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Observing An Hour With Algalon

Last night we were supposed to continue our 25 man assault on Ice Crown Citadel. Unfortunately, too many peeps weren’t available and we didn’t want to “pug” the remaining. Soo… We decided do go pay a first visit (finally) to a new, um… Friend. Last time we were in Ulduar, one of our team got the last piece of whatever that he needed to get the key to the Planetarium.

Yeah, we spent an hour wiping over and over on Algalon the Observer. Yeah, I was tasked with killing the stars.. We did, at one point, have him down to 55% or so before we wiped.. It definitely is a big “strategy” encounter. Lots of stuff going on and situational awareness is a must. DBM only can help so much. Timing heading into the black holes.. Having the constellations tanked to some of them, but not all of them. Taking down the stars, but no more than one at a time and not when any other damage is happening.. Fun Fun Fun. If we were hoping that our “uber” geared selves (Somewhat ICC geared I guess.) would just mow through him, we were mistaken.

All in all, it was fun learning a new fight again. It is definitely more complex than some of the others out there but I’m sure given a few more weeks, we’ll get it down. I also spent more time on the Mage and even got another level on the Rogue (72 baby!).. I specced the Mage secondary to Arcane and enjoyed it very much in the random heroic I did. A few more Emblems of Triumph and I can pick up a nice shoulder.

In non-wow news. My copy of Mass Effect 2 for 360 is on it’s way! I should get it tomorrow and then, when I get a chance, I’m going to play it like CRAZY! Oh yeah, and we record Episode 9 of Polygamerous tonight! Head over to http://www.polygamerous.com for more information. If you haven’t listened yet.. DO IT! It’s so much fun.. Really.. I promise!

Trials and Tribulations

We couldn’t get enough alts together (odd, eh?) to do the Alt ICC10 run last night, so instead we headed into ToGC10 (non-alt style).. I brought my Hunter with my new bow (I got that from ICC10). We one-shot all the bosses until the last. Unfortunately we were unable (in the time allotted) to get him down. During one try though, we got him all the way to around 170k before we wiped. It was really sad. It was also sad that we had all but the last boss down without deaths and were, seemingly, close to the achievement..

Ah well! Tonight, if I get on WoW at all, will be an early night. We’ve got Twisted Nether to record at 8pm PST and that generally means I can’t raid. 🙂

Did a respec of my Mage (still frost at this point for main spec). Was thinking of dumping the frostfire spec as secondary and switching to Arcane now.. Try it out. Anyone have a good Blog Post about Arcane spec and “rotation”? Still working on my professions. I got the JC to 450 finally (Yay Icy Prism!) and still have work to do on the Enchanting and Blacksmithing. But I think Blacksmithing is at 449.. Enchanting is lagging behind because I don’t want to just waste the mats .. 😛

That’s about it. How have things been going with you guys? Are you enjoying the ICC patch? LFG tool? Let me know!

Have You Hugged Your Pug Today?

Ok, I have 5 … 5!!! Level 80s.. Two of them are what I would consider “well geared” for current Raid content. One is “decently geared” for older raid content (maybe ToC?) and two others are poorly geared or any raid but they can do alright in heroics.

The new LFG system, which many people have been talking about lately, has been a lot of fun for me, especially on those last 2 alts. It also is helping add a few more emblems to the other 3. Part of it all is also helping me learn these classes. I generally know how to play them, but am not as well versed in playing them in a group setting, etc.. I’m learning more and gearing up and it’s a blast. Would I prefer running through instances with friends? Yes, but I always feel, especially with these 2 toons, that they are merely dragging me through and I’m not really contributing enough. So, the LFG, for me, for now, is fun.

I could, of course, do without the waits, but it actually is getting me to do some farming too.. Which I need to do anyway.. I’ve been slacking so much on that. Anyway.. Other stuff that has been happening? I spent a little more time on the professions I had REALLY close to 450 to finally get them there.  My engineering is there now (of course, it’s a gnome so he can go to 265…) and I’ve been pushing JC and Enchanting too. Mainly it is just buying or finding the mats and picking the right recipe to do to get there.

I realized while I was on my rogue, flying to do the daily JC, that he doesn’t have epic flying…. OMG, it is soooo slow. So, my 6th (WOW) toon now has epic flying.. Chunking down the large money outlay was difficult until I realized I have spent this money 5 times already.. Imagine if I never got fast flying on any of my toons.. I would be rolling in it.. But.. I would be miserable flying around sloooooowly.. So, since I had the money, I picked it up and I think he is much happier now. Sooner or later I’m sure I’ll start leveling him some more. He is 1/2 way to 72 now, which isn’t bad.. Of course, I could just wait until Blizz makes leveling in Northrend easier just like they did for everywhere else.. Or not..

Anyway, new wing of ICC opens today and, more than likely, I won’t be possibly seeing it until tomorrow. But, If I remember, I’ll try to post my take on any of the bosses we get to. BTW, I want to thank Krizzlybear at Frost is the New Black for a great post that I think will help out my Frost Mage immensely..

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