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Fimlys Wants to Know – Dual Specs

I challenge you to a Dual… Um.. Well, Dual Specs.. In 3.1, Dual Specs are a new feature. If you haven’t read about them yet… Where have you been?!?!? 

Ok.. well, Vote on the right and you are welcome to discuss in the comments here.. Just Dooooo it !

Out of the Shadows

This was a good weekend.. Good for WoW anyway. Got a lot of time to play and finally.. finally. finally.. Got Fhuun (my priest) to level 80. So, that gives me 3 80s, 2dps, 1 healer.. What? Healer? Yep, I also respecced him Holy. So.. What else did I do this weekend?

Well, on Friday we finished up the 10man Naxx run and Fyra just happened to get a small upgrade in the form of Blade of Dormant Memories. Is it the best? No. Is it better than what I had? Yes.. The rest of the run went uneventful. We 1 shot every boss except for K’T. We had some miscommunication on where certain people would stand and it caused some issues. No worries though. We came back and took him down.

FhuunLvl80_030109_161625 So the next day (and Sunday) was the leveling day. Saturday night I did some non-heroics on Fhuun with some friends and then Sunday was the big push! I hit 80 before dinner time and when we started the nightly playtime, he was ready to heal some heroics (well, not really). 

We had a few odd issues with some toons getting stuck in Violet Hold for some reason. I guess the Northrend world server went down and it borked them. Ah well.  We shuffled around who would bring what alt (keeping my priest as the healer) and headed into Heroic UK.  Generally not so bad. We had a wipe on the first boss, but I was just re-learning to heal and solo healing a heroic is not as easy for a noob healer as it might sound…

Mammoth_030109_163644 We then swapped around again (GM got them unstuck) and headed to Nexus where I got to be main healer of 2 holy priests. Went insanely smoothly and I picked up a bunch of blue upgrades to my gear in addition to some purple gloves, Gloves of Glistening Runes.

So, that’s what happened this weekend. A few guildies had the idea of adding another raid run to Sun/Mon as an “alt” raid. We would bring in Mains that couldn’t make it to the normal 10man first and then well geared/necessary class Alts and then the rest of people who want to go (or we can drag in kicking and screaming). Should be fun.  Of course, that is pretty much the whole week raiding except for Saturday.. Hmm. Might be excessive.. We’ll have to see.

Tonight will hopefully be some more heroics.  If not, who knows.. Maybe I’ll start on the rogue.. *sigh*


So, now I have to think about what happened two nights ago! Ugh.. my brain! Ok, so I think that was the 2nd part of the 25 man run we did. We had successfully gotten Noth down the night before so our next “step” was Heigan. Many people were not so practiced at the “dancing” aspects of this fight, but we did alright and got him down on the first try.

Afterwards we headed to Loatheb. And one shot him too.. It’s pretty awesome now, with the crit I have, when I get the buff from the spore, I have almost 100% crit on Starfire.. Woot! We ended there for the night. I ran a quick heroic instance and then headed to bed.

Last night we broke into our 2 10 man runs and we each ran at the same time. Our group did pretty well and I ended up with a few items that were upgrades for me.  I got a trash mob drop Chain of Latent Energies and Timeworn Silken Band and also the Blade of Dormant Memories. It was obviously a good loot night for me.  For some of those, I didn’t even have competition for the drop.

We got through 3 wings (Spider, Plague, Construct) and 1-shot each boss along the way. Tonight we are going to finish up. That’s about it. Since it is Friday, you probably won’t hear from me again by Monday.. Have a good weekend!

There is a bunch of stuff about 3.1 coming out of the PTRs. I transferred Fyra and Fim over there, but haven’t had a chance to put much time in.  Looks like HIGH stacking arrows is not in there yet, but I assume this PTR will be around for a LONG time. 🙂

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