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1 Class or 2 Races?

FimTwitter I posed this question in Twitter today:

Would you prefer 1 new Hero Class or 2 New Races?

Obviously I’m asking this in relation to the next expansion pack to WoW.

Here are the responses I got back, have an opinion? Leave it here below and use the new poll on the right.. There will be no option for BOTH or NEITHER.  I don’t believe that Blizzard will give us both (although you never know) and I am pretty sure they have to give us at least one or the other. They have specified previously that they would like to have more Hero Classes….

  • @molsan : 2 new races
  • @Stardancerelf : That is a great question! I would take Fighting Monks over anything else.
  • @PixelExecution : oooh, I’m on the fence about that one. New races bring in new starter areas, but new hero classes make interesting raid options.
  • @runycat : I want there to be playable dinosaurs
    • Or even dragons. There are enough faildragons in WoW that we might as well play them. Look human, shapeshift into DAGRON <i think she meant dragon>
  • @aggrojunkie : Races if one is Murloc. Hero class if it’s “Master of Cheese”.
    • But seriously, new profession should be woodworking. Able to make bows, staves, and polearms.
  • @kestrelsaerie : 2 new non-hero classes: bard & monk
  • @abbort : two more races definitely. ( Excited that ST:TOR will have unique quest lines for all classes, btw)
  • @brokenbyclouds : 1 new hero class, specifically a healer hero class.
  • @greyseer : HC if demon hunter, races otherwise. Question: what will be the big draw if xpac3 has neither?
  • @Arrens : If they did a Bard, I sear to God, I’d have mine singing all sorts of Buffett songs walking through Orgrimmar.
  • @psynister : Hero Class, but only slightly and only because I hate DK’s so much.
    • (supports @aggrojunkie on woodworking profession)
  • @tedkulp : Hero class. A healer type would be great.
  • @illusionnotchaos : new races, definitely. We don’t need a new flavor of the month class.
  • @talitalana : new races (with new starting zones and lore)
  • @greyemashe : I think there’s going to be a new hero class, a caster/healer. I don’t see new races coming anytime soon.

And that is just from the first few minutes.. 🙂  Thanks to everyone that participated!

Rubble, I Say!

I have a lot to say! I’ve just been procrastinating. No, I’m not apologizing, just stating the facts. So, forgetting a bunch of stuff that happened last week (all of which was mostly the same as usual), we did run Ulduar 25 pretty successfully this weekend. On our first night, we cleared First Wing (4 bosses) and then the next 2 (Kolo and Cat lady). Had some trouble with the big Cat lady, but got it in just a few tries.. Then we moved onto and downed Hodir after a few tries. The second night we went back and took down Iron Council (I ended up swapping specs and healing for that one) and then the trash before Freya.. Couldn’t get her down.. Moved to Thorim and failed there a couple times too.. Ended up having to call it because it was getting late.

I picked up Intensity from Ignis and ended up having to regem a bunch of stuff (removed 2 +16 HIT gems) and re-enchant my gloves (removed +20 Hit) because the staff has an INSANE amount of +hit.. So, I gained some more SP and such because of it and I’m still 5 above the hit cap if we DON’T have a Draenei!!

Ok.. So, the one extremely.. um.. interesting thing that happened was that the trash that spawns from Kolo’s arms.. Well, we killed him when some was still up.  More spawned and none of them despawned! We had to go across the bridge (where they wouldn’t come) and people had to port there to survive.. Thankfully they were gone the next day.

So, tonight will probably be back to 10man on the “primary” team. Fyra is getting close to getting enough emblems for the tier helm. One more 25man and she should be all set. And maybe updates will come more often too.. or. maybe not.

RAWRCON: Blizzcon Saturday

Looks Like I’m going to be on the Rawrcast Show on Saturday of Blizzcon (hopefully not missing anything important)…


RAWRCON: Blizzcon Saturday

Everyone in the World of Warcraft Fan Community is super excited about the happenings and news surrounding Blizzcon this August, but not everyone can attend. So, what’s the next best thing?

RAWRCON: Blizzcon Saturday!
Join Rawrcast LIVE August 22nd, at 4PM, CST, for loads of Blizzcon coverage and recaps LIVE from StompRot Studios as they are joined by a full panel of guests.

  • Joining the Rawr Crew LIVE from Blizzcon: Turpster from wow.com, Fimlys from Twisted Nether Blogcast, and Brutaliz – Rawrcast’s own ON-SITE Listener-Reporter!
  • And, dialing in from across the Atlantic – TotalBiscuit from WCRadio.com!
  • The fur will fly as Turpster and TotalBiscuit are matched up LIVE in our Who’s the Boss Game Show!

As if you need another reason to join in the fun… WIN a HUGE SWAG SACK filled with prizes and gear from J!NX, Razer, WoW Eh?, WoW TCG Loot, Figure Prints and Curse! Follow Stompalina on twitter and Facebook, and register for the show’s discussion forums for a chance to win your sack!

RAWRCON is shaping up to be the biggest Rawrcast ever, and you can help to spread the excitement! Spread the Rawr and WIN a Razer Lycosa Keyboard and Death Adder Mouse. Visit www.rawrcast.com for more details on how to win!

Who is Rawrcast?
Hosts, Hafrot and Stompalina, are a 30-something couple who live and love World of Warcraft. They bring simple, yet exciting viewpoints as end-game raiders, bloggers, and OCD achievement junkies. Guests and listeners add insight and opinion via the live chat room.

You can check out more information about Rawrcast, the giveaways, and details about RAWRCON by visiting http://www.rawrcast.com.

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