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Going Inside…

wishowheader580Hey! Just wanted to let people know that I (and my co-host for TNB, Nibuca) will be on the WoWInsider/WoW.com Podcast today 9/26/09 at 3:30pm ET. The recordings are done LIVE on UStream ..

I think we’ll be talking about 3.2.2 and 3.2.2a (guess I should go read the patch notes, eh?) and also hopefully get to talk about Azeroth United.. Come listen and join the chat room. I’m sure it will be a ton of fun!

UPDATE: All Done! Had a great time. Thanks to the WoW.Com folks for having us on.

Time to get it Ony

Ok.. ugh.. Bad pun :P.. Anyway…. On Tuesday night we took our 10 man group we got together for ToC10 and went first in to go try Ony. Of course, the lag was bad. Of course, we weren’t sure what to expect.. But, in general, it was pretty easy.  We wiped the first time due to some not knowing, but had no difficulties the second try. The loot is pretty funny ‘cuz it has +10 resistances on it. But anyway it plays out the same as the old one did pretty much except, at least for our group, it was pretty easy.. 🙂

Other than that the 25 man was the same the next night just more people and more HP on ony.. I think we one shot it that night though. I did find the start of the new quest on the Alliance side that introduces Mages back into the Night Elves.  I found a quest in Dalaran near the portals that had me go to Darnassus and deliver a book to someone. I took screenshots of the text of the guy at Darnassus. Pretty cool lore stuffs .. :) 





Back to the Titans

Yes, I am still alive and .. YES, we did finally get ToC25 Down (non heroic [notice no G]). Fimlys has been gearing up like crazy. The biggest upgrades now are going to be in trinkets. He is even sporting a GREEN level trinket!

So, we’re still running 2 sets of ToC 10/25. One for “mains” and one for “alts”. We also took some time last night and went back into Ulduar on 25 man. We had some issues with the choppers AFTER we got FL down, but generally no problems with the bosses themselves. I was only able to stay until we finished the Iron Council, but we did pretty well. I think I would prefer to bring my priest or mage to the ULD run since they actually could use some of the gear 😛

That’s it for now. Still playing Champions Online on the side. We have a “guild” (Super Group) called The Twitterati. Couple of us in there, join us if you play CO!

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