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April 2018
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From K to M

 Sorry for the slow weekend, I was out of town. 

On Friday night (wow, that was a long time ago… LOL) we were supposed to do a Karazhan run, but, after waiting around for over an hour to get it started, we scrubbed it due to lack of a tenth and not enough healing power.  I managed to join a guild group to go run Mechanar to get the other half of my Arcatraz key.  The run went really well considering that none of us really knew the instance that well (for some it was our first foray).  We wiped a few times, but nothing major and it was really a lot of fun.  We got the second boss down JUST before we wiped 🙂  It was amazing, she fell down just as I died!  The most interesting part of Mechanar is the “waves” of mobs you get just before the final boss.  We ended up doing pretty well by sheeping the last mob in a group to gain back mana, etc.  I forgot that Fim can “feign death” and get out of combat to eat/drink.. (DUH!) Ah well..  We wiped on our first try with the last boss because we tried to kill the Adds… Bad idea.. The warrior can fear them, so we had him do so on our second try and DPSed the boss down and it was simple. 🙂

 Our group consisted of Hunter (Me), Warrior (Prot I think), Mage, Druid, Paladin (Holy).  We had a  lot of fun and I think I picked up a new Gun in the process (I’ll have to look)… Unfortunately, he didn’t drop the Beast Lord Helmet that I think he has, so I’ll probably be back again.  Got a good deal of Sha’tar rep though which is really nice.  Since it is such a fun, quick instance I would be more than willing to go back for another go.

Anyway.. Like I said, I was out of town all weekend for some sad business so I had no WoW time.  I’ll hopefully get into something fun tonight. Maybe a HEROIC run of Underbog or somesuch (since the only heroic key I have is Coilfang.)  Either that or some more REP grind. 

See ya

Inky Swamp

Jumped onto Fim again last night and proceeded to work on a couple of quests in Shadowmoon Valley.  I hadn’t done the Netherwing quests yet (I want to get to Neutral before 2.1 hits) so I went there to start the chain that leads to that.  I killed the orcs and started gathering the crystals.  As I was gathering, I got a “tell” asking me to help with Black Morass.  I was summoned and we headed in.  I guess they had been working on it for a while, but we tried one last time.  We were doing pretty well until our Priest “bit the bucket”. We tried getting everyone back up and in it and it looked like we were going to be able to make it, but the 2nd boss wiped the tank and we were toast.  Got some nice Rep for it though.. Running BM is nice because there are so many bosses 🙂  (at least for rep you don’t have to finish the thing). 

After we had to call it a night on BM (after the 2nd boss wipe), I went back to try to get my last 2 crystals but accidentally stepped off the world (go ahead, call me a Noob).  Since I couldn’t get back to get my body, I just rezzed at the graveyard and called it a night.

I headed back to Ridge Racer 7 for a bit and also watched TV.  Exciting evening I guess.

I think tonight is another Guild Kara run, hopefully I’ll be invited.  I will not be around Saturday or Sunday so I’d like to go tonight.  Generally it seems like a lot of work for not all that much gain, but we’ll see how it goes.  As we all get geared up better and learn the encounters, it might go smoother.  I’m really looking forward to 2.1 to jumpstart my playing again.  I played a little of my Gnomie Lock and have been having fun there.  The noobie quests are so inane.  I need to get her some good gear too (LOL). I definately like the “pet” classes the best (especially for solo work).  They should have a pet that heals you, that would be really cool (since they have TANK pets, right?)

Ah well, another day.. See ya’ll later.

Drifting Away

Finally opened up Ridge Racer 7 last night.  I bought it when I picked up the system, but have been playing Motorstorm and Resistance. 

First thing… This game is very pretty!  Plays really well, not much different than past iterations, but I like the interface too. You can even “install” it on the HD and load times speed up significantly (as far as I can tell).  I wish Motorstorm would do this as it’s loading times are outrageous. 

On a side note (since this post in the PS3 category), I did play a litle WoW last night.. I think I’m going cold on it again.. 2.1 might revive my interest.  I need to get into some instances again or get some groups together to do the outdoor group required quests.  I have a few that seem to give some good gear (and/or lots of gold).  I did some crap in Netherstorm last night.  I want to up my Consortium rep.  I also need to work on my HH rep, Lower City rep, Sha’tar rep, etc… I DO have Revered with CE, but I have a long way to go on the others.. Need to run some instances for more rep (I think I’ve done most, if not all, the quests)

Another side note (or not so side).. I think Sony should get PopCap to port Peggle to the PS3s PSN.. I think it would be a smash hit !! Supposedly people are getting invitations to the closed beta of Sony Home, but I haven’t gotten anything (not surprising). 

Good luck out there.

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