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I Was Wrong…

Self destruction’s got me again
I was wrong
I realize now that I was wrong

(Thank you Social Distortion)

Yeah.. I said we were supposed to go into Ulduar. I was incorrect.. We went into Naxx25. We did so with only 21 people (5 healers I think).  Did 2 Wings (Spider and Plague) and then gave a couple shots at Raz.. (big fail there).  We were down to 20 when doing Raz though.. I wonder if there is a way to have a “real” tank take him.. Probably not, eh? Too much damage.. Bah… I wish that fight was more like the 10 man one. Where you could have the tanks just use the crystals and not sacrifice the priests or risk early breaking of mind control..

Anyway, I got some healing gear (offspec) for my Druid at least and we one shot every boss except for Raz, so I would say that is pretty good. (At least I think we did).. So, that was it. It was a quiet night all in all.  Tonight is the continuation of that run. Hopefully we can get a few more people and fill out the raid for the Raz fight.. Or just wait and start with the Construct Wing.. :D  Have a good one!


Last night we popped in on Malygos again in 10 man..  Last time it took quite a few tries to get him down.. This time?  Well, we had one minor slipup in the transition from phase 1 to phase 2 and lost a bunch of people.. We only had 2 healers, so stuff was going down quick when we had everyone up, but it makes for quick wipes when things go south.

We come back in and get going. We get Maly down to about ~34% or something like that in the first phase courtesy of extra stacking and lots of DPS.  We even only had 1 Vortex!! Phase 2 starts and 10 sec in, one of the healers dies.. “uh oh”… Oh yeah, I’m a druid! Battle Rez to the rescue!  I rez him and we proceed to get all the floaty guys down quickly.

Last phase.. Which in general has been our bane… Well, things went smoothly. We still had some deaths, but we had people with quite a few “stacks” up on the boss. It was awesome. We killed him in record time (for us) but, unfortunately, I didn’t write it down (DOH!)..

Fimnite_050109_220948 Afterwards we headed back into Naxx10 for our final try at the final boss.. We’d done the rest of the raid on other days throughout the week. This is our “alt” run, so not the “A-Team” but we had been doing pretty well.. Finally, after quite a number of additional wipes last night, we got him down. No loot for Fimlys (whom I had been taking into Naxx with this run).

So, tonight? Tonight is 25man Ulduar.. Well, that’s the hope. In addition, I’ll probably log in to the lock on Kael’Thas and hang while we run.

The Devils Have Us

A couple of things happened this weekend. I spent a little time creating a new Death Knight on Kael’Thas to hang out with the folks of the Sidhe Devils, Big Bear Butt Blogger & Company’s guild. A few other bloggers (read … A BUNCH) are participating in the shenanigans over there and I thought I would stick my nose in..

After hanging out for a bit, I decided to move my Warlock, Fellmara, over there since she is already 61 and also has some cash and bags… So, I did the transfer thing and now she is an official Sidhe Devil too.. It’s all so very exciting.. 😉

Between all that, I assisted with a final wing and sapph kill on Fimlys. We didn’t end up getting K’T down, but I guess that is the way it goes.  I also spent time leveling up the Mage, WoWScrnShot_050309_165223 Fizz, some more.  He’s over in Borean Tundra now and made it to 72 last night!  I had a bit of a bug where I had all my talents assigned, but it showed none assigned and none available.. Bleh.. I ended up being lazy and just buying a respec at 5g to clear the issue.. If it happens again, I’m opening a ticket.. Thought they had fixed all those hiccups (he doesn’t even HAVE dual specs).

Tonight, I really don’t know what is going on. I wasn’t on all that late last night, so I didn’t get to see if anything was posted.  I supposed I’ll find out when I log in. Oh! And the Twisted Nether Blogcast Episode 42 round table.. All about 3.1 is out! Go listen!

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