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Guilt Wars the Second

Hello again! I’m sure you’ve now gotten used to the sporadic and infrequent words that get posted here.. Not that the words themselves are sporadic or infrequent it’s just that the posting thereof is quite. (Yes, I am aware that that last sentence was stretching the bounds of correct grammar if not coloring outside of the lines completely). So, here I am again. I’ve been playing two games lately, Guild Wars 2 and WoW.

Yes, I have been playing quite a bit more Guild Wars 2 than WoW. I have been logging in to check out the 5.0.4 patch and setup my talents and glyphs and combine up all my achievements, mounts and pets. We’ve even tried to get the raid together last week to check out the recent changes. I’ve also been doing the addon dance to remove the ones that are broken and then wait for them to get updated and proceed to re-enable them. I’ve actually got my UI pretty much exactly the same as it was pre-5.0.4. I’m definitely looking forward to trying out the changes more but for now I’ve been concentrating on GW2.

gw017So I have been playing Guild Wars 2 (GW2) since the early start because I pre-ordered the game. I really love the look of the game. I think they did a great job with a very stylized approach that combines a graphic novel feel with some more “realistically” rendered environments. Furthermore, I love how the game encourages exploration. The downleveling system makes it possible and possibly even encouraged to go to the lower level areas of the other starting zones and get your skill challenges and map completion achievements done.

gw018The questing system is, while not “revolutionary”, a very good way to make the “kill 8 phobots” and “collect 5 cogsmageders” quests feel new and different. There is a MAIN questline that is your personal quest. This story based quest is based on your race and the answers you gave to certain questions during the character creation phase. It’s this that pulls you THROUGH the game and the individual stories of the sub-zones within each area are the filler. As you get to different areas you find tasks to do to help out the people of that spot. You are given the standard quest tasks to do however in a more natural way and with much more choice as to which activities you wish to participate in. Sometimes you can finish an area’s “heart” quests by just running around a non-hostile environment. There was one area I did where I could just take a bucket of water and walk around waking up drunk people. I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited to have that in a game (ok, maybe not).  I just find that while in the end, this is just the same idea as other quest hub things, the feeling is very different.

gw013Another thing that stands out that reminded me, at first, of rift is the random events. Every area has a pre-setup selection of random world events that occur. These can be anywhere from escort quests to “defend the keep” events to “collect 5 fribbits to rebuild our submarine” events. There are many combinations and models in each event and many of these events have consequences in the world, if only temporary. There is one “defend a bridge” event that if you fail, the bridge is broken and you then get an event to defend the rebuilders so it can be recreated.

I’m also really enjoying the idea of a weapon type as being the vehicle to decide on your main abilities. Class/WeaponType are the main factors in which skills/spells you will have. 2H weapons get 5 skills that can be unlocked with use and 1H have 3. Offhands which are used with the 1H weapons have 2 that are unlocked after the 3 of the primary weapon have been unlocked. Additionally there are class level talents/spells that are unlocked using Skill Points that you receive leveling up and completing skill challenges. Some of the higher level skills are pretty sweet. Once of my “elite” skills is to summon a huge mechanical golem to help me fight.

gw015The combat is much more chaotic than games like WoW. You don’t tend to move only because you are standing in the fire. You move because you can stay away from the mobs attacks. You have a way to manually dodge incoming attacks and general kiting is a skill that you’ll find very helpful in these battles. Of course, that depends on your class, doesn’t it. I chose, for my main, a Mesmer (which is like an illusionist). Fizh (Fizz was taken) is an Asura which is a race that vaguely resembles a cross between a gnome and a goblin. My mesmer has the ability to create illusionary copies of himself to fight mobs with. They can have up to 3 illusions up at once and they hit the target just the same as if they were real. There are many different types of “phantasms” ranging from some that shoot guns and even defend you by taking 1/2 the damage you would have received. Mesmers also get the ability to “shatter” their phantasms and cause different status ailments or just damage to your foe.

gw007I’ve gone on for quite a while about the game and I’m sure there is even more to talk about that I’ve missed. I’m having a lot of fun with it and while I’m playing solo mostly, I’ve found that everyone seems to love being helpful as you are tooling around. Anyone who damages an opponent has the opportunity to receive a drop and get xp from the kill. There is no kill stealing because everyone shares in the eventual result. So that’s it so far. Let me know what you think if you are playing GW2 or have been messing with the 5.0.4 changes for WoW. What are your plans for MoP? Has 5.0.4 made you more excited or has it soured your enthusiasm?

Winding Down and Winding Up

Only a month and a few weeks until Mists of Pandaria is released unto the world (well, some of it). Our raiding group is still slogging through DS. We’ve almost got Hagara heroic down now. I think the only thing that kept it from us this last week is that we didn’t even try because we were missing one of our main raiders and our replacement wasn’t really geared up for that fight. We were able to successfully do the other heroics that we had already done and are on “farm” at this point. I finally picked up a second Heroic tier piece, my Legs. Best part about the legs is I can self-enchant them (since I’m a leatherworker). I started using up those Queen’s Garnets that I have lying around too. Three for this piece…

WoWScrnShot_073112_230411I believe that our Raid Leader would really like us to finish DS Heroic before MoP comes out. I would be really surprised if we did so, but only because of attendance issues. This coming week, I think we’re all around but then the week after we won’t all be available. Possibly the last couple weeks before the release we might have the time to really make the push.

I played around a bit more with the Pet Battles in MoP Beta but I started getting odd errors some times where I had to logout to clear the error. WoWScrnShot_051612_225906The pet battles are a little simplistic generally but I’m sure they might get a little more interesting at the higher levels. My pets are still around level 7-8 or so for the highest one. I’ve decided for now to hold off on doing too much more with it because I don’t want to burn out and get bored with them before the game comes out. One thing that would have been pretty cool if they could have put it in would be some visual indication of the level of your pet. Maybe 5 different “skins” per pet based on it’s level. Almost like a “evolution” in Pokémon.

Well, maybe they can work on that in a future patch. I’m sure the resources to build that many skins for all the pets has to be enormous. It would be cool to just have some other benefit other than just a higher leveled pet.

Not Quite Almost Dead

No, I’m not dead. Most of you probably know that already given that TNB is still up and running. Well, we seem to be doing more of an “every other week” thing with that too. Summer can do that to you I hear. Anyway, similar to the podcast, we’re having issues with our raid too. Summer has caused some raiders to be unavailable for some weeks, unfortunately not overlapping, of course. This means cancelled raids. One nice thing is that we HAVE been able to get a little more progression going. We’re 4/8 with Morchok, Zon’ozz, Yor’sahj, and Ultraxion down. Hagara has been attempted many times but we don’t last too long and we haven’t tried the others yet. We’d probably be a little further along if we hadn’t missed a few weeks. I think the buff has been increased or it will be increased so maybe we’ll last a little longer…

imageOther than the WoW stuff, I’ve been playing Diablo 3 quite a bit still. My Demon Hunter is in Inferno but I haven’t really spent TOO much time farming. I’m still stuck farming Act I unfortunately. I’ve made it about 1/2 way through Act II but it just gets pretty crazy at that point. I’ve been spending more time leveling my Barbarian, Monk and Wizard with the Witch Doctor trailing behind quite a bit. The Barbarian is on Hell and is level 53. The Monk and Wizard are both level 43 and in Nightmare Act III. The Witch Doctor is level 18..

I’ve been playing lots of other games too. Steam is having a sale, so I’ve picked up a couple of cheap games on that and I’ve even played a couple! I also found a really fun RPG on PSN called Rainbow Moon that I’ve been playing quite a bit and also I’ve gone back to playing a bit of Civilization V with it’s new “expansion” Gods and Kings and even Might & Magic Heroes VI a little.

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