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January 2019
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Form Of.. Fast Flying Frost Mage

Had company over the weekend, so a little less WoW for me than usual.  Which is not necessarily a bad thing :)  I watched a few movies (including 2010 again.. 😀 ) and relaxed a bit.. I did, however spend time playing my Mage again (if you couldn’t tell from the title)..

I got him to 78! Still in Sholazar right now. I think I need to start the Puppyman quests.. I’ll finish this zone and head to Stormpeaks. I usually skip there so that I have a head start on the Sons of Hodir.. :P  Oh.. yeah. and I finally got enough money together to pick up the Epic Flying and a mount.. WOOT! Finally I am zooming around! Of course, I wanted to make sure I had enough left to keep from being completely broke on all my toons.

So, now I am leveling and building back up my cash reserves. But I’ve been having a good time. I think the guild is going to get back into raiding around the 16th. Until then, it’s been pugs. I haven’t been able to participate too much this weekend, but if invited when I’m around normally, I’ll go. Otherwise, tonight will be more leveling and such.. Maybe I can convince some peeps to take my Mage into some non-heroic instances.. I still have quests for Drak’Tharon and such..

Have a good one!


Twitter-7 Yeah, I’ve been on twitter for a while. If you are on twitter too, you can follow me at Fimlys. Additionally, you can follow TwistedNether.  We just started this cool thing at TNB we call our TwitterCast.  What we do it that during the day, we send out “tweets” with the #TNTCast hashtag and link to cool/interesting/funny/etc blog posts out there on the Interwebz. Maybe you’ll find a new blog to follow. Maybe you’ll learn something.  Maybe you’ll laugh. I think it’s pretty cool, but I am biased.

If you aren’t on Twitter?  Well, why not?  You don’t have time? Well, what takes time? Who said you have to spend time sending messages if you are on twitter.  There is nothing wrong, as far as I am concerned, with being a lurker. Nothing wrong with using twitter as a “short subject” (140 char) news/etc feed. So, get in the game! If you sign up, send a quick tweet with the following in it:

I’m a new #wow twitterer! #newtoday @fimlys @twistednether

What this will do it let people who “follow” the #wow tag (it’s for searches) see you and you’ll get a bunch of followers.  Also, by doing the @, you are, essentially, “replying” to me and the twistednether accounts and we’ll be more likely to see them and follow you and officially “welcome you” to the WoW Twitter community.

So?! What are you still here for? Did you sign up? (you do that at http://www.twitter.com ) GO!

Slowpoke Airlines

Ok.. so my Mage hit 77.. I went to the Cold Weather Flying trainer in Dalaran only to discover/remember that I had not ever gotten him ANY flying skill because he went to Northrend at 68. Oops.. So, I had to drop some money on that, a mount and the cold weather flying.  Um.. and I am SLOOOOOOOW. OMG, it is just crazy slow.. How did I ever put up with this?  I have 3 toons at 80 with fast flying. I just.. can’t.. do… this…

So, anyway. Not really much has been happening.. My mage did make it to 77. He’s now halfway through the level and in Sholazar now. I’ve been working on the quests in Zul’Drak with my Druid recently though. Lots of gold.  I also ran Fimlys over to Borean Tundra and worked on the quests there that I didn’t do while leveling. Also, I need to make gold so I can pick up the speedy flying for Fizz.

The main exciting things that are going on right now are:

  1. Episode 46 of the Twisted Nether Blogcast is out.
  2. I did a redesign of the TNB site that just was revealed today!

Anyway. Not sure what is going on right now in the guild. Our Raid Leader has been AWOL for almost a week now (or more).  I’ve been pugging (as you can see from one of my previous posts) but mainly questing. Tonight?  More questing/leveling/etc.. Happy hunting!

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