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The Last..

Post of the Pre-Cataclysm era! We’re almost 3 expansions into this crazy game and it really doesn’t show that many signs of slowing down! Really, I don’t have too much to say about Cata itself right now. I will not be going to a Midnight release to get my copy of the game because the place I ordered it from is not doing one (at least I think.. I might go see if they are anyway.. Why not?). I might, however, go bug some people at a Gamestop nearby if I can find one that is open at midnight. We have like a quadrillion of them around. One has to be open, right?

WoWScrnShot_120410_192548What I really wanted to talk about is something AMAZING. I started leveling an Undead Hunter after the Shattering. I figured, why not? I hadn’t heard all that much about the changes made to the first few zones of the Undead leveling experience but it had been a long time since I had gone through it. I just have to say OMG.. I have been having the best and most engrossing experience I think I have ever had in WoW while leveling. The story telling with the new Silverpine forest changes are exquisite. They really make you want to take your time and read through all the text. See what is going on in the story and FEEL like a real HERO. You even get a personal explanation of the motivations of the Forsaken by Sylvannis herself.

WoWScrnShot_112810_210725I won’t go too much into the experience because I think people should enjoy it un-spoiled. I have started up trying out the new Tauren starting area with a Tauren Paladin. I think they have done alright here so far but there are far less changes and the lore is not so deep and thick as it is in the Forsaken starting areas. I also tried out the Gnome area which is, um, cute.. so far.. I haven’t really gotten more than a couple levels in there though. On my undead, I’ve also started doing the quests in the newly broken in half Stranglethorn Vale. I like the changes. The Nesingwary quests are still there (kill 10 of these, and then 10 of these, etc.) but now they auto complete wherever you are until after you kill the “special”, named Mob at the end of the quest lines. I’m really enjoying that new feature.

WoWScrnShot_112710_165107I don’t really know how much the horde leveling has changed there because I never leveled a horde through it. It does seem much more stream-lined though. I am almost out of that area I think and then on to the “Cape” part of SV. After that I want to check out the changes to the Plaguelands. I hear it’s a pretty good change. Seems like the undead areas got some of the best work! If you have done some leveling/questing in the new areas after 4.0, let me know what you though in the comments here.

WoWScrnShot_112710_155621Am I prepared for Cataclysm? Well, not necessarily, but I don’t think I’ve ever been “prepared” for an expansion before. I am definitely READY though. I’ll be starting up a Goblin on Cenarion Circle. If you want to join a bunch of us doing that, let me know! Also, I’ll start a new Worgen. I did that starting area in the beta but I’d like to see the differences and maybe even stick with the Worgen for a while. At some point I might race change others of my toons to Worgen or Goblin but for now I’m not planning on it. Of course, I will be leveling Fimlys through to 85 first. I told my Guild Leader that it was my intention to do that and he seemed fine with it. Next will probably be the druid. I’m really not sure though, we’ll just have to see what we need and what interests me the most!

Ok! I’m outta here. Make sure if you are going to be outside in the cold for this midnight release tonight you bundle up!

Shadow Mourning

Whoa.. It’s so SHINY! No, that’s not me holding that beautiful legendary axe. Shadowmourne is the property of Mythos’ Guild/Raid Leader. We’re all excited that he finally got all his shards and such. The little soul fragments that start swirling around it are pretty cool too. Especially if he is flying around while he has them ..

This week’s 25man was particularly productive (even forgetting about the axe). I actually got a ring upgrade (I don’t remember what it was called, but it was an upgrade!) and we got through all but Sindragosa and LK on the first night! The second night we got Sindy without too much effort once people figured out the Phase 2 ice block placement areas. We then took a few swings at LK before people had to head out. We’re planning on extending the raid for next week and hopefully can get him down.

WoWScrnShot_111710_214212It’s very exciting getting closer to the release of the expansion. I’ve done the pre-cata event quests and took my Paladin into fight the Fire Boss once. Of course, not remembering (or relearning actually) how to play my Ret Pally didn’t help and I ended up standing in the fire a little too long looking for stuff on my action bars.. Ooops.. We killed him anyway but, of course, the stupid group didn’t wait for me to get the quest before starting so I will still have to do it again if I want to finish it.

WoWScrnShot_111110_094205I’ve also been continuing to level my Rogue and Warlock on and off. With a bunch of non-WoW games waiting in the wings (Rock Band 3 has been sucking down my time now) and holiday stuff coming up, my playtime might be a little curtailed. The rogue is at 77 and the warlock is still at 76, I think, although she is getting closer to 77. I don’t see making 80 before cata comes but 78 might be likely. That will give me 5 80s and 2 78s.

We’re progressing with plans to get a bunch of people together to start leveling Goblins after cata drops. We’ll be forming at least 1 5-man group hopefully and only level together (maybe after getting out of the starting areas). If you have any interest in joining us, give me a holler (comment here or email or contact form) and I’ll get you the info.

That’s about it. The rest of the week will probably be more non-WoW than WoW but who knows. Smile with tongue out See ya’ll around!

Crisis of Multiple Altentities

Ok, so Altentities isn’t a word. Sorry. Hopefully you get my drift.. So, what do I want to talk about? Well, I read a post on Dechion’s Place about how he believes that the problem with the changes to Hunters in 4.0.x isn’t in the changes themselves but in his perception of them (or something like that, sorry Dech if I am mis-construing). Another thing he noted is that he thinks he is more accepting of the changes to other classes because he feels he’s relearning those classes each time so the changes weren’t as “catastrophic” (sigh, that was mine.. ;P )..

WoWScrnShot_102710_213857So, what is this all about? As I recently noted right here on aatwow, I’ve gotten a bit of a second wind.. Or, is that third wind. Fourth? More likely Fifth, I’m thinking. Anyway, I have been inspired to spend more time playing WoW and leveling some more of my alts. The problem comes about switching through different of my alts. I actually have 2 characters that I would consider my “mains”. Those would be the Hunter and the Balance Druid. I can pretty much play them both as DPS interchangeably and get similar DPS and they have similar gear levels. My other alts always take me a while to figure out when I switch to them and with the 4.0.x change, I still have no idea how to play my Paladin.

WoWScrnShot_101210_224456People have asked me what I am doing when it comes to Cataclysm. I answer that first, I will level Fimlys. He was my first and he’ll always be the first to the max level cap in each expansion. Next will probably be the druid, Fyra. After that, well, there is a “bit” of the crisis. Which comes next? Generally Fhuun, my priest, would probably be up next to level but now I’ve got a max level mage and paladin. I might even have a max level Rogue and Horde Warlock .. I have a feeling I might be swapping through all of them over time. Each one giving me that “new car smell” for a while and then, when it wears off, I’ll be ready to move on.

WoWScrnShot_101710_211001Going back to the original discussion about Dech’s post. I think one of the reasons I didn’t have as much trouble as some with the changes in 4.0.x is that I have become such an Altaholic. I am constant switching between my toons and re-learning how to play them over and over and over. This change was just a little larger than the “I’m switching over to my druid” one that I had before. Dech mentioned that he has the same button layout, etc. for all of his Hunters. But since I have only one hunter I play, I don’t have that problem (which seems to have led to his current predicament).

WoWScrnShot_102910_205659It seems this is the one instance where being indecisive pays off.. Hah! I’ve been enjoying playing my Hunter with the changes in 4.0.1 and, of course, I am waiting patiently (ok, really impatient here…) for Cataclysm to come out to give me the new levels to quest through and areas to explore. I’ve also been enjoying the other classes and realize that things are no longer optimized for 80 as level cap. I know a bunch of additional changes are supposed to be coming to do things to rebalance the 80s and make the leveling curve more viable and the item curve at 85 mean something (hopefully).

WoWScrnShot_103010_155742There are still things I love about Wrath and even things I am still learning on the horde side of things. I find it interesting that, as it seemed to me, it was much faster to get to Wrathgate (which I have now done 7 times) on Horde than it was on Alliance. I love learning where the differences are and where the difference in quests is really just a reskinning of the text and you are getting pretty much the same one.

WoWScrnShot_090710_230605With Cataclysm I am even adding ANOTHER toon that I intend to at least level for a little while and that is a Goblin. I’m pretty sure I’ll level a Worgen too at some point. Of course, they just announced that we can race change to Worgen or Goblin on release, so I might just do that to one of my alliance chars. Maybe one of the Draenei! Ok, I’m done with the rambling. Those of you who listen to the podcasts know I can ramble on forever and so, knowing that I’m doing that, I’m going to head it off right now. Thanks for listening to me. Talk to you all later!

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