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Trial of the Crusader – Twin Val’kyrs (Boss 4)

Next up, ToC10 Twin Val’kyrs. I can’t give hints for this fight in 25 since we didn’t have time to try it in 25 yet. But It’s actually not as bad at is seems in 10 man anyway. Once you get the hang of the rotation. Here is the information from MMO-Champion. Go check it out and come back. Ok.. This is mainly for DPS. Tanks just tank em and healers just heal everyone :).. The main point of the whole fight is to make sure you kill the shield before the Twin’s Pact can be cast (15 sec)
  1. They share a health pool
  2. From our run, the Black one seems to get the Shield Buff first, so all DPS should start with her. (or maybe it’s just who has been DPSed the most recently)
  3. Tank both of them on opposite sides of the room (left/right)
  4. Right click a portal of the OPPOSITE color than the Val’kyr you are fighting.
  5. Try to pick up orbs (just run over them) of the same color as your ground aura (same color as the portal you clicked)
  6. DPS the Boss (while doing #4)
  7. Surge of * : If you have DBM this will be announced (hopefully). You want to make sure your aura is the same color as the Val’kyr that is doing the Surge. After the surge, go back to the color you were on if you switched.
  8. Every so often, one Val’kyr (hopefully the one you are DPSing) will get a Shield and start casting Twin’s Pact. You need to do a lot of damage to the shield to remove it before the 15 sec. cast time on pact is up. If you don’t they heal themselves and this is bad.
  9. After the pact is interrupted, switch colors and targets (start at step 4 above)

Repeat this until they are D.E.A.D… Collect the Lootz.

If anyone has any additional hints or tips for this fight either email them to me or just add a comment here. Thanks and good luck!


P.S. Oh.. When we did the ToC10 Run this week it was Hunter Lootz galore! I got:

And then I noticed I had enough Emblems of Triumph (you get 3 for EACH boss in ToC.. CRAZY!) to buy the Dexterous Brightstone Ring! Of course, now I have to gem and enchant and such. The armbands are done ( I am leatherworker, can do them myself).


bLINEded at Blizzcon ‘09

I’ve been away. I told you I would. I was in Anaheim at the seemingly annual Blizzcon! I came, I saw, I refused to sleep (well, maybe during the Metal concert at the end…).. What did I do?

IMG_4217Well, I stood in some lines…

IMG_4210and stood in some more lines…

IMG_4211 and.. just maybe.. even more lines..

Ok maybe it wasn’t as bad as it looks. That was all just the first day (oh, and getting the badge was pretty bad too…)


So.. Ok, In reality, I had an AWESOME time! I met and hung with a bunch of peeps. Mostly fellow bloggers including Hydra (thanks for everything) and her Husband (forgot his name). Also Tigorasou (also thanks for dragging me around town), Saresa who came all the way from Australia, Brutaliz representing the Rawrcast Show, Brajana, Brigwyn, Spoonwolf, Greyseer, Arrens and more! (some parts are just lost in the haze).

Oh yeah.. Of course.. Nibuca!!!

So.. this is going to be like my other posts, but instead of telling you what I did on my character.. I am going to tell you what “I” did!

Got up EXTREMELY early to get to the airport for my 7am flight. (yeah.. 7AM.. blech).  Got to LAX at 9am (east to west coast ftw) and Nib picked me up at the airport with her “honey who loves [her] very much”. Got to finally see our awesome Blizzcon T-Shirts (which I need to take a picture of after I wash them.. PHEW!). Headed to the hotel and couldn’t check in (too early) so went and had breakfast/lunch with Nib and her guildies at Coco’s.

Hydra and Husband Next up, back to the hotel to check in (which I did successfully) and relax for a bit. Headed to the Convention Center to try to get my badge, but instead sat and watched the line for a while until it got a “little” smaller. Got in line, got down stairs (the inside pic you see up there) and just happened to give my TNB cards to someone who actually listens! Standing in front of me!! You know my memory so her name is just a blur. (If it was you, send me email or comment here! Thanks for making the time in line seem so much faster). Headed back to the room with my goody bag and then back to the convention center to meet up with Hydra and her Husband for dinner at Red Robin. After dinner we headed over to the WoW.com meetup (if I had known there would be giveaways I might have come earlier). Met a bunch of cool people (and The T!) there and got to talk to the Actors from The Guild (hopefully will have Felicia on TNB in a few months). Headed back to the room before midnight but didn’t get to sleep until after 1am (felt like 4am to me.. up almost 24 hours!)..

Day 1

IMG_4224 Next day. Blizzcon Day 1.. WOOT! Headed to breakfast at the hotel (have to keep up my strength) and then out to the Con. OMG. The line was insane (see the outdoor line pics above).. Met more people in line! Ok.. This time they had no clue who I was. But I talked to them for an hour! If you were the 2 I talked to starting in the parking lot line, day 1… EMAIL ME! (Pic of them to the right).  So, finally got in just after the opening ceremonies (or whatever it is called) started. We didn’t miss anything, as far as I can tell, since the really important stuff was the Cataclysm info and trailer. (for information about what actually was talked about at Blizzcon, you can go to http://mmo-champion.com or http://wow.com . TNB will also be having some round table discussions and Niblots more pictures and some videos are available on the TNB Flickr). So, yeah, went to some panels, lots of cool info, blah blah.. Met up with Tig and Sar and Hydra. Wandered around. Watched people play Diablo III, Starcraft II and WoW Cataclysm starting zones.. I was not in the mood to stand in line to play for 20 minutes, so, I never did get a chance to do so. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get into the betas..

After the panels ( I skipped the costume and other contests), I went to dinner with Tig and Sar at El Torito (mmm). We then headed to the TNB Meetup where we had an awesome time.. Well, I did anyway.. :)  I wished I had more time to talk to everyone, but I guess that’s just the way it is. We had to start a little late (9pm) because of the contests going on. We gave away a bunch of stuff and I’m pretty sure ended up having at least 100 people there total. Thanks to everyone that showed up and made it so much fun. Went back to the room late and posted pics!

Day 2

Brig and Dwarf Got up and had breakfast again (at the hotel). Headed down to the convention center.. This time I was smarter and checked Twitter.. Brig and Tig were sittin’ pretty with a spot in the line up front. Woo hoo! Even got to be on Directv! (We were in the front of the group saying “Blizzcon Day 2 on DIRECTV!” Did you see us (I’m the one with almost no hair)? Did you happen to get that recorded somehow? Send me an email! (see a theme here?).. So, we got in and skipped the first session. Did a little recon of the rest of the show and watched people playing the starting areas of Cataclysm again. Took more pictures and then got seats to watch the panels. I think they did do one thing poorly and that is put ANY of the WoW panels into the second, smaller, room. Bleh. So, Had a blast with everyone and twittered my thumbs off (did you watch the TNB liveblog?) during the panels. Lots of info (go to the links above for all that).  At some point, I might write a post about what I think about them all, but more than likely, I’ll just talk about it on the show.

Rawrcast Guys!Went to Tiffy’s for a very late lunch with Hydra and Tig and Brutaliz and more after a brief session of laggy communication skyping into the Rawrcast Show. Went back to the show and hung with peeps until the closing ceremonies, the L80ETC (TAFKAL80ETC) and Ozzy. I had a bad headache, so I listened to ETC and one song by Ozzy and then headed out. Tig, Sar and I headed to the Sandbox bar nearby where Arrens and Greyseer were already hanging and later a bunch of others showed up and we all hung out until they threw us out (actually they threw everyone else out. Tig and I were dropping Sar off at her hotel and picking up my poker set [pic later]).  Headed back to the room really late again after saying goodbye (boo) to everyone.

The flight out the next day was uneventful. Took a taxi (towncar) to the Airport and waited for the flight and got home on time with no issues. Really tired.. But hey, Couldn’t have been much fun if I wasn’t.

There you go. Fimlys’ Blizzcon level raised from 1-20 (or so) in a single weekend. I hope I can go back next year. We’ll definitely have our meetup again (in some capacity even if I am not there) next year! Ok. I’m done typing.. Have a good one!



Trial of the Crusader – Faction Champions (Boss 3)

Trial of the C* : Boss 3 … Wow.. I have to say that I don’t fully understand this fight unfortunately.  I don’t have a lot of hints & tips (which is why I didn’t even call this post a semi-guide).  We did 10 man first last night. And after about 4 wipes, we got them down.  It’s 7 horde “champions” vs. your 10 (I think it was 7).  General tip? Concentrate on one healer first and then the other. Then take down everything else one at a time. This worked for us.

25man? Well, we decided to do that after the 10. I don’t even know how many mobs there are.. I was too busy running around to count. It’s pretty much a mad house. Each mob has about 2 million health (how is that fair? At least they don’t have freakin’ laser beams.. Oh wait..).. Things I have heard (although I am not sure we did all these before calling it after lots of wipes) you should do are:

  • Fear healers and anyone else you can until they are being worked on
  • Use as much CC as will work. Diminishing returns is supposedly in effect.
  • Hunters drop traps to slow everyone down, all the time!
  • Assign someone to “Totem Stomping” and Cleansing.. Lots of Cleansing..
  • Again, concentrate on healers first. At least two.
  • Put down tremor totem by the Kill target to keep the melee from running away (include shaman in melee group)
  • No idea if PvP gear will help..

So, I’m heading off to Blizzcon tomorrow morning, so I have no idea if I will be posting or not.. Well, at least I have no idea how often. Have to finish packing tonight, so not as much WoW as normal.. 😛

If you have any hints or tips for this Boss Fight, either email them to me at fimlys AT gmail DOT com or leave in the comments here.  I’ll compile all of them into another “Semi-Guide” when I get a chance!


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