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Unarmed: The Strike of the Wraith

Before I regale you with my stories of deeds done, I want to say thank you to all the “little” people that made this “award” possible. I’ll do my required post for said reward either later today or tomorrow or sometime.. (I’m a procrastinator.. one of my 10 things)…

But, today I must say I am a happy camper. We did “25 man” OS+1 and 2 wings of Naxx last night. Things went really well. We one-shot OS+1 and even had very little issues with too many people dying too quickly in “The Dance” in Naxx. The highlight of the evening was, though Maxxena.. Max goes down.. I roll up and click on the boss to retrieve my emblem of uselessness and what do I see lying wondrously in the loot box??? Wraith Strike!!! Hoooray! I gave it up the first time it dropped (first time getting Max down in 25man) and have been waiting patiently (yeah right) ever since.

So, anyway.. The +hit trinket also dropped off of Max but I didn’t have enough Priority after taking the weapon to get it. Then it dropped again from Heigan and I lost there to another Druid.  Ah well, Fyra will just have to wait .. 🙂

WoWScrnShot_032409_200936 Tonight should be the continuation of Naxx25 if we can get the peeps. Into the Military and then Construct quarters I believe. Hopefully we will do well. Gotta run! I’ll possibly be back with another post later today or at least tomorrow..

Oh! A Fizz update! He has make it to Northrend.. Look out Lich King!! My mage finally hit 68 last night before the raid and headed out to Howling Fjord. He is already 1/2 way to 69. It’s amazing how much faster 68/69 will go, I think, in Northrend.  Anyway, I’m still having fun playing him.. Hopefully it will last.

500 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

I was thinking.. My blog is kinda like singing on a bus on a school trip.. Need to pass the time, you sing 100 bottles of beer on the wall, right? Well, maybe you don’t/didn’t, but I did.  I don’t pretend that it is a good song, but I think the “annoying the adult on the bus” factor was the key there.. Well, I feel a little like I’ve been posting the same thing 500 times.. Yeah, I know, not really. And, no, I don’t feel that I need to change what I write or how I write. I just wonder, sometimes, how I got here.

I think I have posted in the past about why/how I started blogging. It was actually an attempt at RP, which I fail at or just can’t get interested in.  I admire those who can craft great stories and characters and such, but I am just not that type of person I guess. Maybe I lose interest. Maybe I lack inspiration. Who knows?

WoWScrnShot_032209_224513 Anyway, I also thought, at some point, “Well, maybe I should try writing ‘useful’ stuff like some of the other bloggers I enjoy reading. Something I know something about.”  So, at some point I made a post about Hunter macros and then shot rotations.  These posts did pretty well in hits, but that wasn’t really the point. I also tried reviews of some addons with which I am very familiar and I did a couple of those (even some tips on using some together). I also started a little meme, those don’t last long. But, those posts (including the macros and shot rotations) are quickly rendered obsolete by patches and game changes by Blizzard.

BWL_032309_011802 So, on this, the 500th post on Asleep at the WoW (originally known as Asleep at the Wheel), I have decided that I am going to keep things the way they are. I cannot lie and say I wouldn’t like more hits, more readers, but I can say that I don’t want to write with that being my sole purpose. I am not going anywhere, this site is my journal, my diary. It is a wonderful history of my adventures in the World of Warcraft. I don’t write creative fiction detailing my characters and their exploits, I write “this is what I did in a game” and I enjoy that.

I hope all of you will continue to read and continue to enjoy what I have to say.  I will try to intersperse the “look at my phat lootz” posts with something of supposed quality here and there. I might even convince someone to write some guest posts about something more interesting… Hmm… 🙂

ChampionFWOnce again, I appreciate all of you that stop by to keep me company in my little internet hole in the wall.  Expect more of the same.. Listen to me and Bre on TNB when you can and stop by once in a while. Don’t forget to remind me your are here and don’t be afraid to put your opinions in a comment.  (btw, I don’t moderate to deal with bad comments, just spam.. I am OCD about spam.. I know, I have addons for that, just deal with my eccentricities.. )


P.S..  Look at the last Screenshot!!! Yes! Finally got Heroic Oculus down.. Story will be told in the next TNB…

P.P.S I want to also thank everyone in the Blog Azeroth community. I might still be posting here if I never had found you all, but it would never have been this much fun.

I Wanna Raz U Up

Amazingly enough, we got the peeps we need to head into Heroic Naxx again last night. To be honest, we did NOT have 25 (nor did we have 25 for the whole evening).  I think we started with 21 and stayed around that amount for the whole night (I think 22 was our max.. ).

We headed down the Plague wing and actually had no difficulty at all even with one less healer. Having only taken one piece of loot since the EPGP loot system was started, me and one of the Warriors had the highest Priority Ratio, so when the tier shoulder token dropped (2 of em!!), I snatched one up.

Next up, we decided to go for Raz..  We had 3 priests in the group (1 Shadow, 2 Holy) but needed at least one of the Holy ones to heal so the other and the shadow gave it a shot MC Tanking him.  Lets just say they needed a little practice.  There were many.. many.. many.. wipes. In the end, we brought in ANOTHER shadow priest and 3 tanked the boss, finally getting him down. We were all excited since that was a guild first, 25man Raz..

Raz_031809_235421 Raid was called at that point given the time and I went off and did some crafting for a guildie and then some farming. (Oh, and to get the enchant for my shoulders).

Prior to the raid, I logged in with Fizz again (my mage) and got him another 1/3 of a level or so (or maybe more) in about 1 hour. Just running around Terokkar and completing quests (the buff was nice too). I think tonight we are going to be heading into Naxx in 10 man trying to get some people who need it some gear from there. Probably won’t bring Fyra.. Was thinking either Fimlys or Fhuun depending on if we need healers..

Well, I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

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