going back to spamming wrath.  There is a cooldown (I think it is 30 sec) between Eclipse procs, so you have that time, if you DON’T have great mana regen to continue to spam Starfire until the cooldown is up. Once the cooldown is up, go back to spamming wrath until Eclipse procs again.

Boomkin3 Don’t forget to renew your DoTs and Debuffs! Also, use your trees! If you have ‘em talented (You do, don’t you?) then you should use your trees whenever they are up. Yes, there are fights where they will die right away, but there are also fights where they will do a lot of damage and shouldn’t be ignored.

I currently use Squawk and Awe plugin to keep track of the eclipse procs and cooldowns and my other DoTs and Debuffs.

Thanks to Llanion from Mooonfire! for his help (and the others in the BA chat room).. So far I am pretty happy with this spell rotation.  Obviously it is easily left open for changes and is not as easy to Macro (not that I have tried) as a Hunter rotation can be, but I’m doing pretty well so far with it.

Shouldering On

Another Monday.. So, things that happened.  We had our live TNB round table. Show isn’t up yet, but I’m sure it will be later tonight. Back to WoW, we did a bit of Naxx10 this weekend and also a bunch of heroics.

We did some 10 man Naxx and last night I got the Shoulder Token. I lost some Crit, but I should be able to make it up somewhere.. The shoulders are much better than the blues I had before. Fyra still has a few blues (not intentionally) to replace, but she is getting there. I also did a bunch of heroics with her and having lots of fun.

WoWScrnShot_020809_174522 I decided, before Globbulus, to try out a dual crit trinket setup. I am using the Forge Ember and the Sundial of the Exiled. Both have a chance to proc to increase Spell Power.. They CAN both proc at the same time and the increase is huge! Plus, I am liking the extra crit, for now.  Anyway, I did pretty well in the rest of the raid, so… Oh, so, we wiped on Gluth (boo) the first time other than me.. Yep.. I shadowmelded.. (CHEATER!) Of course, then I had to sit there, smelling his doggy butt until the rest of the raid was ready. UGH! 😛

Pinnacle_020809_002542 Fhuun has made it up to 77 1/2 and has been doing quests in Grizzly Hills. Also, Fyra unlocked the Sons of Hodir faction and is currently working toward getting the shoulder enchants.. I think that this rep grind is the most annoying part of WotLK. Requiring a rep grind that doesn’t tie into the new tabard system just seems silly.  Ah well..

That’s about it. Tonight should be the finalization of Naxx-10 (military wing and end bosses).. Maybe my chest will drop… (cross-fingers)..

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