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July 2020
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The Tasty Mystic Buffet

As I have said before, Tues and Wed are our 25man ICC nights. We’ve been getting farther and farther each week generally (these are non-hard mode runs so far) and last night we got Sindragosa down for the first time in a long time. We’ve only been getting to her in the 2nd night just recently (other than prior to our recent reorganization as changes to people’s schedules have caused drop-outs). We wiped a few times, but everyone finally got the hang of how it went and we got her down! We did find out an interesting tidbit on the Blood Princes fight. If you have a mage, make sure they are careful with their mirror images.. If you have that cast when the Empowered Fireball is coming out and one of them gets targeted, it can wipe all the Melee around the boss. The fireball gets confused and can’t track the image and so turns around and blasts all the peeps next to the boss instead. Pretty much insta-wipe there.. Yay! Smile with tongue out

Gobbler_092910_210342I did login to the Beta for a few seconds last night too. I had a free race change button on my new Troll Warrior I had so I decided to try it out. I converted my Troll Warrior to a Goblin Warrior. Why? Well, I wanted to check out their racials! Smile The bank access is pretty freaking cool, btw. And I even took a screenshot of the dude that shows up to give you access. He follows you around for about a minute and you talk to him to access your bank. Very, very cool!

We’ve Moved AGAIN!

Yes, I finally got tired of the speed of the GoDaddy hosting service and moved my Site! We’re now on Media Temple [mt]! It should be MUCH faster now, hopefully. Everything seemed to make it over intact. If you see anything messed up (more than usual, anyway) please let me know!

Thanks all. Hopefully the transition will go well. Also, if you want to update your links to my site (if you have any) on your blogs or whatever, you should switch it to http://aatwow.fimlys.com the old link will still work but it redirects with a “Permanently Moved” message to the browser. It also takes longer to load than coming here directly. The Feedburner feed should still be working… I hope.

Slayer O’ King

Oh yeah! That’s what I’m talking about! Friday night I joined up with our already in progress 10man raid which we’ve been extending for a couple weeks. We’ve been doing hardmodes and were up to Sindragosa hard mode. We bashed our head against that (getting her to 8% wasn’t too shabby for one of the tries) but then as it got later the decision was made to switch back to normal and move on to Lich King to get the people who didn’t have Kingslayer (i.e. me) their title, etc. After a few wipes (there was at least one person in the raid that hadn’t even seen that fight before) we finally got him down.. Well, that is to say.. He killed us all.. But that was all part of the plan it seems. In the end, we were the ones with the cool titles and there was a cool cut-scene.. Smile

The guild has killed him a few times on 10man but I have always been unavailable for the night they do so. It was great of them to help us out ( I think there were 3 in the run that didn’t have it).

Anyway, I did work a little more on the Gnomeregan quests. I got to the point where you are actually going to be starting the big battle but didn’t feel like waiting for him to get back. I ran the full gamut through on my Rogue, but he isn’t level 80, so he couldn’t get past getting the new speech. It feels very much like a holiday event really. Speaking of holiday events, I hear it is Brewfest! I haven’t been on in a few days and so havn’t partaken in the ceremonies. So, I hope everyone is having a good brewfest and I’ll speak to you all later!

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