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October 2018
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Well Grounded

Due to RL circumstances beyond my immediate control (which will continue tonight), I could not be on at our normal raid start time last night. So, I missed the 10-man Ulduar run. Understandable. I even responded decline in the calendar. So.. When I logged in, I got on Fizz and proceeded to continue my questing in Dragonblight. Between that and redoing the blog theme (you like?) I was occupied until the raid was over. 

Once they finished, Kezz and Pil asked me if I wanted to join them on some Battleground PvP.. “Sure”.. Now, Fyra has never done any (I think) Battlegrounds so while we were switching between them she was picking up a bunch of achievements. I did have a good time, I have to say. We did each one twice except for AV. We failed to win a WG or an AB, but we got both SoA (second one just barely) and one EoS and the one AV. Got enough marks for 2 quest turn-ins.

So, tonight will probably be more leveling of the mage. He ‘should’ make it to 75 tonight as he was getting pretty close last night. Don’t forget about our interview with Patrick Beja from The Instance and French Spin. We’re doing a special afternoon live interview on Sunday at 4pm ET. All the information is available here. Stop by and say Hi!

No Longer Under Construction

Facelift Over! (for now).. What do you tihnk about the new theme.. Yes, Nibuca, it’s the same theme, but it is so modifiable… I LOVE IT!  Enjoy…


We tried to get a 25 man run going last night, but we just didn’t have the bodies.. We did have 6 healers (woot!) and 4 tanks (I think).. But only 8 DPS.. That’s just not going to cut it.. Ah well. So I spent a little time leveling Fizz again. He’s getting much closer to 75! I should work on the paladin again a little.. He’s 68 and very close to 69 right now too.

What I have done is make up a new little logo image for the site (and I’m gonna redo the banner soon too I think in the same-ish style..)



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