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July 2020
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Cap’n Valor

Lots of stuff going on. I talked about hitting 90 in my last post and since then I’ve been going full force on the dailies (I know, right). I did the Anglers until I got my Tiny Goldfish. There are a few other things I might want from them, but I’ve put them on the back burner for now. The primary dailies I’ve been doing are the Tillers, Golden Lotus and Cloud Serpent. I’ve also been doing random heroics here and there.

For the Tillers, I’ve been getting really good at finding Dark Soil. I’ve got 2 “Best Friends” and the others are coming along nicely. I also try to get their food since that’s a nice chunk of rep. I then head over to do the Golden Lotus dailies. I’ve hit Honored, so now I get 3 hubs of quests. I’m inching closer to Revered which unlocks some other reps to work on. The Cloud Serpent is the last set of dailies I do and I’m really getting close to Exalted finally. This one is purely cosmetic in that I want the mount! I have found 2 Onyx Eggs so far but the dailies generally give you a decent amount of rep, so it’s not really as necessary as you might think.

WoWScrnShot_101112_210448I’ve also been doing a pretty good job leveling my professions. Jewelcrafting, Enchanting, Alchemy, Leatherworking, Skinning, Fishing, First Aid and Inscription are at max level now and the rest are being worked on. It’s going to be tough to use alts to craft that you aren’t leveling because of the use of Spirit of Harmony in many recipes and given that those are Soulbound.

I also finally hit average iLevel of 460 so I can check out LFR. I’ll probably do that tonight if I have time. I’d like to get it in before the reset!

Anyway, that’s all I have for you now. Do you have a favorite Daily quest chain? Any that you hate?

Piercing the Vale

I made it to level 90 on my Hunter in a little over a week since MoP was released. I did not rush, I just had a decent amount of time to spend playing. I wish I had kept track of exactly how many hours “played” it took me (I’ll have to see if I can find out). I even picked up my Quilien pet on the way. I still prefer my Water Strider (or whatever it is called) named Bugzz. The water walking exotic skill is pretty great. Especially for fishing.

FimlysLevel90_100312_000344The Quilien pet is important because it has a battle rez. I ended up joining a couple guildies in a non-heroic run of Shado-Pan Monastery. I was the only level 90 and we had a few “complications” along the way including one wipe, but I did use my battle rez twice while we were in there. WoWScrnShot_100112_194940A druid was also with us, but I guess I was quicker on the draw! I really enjoyed the instance and look forward to doing it in heroic some time soon. I also, prior to running the instance, picked up 3 Justice Point items. I had 4000 JP just sitting there and it made sense to go ahead and pick up these upgrades. Unfortunately, the one upgrade I REALLY needed, new shoulders, do not have a version that you can buy from the JP vendor.

WoWScrnShot_100212_234331I also started on some of the dailies. I know.. You heard me.. I WORKED ON DAILIES. I found the tillers ones to be pretty interesting and I started on the Cloud Serpent so I can get my mount sooner or later. I’ve been really enjoying MoP so far and look forward to all the other things I can do now that I am level 90 including leveling another toon or 2 or 3.

Into the Mists

Of course, you all know that MoP is here. I’m just a master at restating the obvious and I figured why not continue here, right? So, anyway, I had purchased the Digital Deluxe, or whatever it was called, version and so my account was already upgraded and ready to go at launch. I stayed up until 3am (yes, US Eastern Time.. ugh) and watched the Live release party in Irvine on Youtube. It looked like a blast. So 3am rolls around and I am already login and I get the new quest (actually, it was about 5 minutes early..). Instead of rushing over (maybe I should have), I went to update my professions, etc. Once that was done, I headed over and got stuck in the wall of crazy trying to blow up the boat..

WallOCopterSo, I went to bed, of course. I did not take a day off to play Mists like some other people did, unfortunately. I went to work, had all the normal things I need to do and the finally I got back into Pandaria. Finishing the quest was easy now, of course. Mists is great so far. I really like the setting and the art is amazing. The story is really getting pretty good too. Since then I’ve gotten my hunter to level 86 1/3 and finished up the first zone, Jade Forest. There were a couple areas I didn’t uncover on the map, but I’ll come back later, I’m sure. I did finish all my quests and got the achievement for the area too. I like how the sub-achievements work and give you a bit more granularity into finishing an area.

WoWScrnShot_092712_010602My leveling of Skinning and Leatherworking are going well too. Skinning has been pretty quick so far as so many people are killing mobs, all I have to do is wait until they are done (hopefully looting!) and when they leave I can “Skin All The Things!”. For LW, I was able to make a bunch of gear that both my Rogue and Druid can use as upgrades. I’m really excited that this is the case. It will help immensely when they get off their butts and venture into Pandaria too.

I have to say, so far so good. I like the setting. It is really immersive and so far the story is interesting. I’ll hopefully keep you updated on what is going on with my first adventure here into MoP. Thanks for reading!


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