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June 2018
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Lets Go … Kite

Yes, I was away on Vacation. No, that’s not really why the blog wasn’t updated.. 😛 .. But I have a post ! Right now!

One of the things that has re-emerged with the ICC raid is the need for CC on the Saurfang fight in the first wing. The “dogs” you have to deal with are not supposed to touch anyone in the raid so they need to be CCed while they are burned down. Last night I was invited into our groups 25man raid that was sitting on this fight (having been away I had missed the other fights).  We actually one-shotted him on this try and it seems a lot of the fight is this CC.. In fact what is used most is a skill that Hunters have almost universally forgotten about.. KITING! Yes, the best way to keep these beasties off of people as they are gunned down is to employ a large number of Hunters. Distracting shot when it is up and concussion and traps, etc.. Anything to slow down the mob so it can be killed away from anyone else. Run away, shoot, spin, etc…

Of course, in this fight (the 25 man one) I wasn’t required to kite. We had a bunch of other hunters with us and I pretty much just DPSed the heck out of stuffs. But then, we came back on 10-man. This was actually an “alt” run for most everyone else. I brought my hunter at request of the RL and we proceeded to one-shot all the bosses up to the final one. We did wipe on him, but I think it was only once. I did get to kite for that one, since I was the only hunter. I used my trap, I used my concussive shot, I used my distracting shot.. It was great! My DPS sucked monkey balls, but I had a really good time in the fight.

What else is coming up? Well, I’ve heard that running the Random Dungeon in TBC (I have a 63/64 warlock) is a great way to get XP and goodies. I’ll have to give it a try when I get a chance.

Polygamerous is still going strong and we have completed 4 episodes and our last for this year will be recorded tonight at 8:30pm PST at the Gaming Studio Network Ustream channel. We’ll be talking about 2009. If you want us to mention YOUR favorite game tonight, email to info@polygamerous.com or.. twitter a reply @fimlys or @polygamerous with your game of the year!

And Then There Were 5

Finally.. Finally.. Finally.. What I never thought would happen.. Happened.. Of course, I am talking about Furis, my Paladin, hitting level 80. I’ve been leveling him up for a while in the off-raid times and such. When he hit 79 I finally actually believed that he would make it to 80 some day (maybe even before Cataclysm). Last night, he/we did it. I finished up in Zul’Drak. I was just starting up quests there and turned in one last one to the Ebon Blade there and Kaboom.. Or was it more like a Ding.. Hmm. Ding probably..

What did I do first when hitting 80? I flew back to Dalaran, ported to Ironforge and proceeded to wipe away my Holy secondary spec (Ret is the primary for now) and replace it with a Prot spec.. Yes.. Furis is going to be a tank. I have never had a max level tank and in the grand scheme of things, he really still isn’t “max” level. His gear for tanking is a mix of quest greens and blues mixed with some crafted gear (he’s a blacksmith). 

Our raid leader was pretty happy though and offered a few runs through ToC10 to gear him up. I, of course, need to start reading around on Pally tank blogs. I really don’t have any idea what I am doing and I will need to see if there are any addons I need.. If there are any macros I should write.. Which skills to put on what bar and bind to what keys… Etc. Etc. Etc. Anyone who wants to help me.. I’ll take what I can get.

So, anyway. I was pretty happy with that, if you couldn’t tell. Next alt? Well, the Rogue is 71.. I really want to level him if for no other reason than he is my JC and Enchanter.. Of course, the Paladin is an enchanter too.. Why? Disenchanting really ;P Didn’t need him for anything else. So, that’s about it for now.

Oh.. Don’t forget to check out Polygamerous, a new podcast that yours truly is a part of. It’s a video/computer game podcast and, in my biased opinion, lots of fun. Please have a listen and let us know what you think.  We’re already up to Episode 3!

Yes Virginia, The ARE Other Games

There are, aren’t there? Why yes, there are! And if you are interested in other games, or just in supporting a cool new podcast, you should head over to http://www.polygamerous.com and check us out! A few WoW Podcasters (from Twisted Nether, Slash2 and the Hunting Lodge) have joined forces with the new gaming community, Gaming Studio Network, to bring you a brand new podcast all about video/pc gaming. We call ourselves Polygamerous. We have our first episode up online on the site and on iTunes (there is a link on the right side of the site for iTunes) and we’d love if you could give it a listen.

Let your friends know about us. No WoW experience required. We talk about all platforms, all games… Well, at least we try. We are also looking for 1/2 minute audio reviews of games. Love it? Hate it? Have no clue what it is? Review it! We’ll put it on the show and YOU will be eFamous(ish). We do record our shows live each week at 8:30pm PST on the Gaming Studio Network Ustream. Details are, again, on the website. We’re also on twitter, of course, at http://www.twitter.com/polygamerous .

So, join us and I promise that, um, we’ll talk about games.. At some point.. Maybe.. (Don’t forget to let us know what you think about the show via an iTunes review or a comment on the blog or in the forums! The show is just starting out and we need feedback!)


p.s. Yes, we finally got into ICC-25 last night. Hopefully post about that and some strategy we used for the first boss will be up later (he was pretty easy though)

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