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Blizzcon Bound

Sorry about the lack of updates lately. I tried to slake your thirst by putting up those guides on ToC.  They are both fine for 10 AND 25 man, so maybe I should have changed the titles.. Ah well.  I’ll try to write one up tomorrow detailing hints and tips for the next boss in the sequence. Then.. Thursday, I am off to LA for Blizzcon! I’ll be there until Sunday, but I will “hopefully” be able to get a couple posts in while I am there.. If not, well, you can see what I am up to by following @FimBlizzcon on Twitter (or just clicking that link I think.. maybe…).

What have I been doing when I haven’t been writing little hint/tip guides? Well, just the normal raiding action. We’ve been doing Uld10/Uld25/ToC10/ToC25/etc.. We’ve been back into Heroics too. They go so much faster than they used to. Not sure why.. 😛

I’ve geared up Fyra so well, in general, that I’ve been pushing to take Fimlys (I know!) to more of the “main” raids and drag Fhuun in if possible on the alt runs. While I am sure there are one or two pieces that Fyra can use, the other can use them more.  After the 3.2 patch, I noticed a definite bump in Beast Master DPS. I’m pretty sure, but not positive, that he is doing better damage now than Fyra is (and she has better gear). I got enough Emblems of Conquest to pick up some pants and neck to replace some ilvl 200 items he still had. He still has a few more to replace, but I’m hoping stuff drops in the raids.

So, I won’t be playing wow Thurs-Sat nights, but I will be spending lots and lots of time talking about it! If you are going to be at Blizzcon or live in the Anaheim, CA area (near disneyland), come to our (TNB) Meetup on Friday night. Details are behind the link back there..

That’s all I got tonight, head back here sometime tomorrow and I’ll hopefully have the post about boss 3 in ToC! Later!

Trial of the Crusader – Jaraxxus (Week 2)

So, if you didn’t know, ToC, the new raid instance for patch 3.2, is being released in phases.  Basically, they are doing a boss a week (at least that is what I think they are planning).  The first week we had the Northrend Beasts. This week we add Lord Jaraxxus. Again, follow the link to MMO-Champion for the loot lists, abilities and achievements. Like last week, I give you here just a couple tips I picked up
  • REMEMBER: flames come from you if you have the .. you spread them around when you get the Legion Flame debuff.. try to take them away from everyone!
  • He has 3 “phases” that repeat until he is dead (afaik)
    1. General Tank and Spank
    2. Spawn a Portal and a Mistress of Pain comes out. She should be tanked, preferably next to the boss to share any aoe damage you are doing.  All dps should burn her down immediately.
    3. Spawn a “volcano” that spews Infernals. These don’t have that much health (at least in 10 man) and can be killed quick but the OT should try to pick them up and again, ALL dps should burn them down quick.
  • “Ball up” (gather around) and dps down the Mistress, she jumps and kicks you in the air and stomps on you if you are farther away… Fun times.
  • Again, if possible, tank the Mistress next to Jaraxxus so he shares in any AOE the DPS are doing.

This is basically just a tank and spank + adds.  The main thing to watch out for is the Legion Flame and staying out of the fires! Also, Mistress gives Mistress’ Kiss which you should watch out for, casters and stop casting if you get it.

When all is done, you get more loot! Look for more next week, maybe 😛

UPDATE: We did the 25man version last night and I have a few more tips..

  • The Incinerate Flesh debuff requires 60,000 healing (it absorbs healing) to remove it.  In 25man, it seems very important that you do so. Otherwise it blows up and makes a mess of the raid. Generally not worth trying to find somewhere you won’t hit anyone as the “blow up” has a LARGE radius.
  • If you have Legion Flame, run to the wall. There was talk about this being dispellable..
  • His Fireball should be interrupted by melee.
  • Also, He gets a buff that needs to be removed or stolen.


You Have Achieved Azjol’Nerub

What have I been doing lately? Well, this weekend I spent time raiding (I know, shocker). We did 10 and 25 man “Ulduars”.  In 25, we got up to Thorim and then called it. Received nothing in loot other than badge(r)s. Things went really well and we had a really good group. We wiped a couple times on Thorim (arena wiped, flushed us in the hall.. [hear large flushing sound as big ball of lightning comes and one shots everyone]). It was getting late, so the RL called it. 

While we were working through Ulduar last night, I was reminded about the 3.2 Tome of Cold Weather Flight. This book is purchasable by a level 80 from the riding vendor at the landing in Dalaran. You can trade this book to any same-faction/same-server/same-account toon. They can use this from 68+ to learn cold weather flying and let them fly in Northrend.  Of course, if they didn’t already have the fllying skill and a flying mount, they would need to go get those before trying to use the book. I picked up two of these. One for my Paladin (who does NOT have flying) and one for my Rogue (who does). Anyway, yeah.. I’m a noob. 😛

Last up, we got a group together to do the Daily Heroic (which was Azjol’Nerub for our server last night). We headed in and it was asked if we were interested in trying for the first achievement. “SURE!”.  We pulled normally (each group in turn) and did not kill the named creatures for the achievement. We failed.  We then tried the Zerg offensive.. Kill the boss as quickly as possible and ignore the adds until afterwards.. Well, after a few more tries, it finally worked.. We killed the boss and got the achievement… and then promptly died.  BUT! All the adds despawned (including the named ones, etc) and DID NOT RESPAWN!  Woot!

WoWScrnShot_080509_201727Next up was Mr. Spider.. We did not attempt the achievement here (kill ‘em before he webwraps the openings at the top to stop the adds coming down).. We killed ‘em before he got a chance to do that (completely by accident) and got the achievement! Woot!

Last but not least, the boss we came here to kill! He used to seem like one tough cookie, but we steamrolled him under. Not only did we kill him with no problems, but we also got an achievement (the last in there for heroic I think) for killing him within 4 minutes!  Woot!

So, tonight, I have no idea what’s going on. We might be trying ToC25 but then again, no idea. I suppose I could possibly come back tomorrow and do a blog post about it, but why would I want to do that? :P  Have a good one.

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