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Frikkin Frak do Beta


I didn’t post it on here yet, but I got into the Cataclysm beta about a week ago on one of my accounts. I decided to spend time first with the Worgen. In addition, I wanted to play around with the new Hunter changes including the beginner experience.


So, I created a Worgen Hunter named Frikkin (why not?). It fits with my naming convention (all F’s) and goes well with the name I wanted to give my pet (and eventually did, you’ll notice if you see the screenshot), Frak. So, anyway.. I have now gotten through almost all of the initial Worgen starting experience, I believe, and I have to say that, any bugs aside, it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had starting a new character. I think this even trumps the Death Knight starting zone and set of quests. I have heard that the Goblin one is even better, but I am thinking I might save that one until Cata goes live (we’ll see).

WoWScrnShot_071610_161538The feel of the zone is really great. The new landscape phasing is put to good use here too pretty early on. They did an amazing job with the storytelling and I hear that all throughout Cata you will want to start reading the quest text and paying attention to what NPCs have to say (maybe turn on chat bubbles? Smile with tongue out ). I did have issues with the last (I think) “main” quest bugging out on me, but I’m sure that will be fixed. I especially liked the guy with the checkerboard-cube hat (yeah, I know that is pretty common in the beta.. I was in WotLK beta too).

So, what about the Hunter changes? I’m not all that positive so far about the change to use Focus. I DO like not having mana anymore but I think the regen is just not right yet on the focus side. Of course, I am playing low level so that feeling might change as I progress/login to a high level hunter. The part where you get a pet early on is great, although you can’t control him/her. It basically just attacks whatever you are attacking. The only thing I find odd is that it doesn’t seem to explain what all the abilities are that you get at level 10 once you can control your pet, etc. They are the normal Hunter pet skills, but there is really no tutorial (unless I missed it) to teach you how to use them all (like feed pet, etc).

So far, I have not visited any old zones or new zones to check them out. I have been sequestered in the Worgen area. Additionally, addons are not enabled yet, so I have been playing with the stock UI (HORROR!). Amazingly enough, I can actually play with this thing.. Odd.. Smile with tongue out  Ok. That’s all I have so far. Nothing really exciting on the LIVE wow front, although I did join a group on Fimlys that killed Algalon which was cool. Of course, we were all decked out in our ICC shinies, so it kinda felt like cheating.. Too Bad! Open-mouthed smile 

Have a good one!

WoWScrnShot_071510_204412  WoWScrnShot_071510_200024


WoWScrnShot_071510_204011  WoWScrnShot_071610_161523

The Twilight Destroyer is…

This is a follow-up from yesterday’s Ruby Sanctum post, of course. The run I had to bail on two nights ago didn’t get Halion down, so last night we got the band back together and tried again. And again.. And again.. And again (a few more times).. And.. KILLED HIM/HER/IT!!!!!

There was lots of gnashing of teeth and changes to some of the strategies and so on and so forth during our 5 or so wipes. But, in the end, we did it! It was not very difficult (although we lost a bunch of ppl in the Twilight realm to the beams when we were at about 2%) but it takes a LOT of coordination. Watching the % Twilight/Physical during Phase 3 is essential as is avoiding the beams in the Twilight realm during Phase 2 and 3. Handling the decursing and where you move (out of the raid!) when you get the curse is important too.

While I said it wasn’t difficult, realize that we are a 25man raid where most, if not all, of the people have been doing ICC over and over and over since it’s been out. We’ve got pretty good gear at this point. I’m not sure where RS is supposed to be on the difficulty scale compared to ICC. I think the coordination part was important and I actually enjoyed the mechanics of the fight there and if this is a taste of what we will see on the boss fights in Cataclysm, I’m excited!

Ok, just wanted to update you all on our success. I didn’t get any loot, but what I saw looked nice. A trinket dropped that had ArP and +AP on proc that my Hunter was crying over.. (Yes, I brought the Druid) I wonder if we are going to go do this in 10man tonight? If so, I’m gonna try to bring the hunter.. Just watch, boomkin loot will drop.. ;P

Ruby Sanctum : Fire Fire Fire…

I logged in for a bit last night prior to recording TNB and got invited to our 25man Raid. The Ruby Sanctum had opened and we wanted to head right in and kick some Dragonkin butt. So… We headed on in and promptly wiped to the first Trash Pack. No, it wasn’t because we weren’t doing CC (although that might have helped). Well, I guess off tanking them could be considered CC, eh? It was because we took that same nonchalant attitude we have been taking in ICC for a while. Just Kill Em All! Well, not single targeting doesn’t really work.

So, we came back in and starting single target taking down the groups and had much better luck that way. There are a few packs that have a mob called Charscale Commander. For these, they had one of the druids (me actually) Hibernate this guy while we killed the rest of the pack. Reason? He does a buff to the other mobs and that makes the fight much harder. So, you keep him on ice (or well, asleep) until done with the rest.

The 3 mini-bosses actually weren’t so bad. I have to say that Saviana Ragefire was probably what I would consider the most difficult. She does an AOE “curse” type thing that puts a bunch of the raid on fire and you have to be away from everyone else while this is going on or other will get hit by it. We still ended up one-shotting her with more than 1/2 the raid dead… Baltharus the Warborn and General Zarithrian aren’t too bad but require off-tanking to be on the ball.

Halion_062910_224541For Baltharus, he splits off some copies of himself that need to be tanked and all the DPS need to make sure they stay on HIM and ignore the adds. Zarithrian also spawns adds, but he spawns Dragonkin. They all seemed to be spellcasters so just have an offtank try to tank them as best you can or have a few of the peeps in the raid try to CC them and get back to killing the boss. In general DPS should concentrate on Zarithrian and there shouldn’t be much of a problem even with a ton of adds milling about (Healers really have to be on the ball, though).

What about Halion… Well, we didn’t get it down, well, at least while I was on. I had to bug out after a couple tries. There are 3 phases here and all I know is the key to Phase 2 is staying away from the Freaking Balls with Freaking Laser Beams… All in all, if your raid is well geared for ICC ad maybe you are doing a few Heroic modes in 10man even then I think you will not have all that much of a problem with this Raid.

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