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3.3 PTR – Images

We, being TNB, setup a “Virtual Meetup” on the PTR last night. A few people got on (and eventually we got our Guild set up even..) and we gave the two instances a go. We did both on “normal” difficulty. Below are a bunch of screenshots from the instances and the PTR in general.

My opinion? The new instances are very cool so far.  There were a few bugs (and I don’t mean bug mobs), but we were able to finish both of them. The Pit of Saron has 3 bosses, the Forge has 2. The Pit is “outside”, Forge is “inside”.  For both, at least for now, there is no way out except the entry area. When the whole three dungeon tour is finished, you will go from one to the other through exit gates it seems.

Who was there with me?  Well here is a list (sorry no links just yet, I think these are their Twitter names, btw..): Daewin, Slash2Podcast, Mconniff, Boize_,TheElitists. And helping to sign the charter: Serianna, jthart and GettingWorse.  Unfortunately due to some unforeseen circumstances, Nib wasn’t able to make it to our party, but she hung out on Vent with us anyway.  Oh yeah, the Vent server worked great! We’ll talk about the whole thing on the show this week, of course, and probably set up another one sometime in the near future.





Heroic Progress

We finally did it! Well, we didn’t clear the place, but we finally got down the first 2 bosses in ToGC 10.  Yeah, Heroic ToC! Northrend Beasts finally gave it up to us (that was such a pain).  It’s really important that nobody dies and everyone is paying attention at all times. Nothing I was interested in dropped from him though (all plate, boo!).

We then decided to finally try Jaraxxus. The big change here is that you have to kill the portals that he opens (portal AND volcano) or they keep spewing out adds. We had big trouble with that transition through most of our tries. We did the old “1 last try” thing and everything just clicked finally. We got the mistress portal down with only 1 mistress spawning and not many people getting the “kiss”.  The healers were healing up the burning thing that explodes if you don’t heal the person a certain amount. And we got the volcano down with only 3 infernals coming out.

Very exciting all around. Again the loot was nothing special (although there was a nice spell casting neckpiece).  However, a LW chest pattern dropped that was nice (for my hunter) and no LW were in the raid.. FREE ROLL! And, lookie there, I won it. Going to send it to Fimlys to learn it.. Then I need way too many Crusader Orbs.. Probably never make it. But it’s cool!..

Hehe.. Ok.. I’m outta here.. Tonight is normal ToC10 and Ony I think.. More badges! Woot.. Oh, and I’m still taking the mage in to heroic dailies to get him geared.. 😀

The Proof is in the Emblems

I’ve been taking Fizz along on Daily Heroic runs.. Are my friends just dragging him through.. Um.. yeah.. Do I feel bad about it? Sure. But, I’m hoping that the main thing wrong with his DPS is gear (it could be me, but I am not willing to agree to that yet.. ). From what I hear, the fastest way to gear up is to do the daily heroic and run heroics in general. Now, getting them to run him through many heroics a day isn’t going to happen, so I stick to the daily. It is going to take forever.

There was talk when they upgraded what emblems drop that it was going to make it “easy” to gear up alts. If by “easy” you mean having to run a bunch of heroics each day, every day then sure.. But the reality of getting people to drag your sorry lack-of-dps (or whatever) butt through the instances is limited.

Obviously you have to ask what benefit they gain from helping you out? Doing the heroic daily? Good benefit in gold and Emblems of Triumph.  Doing the other heroics? Not so much. So, I’m getting there, but it is taking a while. I think the faster way to gear would be a run through Naxx 10 or 25 or even tagging along in an Uld 10/25.. 25 might be better since I wouldn’t be such a drain on the total DPS. Ah well, maybe I can convince the RL to get one of those together at some point. 

I like playing the mage and would like to get him at least geared up to do DPS at the same level as my priest can heal. (Do I have any idea what that means? Not really, but it sounded good). 

What else is going on?  We’ve been regularly clearing ToC 10/25 non-heroic and Ony.  We still haven’t gotten past the Northrend Beasts in the 10man Heroic though.  Is 25 man heroic any easier?  I know from experience 25man can be a little more forgiving because losing someone isn’t as horrible. More backup healers/dps/maybe tanks.

HHV_voicetag I’ve been getting a bunch of Triumph emblems on my Druid and Hunter but having a tough time finding things to purchase with them. I know I want some of the new tier, but I only have 1 trophy and have been saving the emblems until I get a second. I’ve also been working on leveling up the Paladin. He’s up to level 77 and in Sholazar Basin. Other than that, things are quiet. I’ve been really busy at work and it’s cut down the time I’ve had to post and do other stuff.

Over at Azeroth United we’re ramping up our first community event, the Hearts, Hands and Voices for Child’s Play Charity Event. We’re really excited about it. It starts the beginning of November and right now we’re getting the word out and asking for audio promos, sponsors, etc.

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