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Crashing the Raid

Earlier tonight I tried to get into the new Raid on the PTR to just go take a looksee. Lissanna from Restokin helped me out by logging in and helping me make a raid. We wandered into Ice Crown Citadel and I took a bunch of screenshots.

We even went up and tried the Ship fight.. But it kept crashing the server.. Well, at least dumping both of us out.. I kept getting logged out so we never got to try it again.. Matticus and Boize also logged in and joined us in the raid. After a few more crashes we decided to call it quits. So.. Below are the screenshots I took while I was there.. enjoy!

Oh.. one NPC was named Mott Sercer (I think there is a blizz employee named… Scott Mercer 😛 ).. And there is a Guy Alchemist Finklestein.. I think I have an alt named Finklestein.. I might have spelled it different tho.. Think there is a Finklestein at blizz too.. No?

Ok.. Sorry.. Screenshots, right?  So.. Question for you all before I get there.. If you could have me write a guide? What would it be. Silly, Serious, etc. Whatever.. Let me know! Ok.. NOW the screenshots.


WoWScrnShot_102209_191751 WoWScrnShot_102209_191737

WoWScrnShot_102209_191724 WoWScrnShot_102209_191917

WoWScrnShot_102209_192225 WoWScrnShot_102209_192326

WoWScrnShot_102209_192333 WoWScrnShot_102209_192427

WoWScrnShot_102209_192709 WoWScrnShot_102209_192745

Horseman Sans Head

Last night we did our normal raids, ToGC10 (tried.. LAG killed us so many times on Jaraxxus that we quit), ToC10 (no lag in here.. odd), Ony10. Did I get anything? Not really. I picked up the Bag on Ony (my Druid still needed it.. woot!). Then we got a group together to go behead the already headless horseman.

I brought my mage. Yeah, he’s a scrub, but not really for this fight. It’s a pretty easy fight even with a couple of scrubs compared to the decked out toons the others brought that it was almost boring. (They should have a heroic mode of these with even better loot)… My mage did pick up one of the rings which was an upgrade (woot!). We then swapped about and I brought in my Priest. He picked up a ring too, although it wasn’t as much of an upgrade and it was for the mage. I healed the run, but it was almost unnecessary.

Other than that, we’re still moving forward with our Charity Event for Azeroth United.. If you haven’t checked it out yet, go for it. We’re really excited about this new community and are looking for help with not just this event but also ideas and suggestions for other things the community can do together.

I also spent a couple minutes running to a few more candy buckets with my Warlock.. About 15 more and I think she’ll level.. 😛

Additionally, we are starting a Halloween themed multi-podcast giveaway called It Came From the Podcast! Go check it out. 4 different podcasts including TNB are combining up and giving away a Figureprint along with other prizes! Go check it out.

That’s all I got today. Hopefully I’ll keep up the posting.. Maybe even come up with something more interesting tomorrow.. Maybe….

No Fly Zone

Ok.. Monday was fail.. We made our way into the PTR, Guild all setup and everything.. Woot! We’re going to be able to head into the instances again and try stuff out.. Some others that couldn’t make it last time were coming.. Exciting stuff.. NOT! We were unaware that for a few days now, a bug on the PTR turned the entire area of Northrend into one big steaming pile of NO FLY ZONE!

So, guess what? Icecrown.. That zone that you pretty much need to fly to do almost anything in? Useless! I tried running across it a few times and failed. We then tried going to do ToC.. No luck. Locked out. So, in the end we just hung out around the Tournament and gabbed on Vent.. Bah.. Ah well, maybe next week.

Other than that we’ve been raiding Tues/Wed/Thurs and then I take the night off to do the podcast. The weekend is generally a quiet time, I’m still leveling up my paladin who is getting close to 78 finally. I’ve also started doing the Hallow’s End candy buckets on him and my warlock to get them the XP that comes from them. I’m not sure it isn’t quicker to just do regular quests though.. Ah well. 😛

So, what do you all think of Hallows End? Do you think they should have added more stuff? Changed more? Ok.. I’m outta here.

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