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July 2020
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Armory Sigs

Oh well.. I looks like the “hacked” armory Sig proxy is gone. It WAS at http://jebus.geek.nz/WoW/ but I guess either we were causing too much traffic for that site or it was causing too much traffic for Blizzard!

Oh well.. I removed the Armory Sigs page for now.. I may put up a page with links to my Chars and Guilds and such on Armory later. I still have the RPGO page with sigs and links to all my toons.

EDIT: They have a new site up that you can download a sig from : http://siggen.xembler.org/


EpPicWell.. Not too much going on last night. I logged into Earthen Ring for a bit and leveled Frerevacca to 11 and did most of my BEAR form quest.. I just needed to wait for my hearthstone to be active again so I could get back to finish the quest up.

 While waiting, I decided to work on Draenor-Fimlys (as opposed to Earthen Ring-Fimlys.. I am going to regret doing that… )  I finished a ton of quests in Terrokkar (sp?) and a couple in Nagrand. Then I made my way to Shadowmoon Valley and did some quests there.. For being lvl 69 quests, my lvl 67 Hunter mowed them down pretty easily.  Still have about 40% way to go until 68 though. 

By the time I remembered I should switch back to Frere, it was late.  I’ll finish that quest up tonight hopefully and then, watch out!  Ok.. maybe not.  I’d like to thank everyone in alea iacta est that is so nice and sends out bags.  Not having a high level toon to help “twink” my new ones is very discouraging.  It has been a while since I didn’t have help with new characters from an older “brother”.

Well, that is about it for now.. I need to start taking some screen shots and linking some of my “phat loot” here, but right now I don’t have the time.


EpPicHey there and welcome to my new home on the net.. My Intention is to use this for random stuff and World of Warcraft ramblings.

Knowing me however, this will end up being a place I forget to put anything for a long time.

You can learn a little about me on the About page, but lets just say the main reason most people will be here is because I play WOW. I’ve created two “pages” so far that have different versions of my “sigs” that detail some information about some of my “toons” Hope you enjoy the ramblings contained herein. I’m somewhat of a slacker so don’t expect too much.

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