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April 2018
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Through the Looking Glass

I’ve made it back from wonderland. I was gone (I was?) and there were no posts (we didn’t even notice!).. So, where was I? I was in New York city, home of salsa that isn’t Pace.. Anyway, we had a good time and such, but I didn’t play WoW while I was away (pat on the head).. So, what do I have to report here then?  Not too much.

I did play some last night (we got back on Saturday night @ 1:30am.. or is that Sunday.. eh..).. I got my Mage to 70.5+ so he is getting there.. I’ll have to move to the Borean Tundra soon though, I’m running out of Fjord quests since I started at 68.  We did run a 10man ALT OS last night with 9 peeps. It took a little longer to kill things, but we got through it just fine.  I brought my priest, Fhuun and didn’t completely suck. 😛

That’s about it! Oh, did you check out the new TNB?  We was blogjacked and some odd duo by the names of Nibuca and Ratshag took over the show while we were gone.. Go listen!

Have a good one, I should be back tomorrow with another post! Woot! I’m back, baby!

Lagged and Dangerous

I’ve been slacking, obviously.. I did the WoW-Ku thing, but none of my normal posts.. Well, this might be my last one for a week or so.. We’ll see.. Anyway, last couple of nights we’ve been running 25man Naxx, as usual. We started with the Military wing first this week though and then the Construct wing.  Those are the two hardest for us and the first night we got through Military and all the way to Thaddius before wiping a few times and calling it.

The next night (last night), we went back and killed Thaddius after a few (too many) wipes. We then quickly (omg quickly) cleared Spider and Plague wings, one shotting all of those bosses (I think..).  Unfortunately, the raid had to be called for time. We’ll go back tonight (hopefully) and take out Sapp and KT.. They deserve it!  It was the first time we got Construct wing down as a guild..

Angel_040109_213603 I have to say that the hardest boss in that place is still the Frogger “boss”. We have to keep rezzers waiting on the opposite side for anyone that doesn’t make it.  If it wasn’t for lag, I think it wouldn’t be bad, but lag makes it almost impossible for some people to make it across without dying.

Oh yeah, Episode 39 of the Twisted Nether Blogcast is out and we are interviewing Lassirra from The Hunter’s Mark this week. (well, we DID interview her).  I thought it was a pretty good episode.  Sorry about the loudness issues at certain times, we had some problems with the MIC gain.

That’s about it.. If I don’t post for a while, I’ll fill you in when I get back!

Bringing Back The Ku

It’s back and it’s bad! I’m bringing back the WoW-Ku.. This time with a bit of a twist.  Well, more of a constraint.  I’d like to see Haikus about a WoW class.. Hunter, Mage, Priest, Warlock, Rogue, Warrior, Paladin, Druid, Death Knight, Shaman .

Doesn’t have to be a favorite, just something you can write about.. Don’t forget.. 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables..

Here are some of my takes.. I’ll link a few bloggers afterward to take up the charge.. Write your own and link to some more! If you don’t have a blog, just leave a comment here or even make a post on the official forums (and link back here).. Have fun!

Stranded in Northrend
Chilled unto my very soul
A Death Knight alone


Singing like a bird
my bow string throbs with power.
Arcane shot in flight.

Lingering shadows
Hiding in a deadly dance
Attacking unseen



Ok.. who to “tag”:

Yes, yes.. Maybe it is another meme.. But. But.. It’s poetry! 

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