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Much Mayhem

I missed posting yesterday, so I am going to speak to my exploits from the night before last. (Since last night was kinda slow and I didn’t do much).

I helped out (and was helped out by) my Maythos guildies: Blazehammer, Valorious and Dimestealth. Thank you all..

We worked on a number of different quests in SMV.  I actually remembered to take some screenshots to put up of each of the boss dudes that we killed and a pic of me disguised as a box..

First thing we did was go to kill Cyrukh the Firelord

Cyrukh Alive
He’s Alive.. Alive!!!

Crukh Dead
Ok.. Now Dead (Woot)

Then we moved on to Makazradon …

Makazradon Alive
Alive…. and… Wait for it…..

Makazradon Dead

Next up they helped me with a quest in which I had to “disguise” myself as a box and listen to a conversation (seems to be a running thread in some of the BC quests.. In Draenei starting area same type of quest).. See for yourself…

Deathbringer 1

Deathbringer 2

Then we moved on to the quest to go find Oronok ( I think these quests lead me to killing Cyrukh [ the one I killed earlier ] ).. He has a very nice farm of domesticated boars.

Oronok 1

I started a few more quests (like ones given from Oronok to find his sons) but ultimately it got late and I called it a night.

Ugh.. Once again I didn’t have time to work on Frerevacca or Fimlys-ER, but I might put some time into them over the weekend. Next time I’m on, I’ll take some screenies of them..

Until next time.. See u in the game.

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Nagrand Demon Tour!

Ok.. maybe they don’t have a lot of radio airplay, but I got to ride a cool dragon. Pretty “hands off” type of quest, but now I get to go kill me some demons!   

Nagrand Demon Tour

Lucky Lucky

Another night another…. Level! That’s right, Frerevacca has made it to the grand old level of  lucky number 13.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, depeding on your perspective, I’ve been cought up in the world of “preparing for end game” in BC with Fimlys-Draenor. 

I got the quest to retrieve the first key fragment for Karazhon and I’m still working on grinding out the last couple of levels.. Only 1 1/2 levels to go basically.  I finished all the Nesingwary quests in Nagrand and I need to go pick up my Gun 🙂 .  Thanks again to Bouncybetty for all the assistance last night. (Of course, I doubt any Mythos people are reading this, so no one has any idea who I am talking about) 

I may or may not try to get Frerevacca up to lvl 14 tonight.  He is finally moving into the ghostwoods and I am very interested to see the quests and such that are based there.  I am definately enjoying doing the quests in the BELF area much more than Taurenland.  I might just leave him be tonight and let him accrue some rest xp.  Make the actually levelling up portion go a little better. I am also enjoying playing a Druid and I got some nice advice on talent builds (low level obviously) from AIE guildies including the Druid Class Lead (the name escapes me right now but thank you!).

Thats it for this edition.. I really gotta get in some time to build some RP story for Fimlys-ER.  If anyone has any ideas for a BELF Paladin backstory, leave comments 🙂

See u in the game.

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