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Almost There…

Hey all.. Well, I didn’t play on Earthen Ring last night. I was busy grinding down the last few levels on Fimlys-Draenor.  Finally made it to 68!  I can’t believe it. Then a Mythos guildie (Blazehammer) asked for help them kill Ruul and I was finally able to help them out!  I got some help on some of my SMV quests also.  Finally quit pretty late at night after finishing a few more quests with Blaze (Bouncybetty) and Krimsonreign. Thanks guys, it was really a lot of fun.  I’m so ready to get a flying mount 🙂

Anyway, I think I should be able to get on Earthen Ring tonight and play some more Frerevacca.  I really want to get him up to 13 tonight.. I think, for now, that I should be able to get up a level a night until 20.  Depends on how much time I have to play.

I may work up another RP post at some point this week.  Maybe some “lore” for Fimlys-Earthen Ring.  I was thinking tying something to “alternate realities” or somesuch since Fimlys-Draenor is a NELF Hunter and Fimlys-Earthen Ring is a BELF Pallie.

 That is it for now.. See u in the game.

Frerevacca – The Lore

Since my youth in Mulgore I have felt out of place. I love my homeland greatly, but the call of adventure has ever made me restless. Finally, in my 9th summer after my Great Hunt I made a pilgrimage to the great Blood Elf city of Silvermoon. My visions have given me to believe that my journeys will find a beginning there. I was given help getting to the beautiful city by a Prince whose familiar name is Soloron. I have joined a famous adventuring guild named “alea iacta est”. I believe they can help me in my endevours.

Soon after coming to the woods and completing some requests of the locals here, I received word through a local Druid that my presence was requested by Turak Runetotem in Thunder Bluff. It seems the call of Cenarius is difficult resist and I found myself on the long journey back home. Arriving there, I received training in a new skill that allowed me to more easily access the sacred Moonglade. After a long series of difficult tasks (beginning with using this new Moonglade “teleportation”), I learned the secret of taking on the Feral aspects. My first form I have learned is Bear Form.

For now my tale is at an end, but this is just the beginning. I have heard talk of further Feral aspect forms such as an Aquatic form that will allow me to breath underwater (imagine, me swimming!) and a deadly Cat form. For now, I will continue my adventures and my path toward destiny.

-Level 12, Tauren Druid

They call them “Screenshots”

EpPicWoot.. I have added a new page that I’ll put up Screenshots (mainly portraits). For now I am calling it Toon Pictures, but that might change if I decide that I’m just going to put up a gallery of screenshots. Too bad wordpress doesn’t have a nice “gallery” style page addon that it comes with (maybe I have to pay to get that!). Of course, if I am mistaken, please leave me a comment on my ignorance.

In WoW news… I didn’t get to sign in to Earthen Ring at all last night. I was busy with my main on Draenor. I really want to try to get him to lvl 70. Of course I am a hunter so even then I’ll never get a group. LOL..

Tonight I may be able to get on and gain at least one level bringing my Tauren (Frerevacca) up to the mightly level 12! If anyone is reading this and would like to group with me to help me get to a more interesting level, let me know. I am actually questing in the Blood Elf lands since I find the Tauren quests somewhat mundane (IMHO). I will, hopefully, be posting the initial part of Frerevacca’s backstory that I came up with and put in the rolepaying addon that I can’t remember the name of at this moment… I think I am getting old..

That is it for now. See u in the game.

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