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Attumen the… Dead!

I don’t have much time for a long post about last night, so here it goes.

We downed Attumen and Midnight! huzzah…  We had 3 healers in our group which I think made a good bit of difference.  I also think we were more liberal with our use of potions that we had been in the past.  But, whatever the reason, we downed him on the second try of the night.. Now we have approx 3 days until the instance resets and we have to (maybe) do it again.  I really like having the blacksmith there to repair.  It is also nice not having all those horses and such respawning every 25 min.

We tried to kill the next boss (went up the stairs there by the blacksmith and cleared out all the trash), but after the first (boss) wipe, the trash reappeared.  We went down pretty quick, but I think we just need some more strategy and such.  We were kinda light on CC and it is tough to fight his 4 “adds” without it.  I think we killed the shadow priest and then got smacked. 

That’s it for now.  I didn’t take pictures of dead Attumen and Midnight (DOH!), but I’m sure we will have to kill them again so, I’ll try at that point.. I may put some money into getting Fraps, then I can get some video! Woot…

Gotta run.. Laters..

zzzz Snore…

Logged into WoW last night at my usual time (around 9pm Eastern) and not much going on.  I tried farming Motes of Air, but after 30 minutes with NONE dropping, I decided to give up and try to get my last 111 CE rep to Revered.  I finished a quest I though gave CE rep, but… no rep…  I have another quest I think will do it (that isn’t an instance quest) but I decided (unusually) that I would take some time off and go screw with the PS3 some more. 

I played some God of War 2 (I know, it’s a PS2 game, but it is good and it works on the PS3) and swapped to Yellow Dog Linux to try to play some XviD files, but it didn’t work “out of the box”.  I need to see about what to setup to do that.  I then watched the rest of Underworld: Evolution on BluRay (very niiice).  At around 1am or so (probably more like 1:30am) I went back to login to WoW to check on my auctions and got “suckered” (jk…) into helping finish a Shattered Halls run.  They were almost at the third boss and I joined up to help.  I was a lucky roller last night and picked up a couple of greens from random drops.

3rd boss went down smooth. A two-headed Ogre or something like that.  He talks to himself, really funny…  And lo, what should perchance to fall from his grimy blood-streaked hands?  None other than the Skyfire Hawk-Bow! I was mightily impressed and, with a hearty thanks to my fellow party-mates, I picked up the mighty bow to smite our enemies with righteous (skyfire) rage! (lol) 

Ok.. it was fun.  I got some good lootz… But, by the time we got to the end boss, it was almost 3am (“my time”).  I have a quest (I think we all did) to kill this dude.. Well, easier said than done.  After wiping about 4 times (I think), the initial mobs in the instance started respawning and I asked if they could find me a replacement since my eyelids were getting heavy. So, I didn’t kill the boss… I don’t know if they got it done or not. I’m sure (given the rep grind I have to do) that I will be back in Shattered Halls in the future to test my skill again.  The worst part of that boss fight is the adds that show up pretty quickly.  I have realized that I am really bad at taking out adds. I’m not sure exactly what it is, I’m just not good at it.

That’s about it for now.  Obviously, I’m pretty tired.. I think we are going to try another Kara run tonight.   Wish us luck!

Quick Runs

We were kinda burned out last night.  Lately, I’ve been running instances with two other guildies as our standard group (the 3 of us and 2 others 🙂 ).  Last night we were kinda tired and wanted something a little less challenging, taking a little less time.

When one of our fellow Mythosians alts needed to do Furnace and Ramparts, we jumped at the chance.. So, we went and smushed these instances in about an Hour each (I think).  We had 3 70’s and 2 <70 (don’t remember the levels)..  2 Hunters (1 70 and 1 other), 1 Shadow priest (< 70), Warrior (70), and Resto Druid (70).

Very quick run through the two instances.. I had never done the quests for one of these (I don’t remember which, maybe Ramparts) and discovered this AFTER we were almost finished 🙂

I did finish a couple of quests and now I know why I have so little rep with Honor Hold.  I need to try to get through this again to finish the quests and then run Shattered Halls a few times to get up to revered. I really want to get some Heroic keys so I can get into a group to try these out. Supposedly the lootz is phat. (whatever that means..)

I may be taking it easy the next couple of days, maybe I’ll spend some time screwing around with my PS3.  I know we’re supposed to go to Kara Friday and Saturday, but I may not be included (we have a lot of ppl attuned now and hunters aren’t as useful as other classes in raids).

Anyone have any ideas on if I should try respeccing Survival?  Is it worth it?  My DPS is pretty nice specced MM with a bit of BM (for pet survivability and DPS). Let me know what you think.

Speak u later.

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