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Time To Take a Naxx

Didn’t play much on Monday night. Not enough of the right people on to get a good Malygos group going, so I logged off early and watched a movie (OMG!).. While waiting to get the group together that didn’t happen, I herbed.. Picked up a very large number of Goldclover.  LOL

Tuesday was a different story though. We got a group together and did OS25. We only had about 21-22 people so we didn’t try any drakes up. Did well there and then moved on to Naxx25. We cleared out Spider Wing and the Plague Wing and in the end, we had very few people.. Little enough that I think we got credit for boss kills and the “less than x in a 25man” achievement. I picked up a healing necklace. I think that is it. We did get a bunch of upgrades for a few people, so that is good..

Hopefully we can get enough to go back tonight and do some different wings.. Maybe next week we’ll start with those other wings so we can get a bit of “different” loot. Later this week will be Ulduar I think. Pretty much same ol’ same ol’.

Still working on my mage, Fizz, who is at 73 now (did I tell y’all that yet?). Getting closer to completing Borean Tundra.. Then it’s off to Dragonblight. I think I can get to 75 in DB.. Maybe.. Ah well.. Talk to you tomorrow!

Hot Buttered Post

This weekend was a busy one.. Not in WoW, but because is was Mother’s Day weekend. We did a bunch of stuff as a family, and I also got a chance to see Star Trek.

On the WoW front, there wasn’t all that much on the menu. Well, actually.. We went back into Ulduar 10 and gave a shot at Kolgarn and the Iron Council. We pretty much just wiped all night. We did make some progress on them, but just couldn’t get it done in the end.

We also spent time finishing up our 10-man Naxx run for which Fhuun was healing. Things went pretty well all the way up to Kel’Thuzad, of course. We one-shot every boss up until then.. I don’t really know how many times we wiped, but it was a decent number.  We did finally get him down and although my helm token dropped, I did not win the roll. It was a good time though, I have to say.

WoWScrnShot_050809_222204 In other news, my mage, Fizz, made it to 73 last night.  He’s now got Fjord and most of Tundra done. He’s even gotten to go into Utgarde Keep and Nexus this weekend. He’s definitely moving along nicely. It’s lots of fun playing a mage. At some point I really need to start working on the rogue. I need to get back into thinking about melee dps.. Ugh.. I think it’s just all the buttons.. Maybe I should rename my blog “Too Many Buttons”.  I should go check to see if that is taken..

That’s about it.  Tonight, I think there is a Malygos 10 run going on.. I signed up, but I am not sue I really want to raid tonight.. Ah well.. I suppose we’ll see how I feel tonight.  Catch ya later!

WoWScrnShot_050809_213910 WoWScrnShot_050809_211043
WoWScrnShot_050809_224952 WoWScrnShot_050809_214213

Quantum of Ulduar

First up.. 2 Days ago we did another 10-man Naxx. Brought Fhuun to heal this time.. We smashed through parts of 3 wings (I think.. my memory is going..).. Spider, Plague and part of Military (2/3). I think I picked up some loot but things are all fuzzy right now… 😛

So.. Last night!  I finally got back into Ulduar 10-man with Fyra and we did pretty well as far as I was concerned.. We had a few problems like not getting everyone inside the pillars before FL started up so some of us got caught outside.. We had to wipe it and restart, but we killed it that time.. I say we, but I died just after getting the thing to overload the first time. “Hey, I’m on the floor.. Over by the pillars.. Is someone going to come get.. Nevermind, I’m dead.”..

XT002_050709_230114 Onward we went to XT-002.. we got though the trash without wiping (which means they nerfed it or we got better .. or.. both). Then we proceeded to wipe a few times on XT-002.. This was expected.. We had brought 2 healers and I asked if they wanted me to switch over to Healing to help out.. Mainly it was just a distance thing.. People got out of range.. A few more tries and we got him/her/it down.

Razorscale_050709_234758 Next up, Razorscale. We wiped a couple of times from the trash.. Bah.. Then we wiped once or twice after we grounded it.. Then we finally got it down.  It’s an interesting fight.. Not all that complex though thankfully.  After that, it was time for me to go.. We (TNB) were interviewing Brigwyn from The Hunting Lodge and that was pretty good.. Show should go up sometime early next week.

Tonight will be the continuation of Ulduar-10. We’re moving on (skipping Ignus for now I think) and I get to see bosses I’ve never seen..Woohoo! .. Later all!

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