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A Tale of Two Groups

Arg… Of course.. once again, I didn’t play Frerevacca… Fimlys-Draenor is getting into some “end-game” finally and it is tough to tear yourself away from this stuff…

 Well, onto what Fimlys was doing last night…  I was pretty excited that pretty much immediately when I logged in Dragonpriest (DP) asked who needs Shadow Labs for their first key fragment for Karazhon (spelling?).  I, of course, responded “I DO! I DO! I DO! INVITE ME! SPAMSPAMSPAM”.. ok.. maybe not..

Anyway.. I got invited into a guild group to run Labs … Our group was made up of some good players, but I think our makeup didn’t make things easy.. We ran with 2 Hunters, 1 Paladin (who wasn’t specced to tank) and 2 priests (one holy, 1 shadow).  We got through the first boss, but ran into issues on the larger trash groups.  The paladin, other hunter and shadow priest headed out and we picked up a mage, rogue and out of guild Druid (to tank). 

This went a little faster and we did really well until the 3rd boss.  I think somehow either our tactics weren’t working or we were just too low on DPS to take him down fast enough.  I think we might try again tonight with a full warrior tank. (Not to say that Paladins and Druids can’t tank well, they can. But there is something to say about the ability of a properly specced warrior tank).

Well, this all went on from about 8:30pm until 2:00am.. I have to thank everyone in BOTH groups because I DID have a great time.  I have missed running instances quite a bit and if we don’t run Labs tonight, I’d like to find some other instance to run.. Of course, if things get slow.. I might move back to Frerevacca and try to get him up another level..

That’s about it for now.. I was having such a good time in the instance that I forgot to take some screenshots (although I think I have one of the 3rd boss).  I’ll try to take some next time, I promise! 🙂

See u in the game.

Ye Olde Hillsbrad(e)

So, last night Fimlys-Draenor got to finally do the fist Caverns of Time instance.  It was pretty cool.. I have to say thank you to the guys who invited me into their group through the LFG system (amazing, eh? It actually worked!).  This was a group from the Lords Of Valhalla guild. So, Avor, Barrious, Airii, and Gwynoviere, thanks!!!  Most of them had already run it and it went really smoothly.. But I need to get this trapping thing down better I think…

Of course, this all led to running Black Morass…. Well, that didn’t go so well.. As a hunter I was tasked with attracting and “distracting” the adds from trying to hurt Medivh (ok, I might be spelling everything wrong in here.. sorry).  I think I did okay, but I’m not sure we had enough DPS to quickly down the elites and ended up wiping in the second wave after the first “boss”.

It was pretty fun though.. I’ll come back and add pics of me as a “Human” from the Hillsbrad instance when I convert and upload the screenies.

Prior to the instance running, I respecced to an MM Hunter. I think I like BM better, but for instances I guess MM is the way to go.. Pets still die too easy in instance and a lot of the BM buffs are reliant on pet being there.  I did most of Hillsbrad without my pet out at all.  For Black Morass, I bet beast master would be great for the off-tanking of the adds.. Actually, a pet that can get area aggro would be best.. I’ll have to look into that.

I’m hoping to get Fim his first key frag at some point soon.. Moving forward for that mythical Master’s Key… Ugh, seems like it will take forever.

Once again, Frerevacca and Fimlys-ER are suffering from my lack of attention.. I am hoping tonight is the night Frere hits at least 15.  I am really enjoying the ghostlands quests, but it is still difficult to play a lvl 14 Druid when a nice, powerful lvl 70 hunter is there ready to play.

Well.. That is it for now.. I might add more later.. I’m really tired. :-/

See u in the game.

Update Coming…

I know it has been a few days since I last posted and a bunch of stuff has happened since then.. My main on Draenor (Fimlys-Draenor) has hit 70 finally and I got my flying mount (just the standard one).. 

Flying Mount 

 On Earthen Ring, Frerevacca hit lvl 14. I need to find some people who’d like to group and run quests, I get bored way too easily trying to level by myself.

Thanks for everyone who reads this.  I ‘d like to try to get back into more RP stories at least about Frerevacca.

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