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Prockets Trinking

Ok. Missed a day. Bah! Sooooo. Monday night right? That where we are? That where I left off? Ok…

Sooo. 2 Monday night it is. Basically it was Heroic night on the farm. Did quite a few heroics (amazingly not including the daily) and then.. and then!!!! I bought the T7 chestpiece for 80 Emblems.. Poof! So, now Fyra has 4/5 T7 and that VERY tasty 5% crit chance bonus to Wrath and Starfire..  Oooh so nice…

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for Monday. Tuesday was a little more interesting, I think. We got together a Heroic OS run.. I say Heroic and not 25man, because we weren’t really close to 25 peeps.. I think we had about 19 or 20 when we downed him.. What you say? < 21!!! YES! LESS IS MORE BABY! Yay for achievements. Fight wasn’t too tough, but it lasted TWICE as long as the last time we got him down in 25.. We only had 7 dps… 7!

WoWScrnShot_021609_231654 I rolled on and won the bag (amazingly enough!) and we also spent some time during this part and the Naxx part discussing and explaining the new EPGP and EPGPLootMaster addons we asked everyone to get for the 25 man runs. We explained how to use the addons (mostly the “loot master” one) and what all the numbers mean.  The lootmaster addon is pretty sexy IMO. It has a great need/greed/pass (with notes if you want) window that pops up when something is master looted and the Master Looter gets all the information in a big window. Everyone else in the raid can see this information. It even links what everyone actually is wearing in that slot that is up for contention..

WoWScrnShot_021709_221726 Anyway.. I like the addon so far and from what I’ve heard most others in the guild think it is snazzy. So, after OS we moved into Naxx and after wiping on the first boss (just not enough DPS.. He enraged…) once, we picked up a Rogue that had logged in during the first attempt and also asked a priest to switch to his DPS Warrior. After the changes, we downed him without any issues. The very very nice leather wrists dropped and, as they were a straight upgrade for me, I needed on em’ and actually won! After that, time was up. Hopefully we’ll get a little farther tonight and maybe even get some of our missing DPSers back!!

So, that’s all for the NORMAL section of this post.. What follows is a reply to a “TAG”..

— I’M IT —


OMG! It’s FHUUN! He’s.. Little.. LOL. I think this picture was from 11/06/07 (Nov 6, 2007)…

I was tagged by Gnomeaggedon to go to screenshots and get the sixth folder and the sixth image in that folder.. Well, I don’t really have multiple folders, but I went back to my archives and picked up the sixth screenshot. So, here you go.. Little Fhuun. 🙂

I’m not tagging anyone else though.  If you are interested in doing it, then I hereby fore with and such and so on tag thee. Consider yourself good and tagged.

Smarty Pants

Did a lot this weekend in wow. A bit of Naxx10. A bit of Heroics. A bit of questing. Friday night I was invited into a Naxx10 run. We were starting to test out the EPGP system we will be using for 25s, so the run was mostly Officers. We passed around the loot master mantle for each boss so we could get used to the interface of EPGPLootMaster (awesome addon, btw).

We got the hang of it and tried out a few different settings, etc. I think we are generally happy with how it all works and while we might not use it in our next 25 (scheduled for Tuesday), I’m sure we will on the one after that. The biggest thing we have to do is have an officers meeting to discuss how all the numbers will work out (how EP for what, etc). We did pretty well on the Naxx10 run despite being distracted when it came to loot time.

Next day, Saturday, was Valentines Day (hope it was a good one) and so we didn’t have a raid. I did do a bunch of heroics with the crew though, and that was fun. Fyra still needs a good weapon.. Bah!

Fyra_021609_015345 Next up, Sunday, and the conclusion of the Naxx10 raid from Friday. We did pretty well on all the bosses and I ended up #1 on the damage meters, total. That was pretty exciting. I know it doesn’t mean all that much, but I’ve pushed to make her better and it’s nice seeing an improvement. I also got the Tier token for my Legs. They replace a pretty good pair right now, but generally they were an upgrade (other than a lot of haste).

Tonight.. I don’t know. Probably a bunch more heroics and/or officer meeting. I really don’t know.

Munkin Monuts

Title today is brought to you care of the BA Chatroom and my incessant misspellings thereforwith. ( :* Rav )…

So, the events of last night… They began with a 10 man Malygos wipe-fest.. Amazingly enough, this ended with the Mythos first downing of Malygos-10 (well, either one..) .. Of course, I have the quest to down him on Fimlys, not Fyra… Bah! But.. Wait.. What’s that sparkly sparking sparkily in that sparkly gem? Could it be? Nah.. Can’t be.. I’m not that.. OMG IT IS!!! Footsteps of Malygos are MINE! MUAHAHAHAA.. *cough* *choke* *wheeze*.. Ugh.. ok.. well, yeah, I got em!

So… “Who wants to try OS with 1 Drake?” comes wafting over vent… So.. we all bundle up and race over to Wyrmrest temple to give it a shot.  We easily get the other 2 drakes down and all the trash and proceed to give it a go. Oh, the pain. We picked the one with the whelps.. Whelp.. Not so good. After wiping quite a few times, peeps had to get going and so we called it off until tonight. We’ll see how it goes.. Blech..

WoWScrnShot_021209_221248 After that, I lassoed a group together to take on Heroic CoS and the timed event thereunto. And so we proceeded to give the place a whippin’, finishing the event with about 4 minutes to spare. I passed on the mount… I just knew that I was not going to be using it. I like dragons, but not worth it.. :D  Anyway.. Karma is gold! What should then drop from the chest after Mal’ganis???!?!?  The Plague-Infected Bracers! It was my night!

So, anyway.. Good night for me. Tonight is going to be more 1 drake up I guess. I’d also like to head back into 10 man Naxx, but I’m not sure that is going to happen (maybe if we get the OS+1 done).. So, have a good weekend and don’t hog all the monuts!

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