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July 2020
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Been a while..

It has been a few days since I have posted anything. Sorry about that. I have been a little busy lately.  Fimlys-Draenor did have the opportunity to do a few instances that he hasn’t been able to do.  Slave Pens, Sethekk Halls and Achunai Crypts (not sure I spelled them right).  I had a pretty good time with each one and I finally got Honored with Sha’tar and Lower City last night.

I have some screenshots of a few spots, but I haven’t gotten them uploaded yet.. I’ll try to add them in as soon as possible.  I’ve been neglecting my Earthen Ring cohorts, but I promise I’ll be back. 

That is all for now.

See u in the game.

Warcraft is Fhuun

Last night was interesting.. Pretty much sat around a while trying to get a group for an instance.. I logged in kinda late and tried for form a few groups, but to no avail.

Ended up helping a friend try to get orbs from Strat.. I think he got maybe 3.. We got wiped (just the 2 of us) right at the biggining by the $#%^load of undead that piled on top of us at one time… Otherwise it went well.  It was me, a 70 Hunter (with pet), Holy (70 Paladin) and a lvl 60 Shaman that joined us.  It was nice killing the lower lvl guys.. Not much in the way of loot though.. I think it cost me more to fix my gear than I made from selling the stuff..

 Anyway, not much happened. Only drama is that it is tough to “push to get your khaz key” when no one wants (well, not no one,a  few..) to help you out.  I had fun anyway tho.. The only thing to do for my 70 is work on these instances or farm for non-instance rep.. I’d like to get the rep to get the heroic mode keys, but … takes forever without instances.

That’s about it for today. Good luck out there.

See u in the game.


I have to thank WoWInsider for this information (original post here). Blizzard has created a new “Interactive Attunement Guide” that I think is pretty nice.. It doesn’t go into too much detail for each piece, but it show the whole picture which is nice.  (And which dungeons give which rep…)

Let me know in the comments what you think about it, or if you have any other links to “better”/”same”/”worse?” attunement guides out there..


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