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October 2018
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Mister Fizzorium

This weekend, other than getting Blizzcon tickets, was pretty quiet. I spent a lot of time leveling my mage, Fizz. He is now level 74 1/2 and part way through Dragonblight. I’m pretty sure he will be at least 75 before I head into Grizzly Hills or Sholazar.. Or maybe I’ll skip those for now and go to Zul’Drak.  Who knows! I’m crazy like that!

Ok. enough exclamation marks.  On the Blizzcon front, I’ve gotten everything settled for flights and hotel room. I’m not sure yet if I should pick up a car just to drive to/from the airport. I don’t like being reliant on a shuttle service or taxis to get places (and I’ll probably want to do a LITTLE sight seeing while I am there on Thursday maybe)..

WoWScrnShot_051509_202328 We tried to do Malygos-10 last night, but it just wasn’t happening. So, I went back to leveling. I also went and farmed a huge about of ore for my blacksmith and my engineer.  The blacksmith is still on Fel Iron. The Engineer is close to max level, so it’s slow going. Also did some fishing on Fimlys. He’s inching closer to 450, it’s just taking a while because I find fishing pretty boring..

Tonight we are going to try to get a 25man Naxx run together (I think). Here’s hoping that this week we down K’T and I can maybe get the Helm token.. *please*… Ok.. I’m outta here. Have a good one!

Blizzcon ‘09 Is A GO!


Well, If you can see this on your Battle.Net Account page… You are goin’ to Blizzcon! Well, you could still be going if someone else bought your ticket.. I managed to get in quickly and picked up my 1 ticket (wasn’t greedy). As I said in my frantic Tweet after I got it, I felt like Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory… “I’ve got a Golden Ticket…”.

The tickets will also be on sale next Saturday too.. Good luck to those that didn’t get in this time!

And YES!  We are going to have a meet-up on the Friday night of the show.. I don’t have time specifics yet, but we’ll meet at the Anabella Hotel restaurant (at least that is the plan).. I don’t even know if I spelled that right..

So, well, anyone is invited.. We’ll have Blog Azerothians.. (I think Matticus and Brajana and Nibuca and many more) We’ll have TNBers (read.. FANS) …  EVERYONE!!!! Come join us.. I know it’s a long way away, but repost the information especially when we get more.  We’ll even do some recording and put peeps in a special Blizzcon TNB episode!

Ok.. I’m done.. OK.. 1 more time.. I GOT A TIX.  Hope you do too!

EDIT: Time for the Meetup as 9pm! Be there or um.. not.. ALSO.. VOTE on the sidebar to the right.. Then leave a comment here about your vote!

Alts on Fire

Oh, bemoan the lack of Ulduar. I think maybe with peeps out of school (I guess Universities are done?) we aren’t getting the numbers logging in this week it seems.. So, the 10 man Ulduar run that was a thought yesterday ended up turning into the 10 man Naxx alt run completion. Seems that somehow we are short on DPS and Healers.. The healers I can understand, but DPS!?

We finished up the Naxx run pretty easily with only a single wipe on K’T.  I picked up a few more items that are good for both Healing and Shadow on Fhuun. After the Naxx run, we went and blew down the doors of OS. Popping through the place in < 30 minutes start to finish. We didn’t leave any drakes up, but we did do the whole thing with only 9 people in the raid.

No idea what the plan is for tonight. No signups, so maybe I’ll end up just leveling either the mage or the paladin.. Or maybe even the warlock… Remember that tickets for Blizzcon ‘09 go on sale tomorrow.. No idea what time (some say 9am PST).. I’m going to try to be around to pick myself up a ticket..

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