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Night Has Fallen

Two nights ago, we worked on Ulduar 25.. We did alright. First area down pretty easy. We had a few issues with IC and then took a few tries for Kologarn. Moving on, we failed against the crazy cat lady for some reason, went back and failed against IC a few more times too.. So, 5 bosses down, which isn’t so bad for a mostly-pug.. :)   After that, I was hanging out when our crew raid leader asked if I wanted to try Sarth10-3D. Sure! We did the “zerg” method and a few tries in got him to 45k.. wiped.. Then a few more and 9k!!!! We thought we had it.. We had it!! Um.. “immune”?  Yeah, ran out of time.. Second dragon was down and it was.. a wipe. Then about 13 or 14 tries in from the beginning, nobody died and we beat the timer (2nd drake) by a mile!  Down went Sarth and Fyra is now of the Nightfall..  We were all very excited. I didn’t get the drake mount (but that’s alright), but it was a lot of fun!

Nightfall_071309_024436Last night we went back in with our alt-10 run of Ulduar. We had cleared all the fist 2 “wings” and Thorim. So, Hodir was next and we got him down in one try.  It was close thought! Then Freya. She caused us issues for a while. A bunch of wipes later it seemed everyone had a handle on the fight and we got her to Phase 2 (finally) and she went down.. I had brought Fimlys in but nothing really dropped for him. He was doing a little better than it used to be in DPS due to some upgrades I got recently.

So, anyway. That’s what’s been going on.  Tonight? I am not really sure. My Paladin is 71 and moving pretty well. There might be a raid scheduled, but I didn’t see anything in the calendar. I’ll talk to you all tomorrow!

Musical Braiiiins Game

Ok.. I had an idea.. No, this isn’t a Meme… Well, it could be if you really wanted it to be, but there will be no “tagging” (at least by me). Here’s what I’d like to know… What song, when you hear it on the radio or your ipod, etc makes you think about some aspect of World of Warcraft?  Please don’t just give the name of the song but also what and why. Funny stories are always welcome, etc.  Ok.. Now, how do you let me know your answers? Well, you could reply in a comment here on my blog (yeah, amazing isn’t it).  Or.. you could blog about it yourself (please link back here or leave a comment pointing to your post so people can find it) or even call into Twisted Nether Blogcast voicemail at 407-705-3161 and talk about it and we might include it an upcoming show!

So.. I’m not going to dilute your responses by starting with one of my own yet.. I’ll respond a little later! It doesn’t have to be limited to one song, give a list, a genre, whatever!

Let the Musication commence!

Same Uld Situation

Well, somewhat.. :)  Not going to be a very long post because in all reality, I haven’t done all that much different recently.  We ran back into Ulduar 10 last night after reset with the “prime” group.  We mixed it up a little though.. One of the tanks (who is normally on his healer for day 1) came and did OT duty beside our raid leader.  The normal tank for that day wasn’t around. So, tonight for the start of the ALT 10 run, hopefully he’ll show up and then we’ll have the other tank from the alt day work with this tank from the “main” day.. Are you confused? I am and I was there! Soooooo… I did bring Fyra though and we got through the first 2 sections without too much trouble. I was getting very tired near the end there and I think I was sleepdpsing.. “Asleep at the WoW” and all that!

Earlier in the evening I was playing around with my undead warlock on Rexxar. She is level 22 and in Hillsbrad.. Failing quite dramatically to get anything done in Durnholde.  I suck.. I need friends I think.. 😛 Ah well..

Ok.. this post is already longer than I thought it would be! Peace all!

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