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Lootless in VoA

Just a quick update here. First part of last night was spent farming and completing quests in Icecrown on my druid. Second part was running same druid through Both 25 and 10 man VoA. Very quick runs and, unfortunately, no loot for me.. I think I’ll survive though. I did get a bunch of the “first time” achievements since this toon never got a chance to do VoA at all before. (or at least finish it)

Tonight there isn’t anything planned in the guild. I think I am slated to be running something with our semi-pug.. 😛 Hopefully all will go well. If we don’t then I might try to get the mage into some heroics again.  Or get his butt dragged through Naxx .. LOL  .. Ok.. I’m outta here.

Oh My

Hot Puggin’ and Magey Makes 4

This weekend was the weekend of the Semi-Pug.  It isn’t exactly a “pick up group” (in case you didn’t know what pug stood for) since we’re being inivted ahead of time to a run of someone we know.. It’s almost more like a “friends” run.  In the 10man Uld runs, we’ve even got 4/10 slots filled with Mythos guildies. 

So, on Thursday we ran a 10 man Uld and I was there for the first wing.  I had to leave because we interviewed Cadistra from WoW, eh? on the Twisted Nether that night and it was time for it to start.  In the end, they finished up the second area in there.  Then, on Sunday night, we went back and got Thorim, Freya and Hodir down. Those were all firsts for me (and I think most of the group).  Also, we went and gave a couple stabs at Mimir.  Second try, we got him to the third phase, where we got very confused and wiped… It was called at that point, but I think our progress was pretty awesome.  Just seeing the fights and learning the strategies was definitely worth it. Oh, and on Thursday I picked up Eye of the Broodmother .. Woot!

WoWScrnShot_061409_233701 Ok, then we also were picked up to do a 25man on um.. Saturday I think. Same raid leader (invited ahead of time via calendar). Went in there and got FL down with one Tower up (*cheer*).. We got all the way to killing Kologarn and then it was called for the night. It was still loads of fun and I think I picked up a chestpiece, which, for now, I am not yet using. But I prefer that to sharding it (especially not in a guild run).

WoWScrnShot_061409_184059 Ok.. That’s the Pug/Ulduar news for this weekend.. What else happened?  Well… Finally, I got my Mage, Fizz, to level 80! And he went into his first heroic instance, Violet Hold.  Of course, we had 2 newly minted 80s in there so it was much harder than it should have been, but I picked up new epic bracers and blue pants.  I’m having fun with him, but I have a feeling I need to respec out of frost for instances/raids.  Maybe I’ll even pick up dual-spec for him.. not sure though.  Ahh! Wait.. AND.. I got my Paladin, Furis, to 70. I was originally waiting with him at 68 for the others I was leveling with, but I decided I wanted to level my rogue with the others and the pally can level solo (he’s pretty good).

Anyway, I’ve rambled on for too long already. I’ll hopefully give you another update tomorrow! Have a good one.

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