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Actually.. Blizzcon had a few too FEW Zzzzs. I slept way too little while I was there, but I guess that really depends on your perspective. I really wish I hadn’t had to sleep at all and had more time to hang out with everyone there. Had a great time even if there were no big announcements. Most of my time was spent with Stop from StoppableForce and Saresa from Destructive Reach but I spent time with so many people, I really can’t list them all there (but it almost seems like I tried, doesn’t it). The only thing I would have done differently is try to spend more time with those that I didn’t spent much time with. I guess there is always next year!

P1010502I got into Anaheim on Thursday afternoon and met up with people at 6 to go head to dinner before picking up our badges and swag bags and then heading to the WoW Insider meet-up. Of course, a playoff baseball game was on and where did we pick to eat? Yep, ESPN Sports Zone. So we had to wait until the game ended to finally get seated. We got seated at 9pm and had to get back to the convention center ( a 10 minute walk [or so] ) by 10pm. We got out of there at 9:30pm (yes, we had an amazing waiter that knew what “we need it in a rush please” meant.

P1010508We (Daewin, Stop, Sar and I) booked it back to the convention center with about 15 minutes to spare. We almost thought Sar was going to have issues because she forgot her “barcode” ticket, but they got her a replacement and that was that. We met then to walk over to the WoW Insider meet-up and stayed there until they kicked us out. I got to hang with Russell (from Slash2 and Polygamerous), Podcastitute (for a very little bit) and finally met Kelly/Cadistra in person! Matticus tracked us down and said hello and so did The Turpster! Headed back to my room to get some sleep to get ready for Blizzcon!

P1010549Not ALL that much to say about Blizzcon itself that won’t be said on Twisted Nether but I just want to say that I had a really fun time in and around Blizzcon this year. I tried not to spend my time in long lines (and there were many of them) and really liked the panels I actually got to (other than the Class Q&A which was more like Class QQ). Met up with some more people including MyBryo and his Brother-in-Law (I spent time with Brian last year at Blizzcon), Mconniff (who I also met last year), Clay (ditto) and Zabine (from Life in the Soul Well and TNB Wikibrarian). Zabine and her husband were actually on my flights from Orlando to the convention so at that point I knew them too! By the way, while in line to get in we noticed that the Taco tent (yeah, they had a taco tent outside) looked like it was on fire… Of course we then decided that the Headless Horseman was attacking Blizzcon and burning down the Taco tent.. Ok, we’re sad.. Smile with tongue out

P1010723Friday night was the Twisted Nether meet-up and it turned out awesome! It started a little hectic with it taking some time to get on to the porch we had reserved but once we were out there everything went great. We had some trouble with the live stream in that I couldn’t get my laptop plugged in so.. well… it ran out of juice! We gave away an amazing assortment of goodies to the attendees including some donated by Blizzard (including a Murloc Stein!).. The only thing I wish is that I had more time to hang out and talk with the people who were there. We had so many people and I barely got a chance to say hi! It was a good assortment of bloggers, podcasters, fans and everyone else. I even got to meet StealthySlyth from Gaming Angels (and it was her Birthday!)

P1010745Saturday morning I took it a little easier. Friday I had gotten up early to have breakfast and get into the line before it got too long. On Saturday, I didn’t push it. Thankfully someone I knew saw me as I walked by the line to get in and let me in! We were really close to the front too. Got in quick when they opened the gates and I went to the first session and got great seats. It was a Diablo 3 session about how they went about creating the world, etc. Very interesting. Then I went over to the Class Q&A … Oh, there were a few interesting questions but it was pretty much just everyone complaining. The best part were the responses from the developers (including Ghostcrawler).

P1010760We headed out to go have some Lunch after that over at Cheesecake Factory and then went back to the convention center. Stop wanted to go to the Lore Zone stage where they were doing a really cool “lore” game show like competition with contestants chosen from the audience. He didn’t get picked, but the host of the show was really funny and it was worth it just to watch. We wandered around a little more and then got ready to watch the closing ceremonies and Tenacious D! They teased us with fake “new MMO” names and let us know that 1000 of us (there were like 30,000 people there?) would get Beta Cataclysm keys (EDIT: I’ve been told I missed that it was DIABLO 3 BETA KEYS!!!!).. Tenacious D then came on the stage (I’ll leave it to others to describe the show) with David Grohl as the drummer! It was pretty cool but we decided to head out a little earlier as we had to get ready for tonight’s party!

IMG_5525Saturday night’s party was the invitation only “The Raid” pre-screening and Blizzcon after-party. We arrived over there a little after 9pm and had to help get some of our people in the door as they somehow weren’t on the list! But we made it in and had a great time! The drinks were made a little STRONG but should we really be complaining about THAT!?!? The prescreening itself was about a WoW Raiding guild and their run through ICC. I think it really resonated with the audience there and people were really getting into it. They did a little Q&A after it was over and then just played some tunes and we all had fun. I got a chance to talk to the guys (and gals) from Typefrag (cool bunch of peeps) and the Raid Warning Podcast. IMG_5518I want to thank Stompalina and the Rawrcast crew for giving us the invitations to give out and our invites as well. They really threw a fun event. Oh!!! Brigwyn showed up! He was moovin and groovin with the music for a while until it was time to go. Then he went with us over to iHop for some chow. It was somewhere around 3am at this point and I decided that it might be a good idea to collapse in my bed.. So back I went and that’s all there was.

Sunday didn’t start, for me, until pretty late.. Sleep was my happy place for most of that morning until I had to get up to go to our little Twisted Nether “Family” gathering. P1010915We had lunch over at the Anabella with the contributors and close friends of the show and it was really nice. Hydra even made us some TNB clocks! She rocks with her clocks.. Ok, that was bad.. So anyway…. The rest of the day was spent resting some more and saying goodbye to new and old friends (or maybe just saying “until next year!”). For dinner I headed over to P.F Changs with Daewin (Andy), SyddieGirl and Zabine. We had a really good dinner but then the party was over. I drove everyone back to their hotels and went back to mind to pack up for my flight the next day.

1024001227So, how’s that for an adventure story. Are you sleeping yet? Smile Didn’t get a chance to get to Blizzcon this year? Well, there is always next year and, as far as I am concerned right now, I will be there next year too! I had a really amazing time and, like I’ve already said, the only thing that could have made it better would have been to be able to hang out with EVEN MORE people. I got better at organization this year and next I hope to get even better. You can see a few of the pictures I took over the weekend here on this post. For the rest, head over to the Twisted Nether Flikr page.

One 4 All and All 4.0.1

So, the 4.0.1 pre-cataclysm patch has arrived (I’m sure you already know this.. you do, don’t you?) and, as usual, there are a TON of changes. Basically the mechanics and class trees and spells and talents and everything have shifted. For some, this is a good thing. For others, not so much. I’m on the side of “change can be good” even if not ALL of the changes are good. One of the things people have been upset about recently in WoW (or not so recently anyway) is that the game was getting “stale” at least for a handful of the 12mil subscribers. With 4.0.1 things have changed so dramatically almost across the board that it is difficult not to believe it’s a lot less “boring”. Learning the new class mechanics, etc. and complaining to Blizzard seems to be taking a lot of people’s time right now leaving less room to complain about not having anything new to actually do for a while (that is worth it anyway).

Fyra_101210_224456I have two of my own philosophies on 4.0.1. The first has to do with what almost every large patch that Blizz puts out. This is a beta. They might not call it a beta, but in reality we are testing out all the changes they have made and they want to see it in action before MORE code goes in like the changes to the world, etc. Let everyone concentrate on the bugs found in the class and mechanics changes as opposed to the world-level changes. The other is that we need to realize now that level 80, it’s a leveling level. What?!? Yeah, level 80 is just one step on the way to 85. Is it now? No. But it will be when Cataclysm comes out and BLizzard has stated time and again that they spent more time balancing on level 85 than the levels in between. So, as I am a generally relaxed individual, I’ll keep trucking and hope for the best.

Fizz_101410_235159So far I have done raids with my Druid (Boomkin), Hunter (Marksman) and my Mage!?!? (Arcane then Fire). We did Naxx (full clear) that first night and I brought the druid. Second night we did Ony then Sarth3D and then VoA. I brought my Hunter to those and he got the Sarth3D-10 title! Last night we headed back into ICC for the first time since the patch and it was an “alt” run. Some of the peeps weren’t alts, but might DEFINITELY was. I brought my mage (whose gear leaves something to be desired) and tried out Arcane spec first. I didn’t “love” it and decided to try out Fire. This was much more fun if not more DPS and I think I got the hang of it. Still not doing amazing DPS but I did pick up about 4 new pieces of armor/rings+.

Right now I am putting most of my efforts into Blizzcon anticipation. Getting ready for our party/meetup and hopefully getting enough rest that I don’t need much in Anaheim. I finally got my “barcode” (ticket) and I think everything else is pretty much ready to go. A week from now we’ll be knee deep in Blizzard goodness.. Either that or Blizzcon bacterium.. Smile with tongue out 

Looking back at 4.0.1 when, um, 4.2 comes out we’ll all probably say that all that worry was for nothing because look how great Blizzard has balanced out the stuff that was wrong.. Well, all except for Hunters.. We’ll always be OP .. Later all!

Blizzcon Countdown

Yes, Two weeks from now I will probably be in the line trying to get my badge and goody bag for Blizzcon 2010! If you can’t tell, I’m very excited about this. I’ll be in Anaheim from Oct 21 – Oct 25. We’ll be liveblogging a bunch of stuff (hopefully) over at Twisted Nether and, of course, I’ll be taking a TON of pictures and video while I’m there for you all. If you are heading to Blizzcon too, I’ve included my PARTY schedule below so you’ll know where to find me most of the time.. Maybe Smile with tongue out

Thursday Night: WoW Insider Party – I’ll be there at least for a little while at some point during the night. It’s over at the Anabella pool area.

Friday Night: Of course I’ll be over at our own Twisted Nether Blizzcon Party! You DEFINITELY want to show up for this one. It’s going to be a blast. We’re having it this year over at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. (east of the Conv Center). Click the link to go to the TNB Blizzcon page for all the info and a nice map. We’ve got a bunch of stuff to give away during the night too. It runs from 9pm – 1:30am (latest they will let us stay legally)

Saturday Night: The Raid Documentary Pre-Screening and Afterparty.  This is an invitation only party, unfortunately, but you can watch the Pre-screening LIVE on their website during the event. This should be a ton of fun!

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