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Watch Out, They Spit

All I can say (ok, not ALL I can say) is that Blizzard has done a stupendous job with Cataclysm. I have to say that is my own opinion as well as many of my friends I have talked too. They are loving the new zones, the new races and the changes to the world we once “thought” we knew.

In my last post I talked about wanting to hit 85 prior to recording TNB. That didn’t happen. At the time I logged out for TNB I was ~500k away from leveling, but it was time (Amazing dedication, eh?). After the show, I logged back in and got to 85 in almost no time. When I logged out I had just finished Uldum. I started the questline for Twilight Highlands and dinged during that! The rest of the night was spent doing a couple of quests in TH but generally doing some instances and starting the process again on my Druid.

WoWScrnShot_121110_223743Speaking of the druid, I decided that she would start in Hyjal. The quest lines are pretty good there although I still like Vashj’ir for the sheet “differentness” of it. The little portals are cool and I just finished the Jousting quests and got my little birdy pet. She is 81 and on her way to being 82. The first person in our guild to get 2 toons to 85 just did so last night. Additionally, I picked up enough gear upgrades on Sunday to have enough Average item level score so that I can queue for Cata Heroics.

One of the other interesting things that happened to me was I got Reins of the Grey Riding Camel. Turns out there is something of a “Camel Level” in Cataclysm. In Diablo II there was a level you could get to that was all cows.. Just TONS and TONS of cows. Well, WoW has a Camel Level. Here is what splunge said in the WoWHead Comments:

Scattered around Uldum are small click-able camel statues called "Mysterious Camel Figurine". If you click on one you will get teleported to the Steam Pools, which, if you havent gone exploring yet, are located on a plateau in the south eastern part of Feralas. Once you swim out of the water you will see lots of docile, but kill-able (wont fight back) camels that don’t drop anything. You will also see Dormus.

You will get a debuff that is called "Dormus rage" which says bad things will happen in 20 mins if you don’t kill Dormus.

He’s got about 250khp and was super super easy to kill as a heroic geared 85 MM hunter. I kept heals rolling on my pet but i never saw my pets hp move. Just move out of the things he spits at you.

WoWScrnShot_121310_005858So, I found one of those Figurines and I clicked on it not knowing what would happen. I got dumped into that swamp and proceeded to kill Dormus. He dropped the Reins and I thought “Wow.. This is cool. He drops this mount every time you kill him?”. Supposedly it is a low drop rate on the reigns. Everything “I” have read has just said that he drops them. If anyone has gotten to this area and killed Dormus and NOT gotten the mount, please let me know (or tell me if you did.. I like those stories too).

Two nights ago, we were running a few instances. We were in Halls of Origination at one point with a feral druid cat. In part of the instance, you pick up camel mounts to use as part of a boss encounter. The image here (first in the post) is from that and is indelibly burned into my brain. I.. cannot.. unsee..

WoWScrnShot_121310_010905I also remembered that I had ~3500 Justice Points to spend on level 85 gear! So, I went shopping. I picked up one item (I can’t remember which now.. Sad smile ) just before we started queuing for random cata instances. 329 is the minimum limit for being able to queue for random heroics and I had… 328. DOH! But, thankfully, by the end of the night I had 330. I didn’t get a chance to do a heroic last night, but maybe I’ll be able to tonight. I think that’s enough for today. If you are all good boys and girls, I might just post tomorrow.. How’s your Cataclysm experience been? Leave a comment here letting me know!

Deeper and Deeper

Welcome, my friends, to the show that never ends. Come inside, come inside. Deepholm was the order of last night. Another set of quest hubs although this time you often find yourself headed back to the “main” hub in the center of the realm. This is the realm of Earth and you can tell. Floating rocks all over the place. Exploding columns, rock elementals, big ugly earth elemental fat ladies.. (whew!) I had a pretty good time with the quests here. They were all pretty easy and there was a definite story like Vashj’ir. There was a little less linearity in the zone but really not much. They guide you down a path to completing the area and I am not sure you can skip all that much. I did have to skip a quest on a boat (spoiler?) but it was more of a side quest I guess.

WoWScrnShot_121010_012732I did get the achievement for # of quests completed in Deepholm unlike Vashj’ir which is seemingly bugged. I didn’t get to go into any instances last night because the people going were doing ones that required a minimum level of 84. But, if they do them tonight, I can go. Oh, I didn’t tell you? I dinged 84 just after finishing up all the standard quests in Deepholm. This is the area for the faction that you get the shoulder enchants from, so I picked up the tabard (don’t forget this! Very important) and two of the dailies there (there are about 6-8 I think and they are general easy quests.. kill x of these, etc) and while I was killing X of those, I dinged 84!

WoWScrnShot_121010_015112It was my goal to get to 84 last night and I was happy I succeeded. Next stop? Uldum! I’m sure it will take me the whole zone and then Twilight Highlands to get to 85 but my goal for that is sometime on Saturday prior to recording TNB. After that? Well, gearing up I guess and then also working on some of the other 80s, especially the gatherers. I need to get them into the new zones to get me some mats!

Ran Out of Ocean

Hey all! I’ve been a busy beaver.. Well, I’ve been a busy hunter! Fimlys made it to level 83 last night in the Throne of Tides. But.. Lets see how he got there, shall we?

I made the decision to head over to Vashj’ir first. I liked the idea of the unique underwater environment and what could be done with it. I have to say they did an amazing job. The visuals are astounding and I loved the feel they gave the questing. It really felt like I was in the middle of an Epic story and they did a good job moving you through the zones in general. It does feel like the last zone got a lot less attention, I have to say. I have a feeling there are a bunch of quests there that either they haven’t actually turned on or they just rushed it all out. The achievement for # of quests there is currently unattainable, unfortunately.

WoWScrnShot_120710_192733I spent most of the time questing on my own but then joined up with a couple friends to make it a little faster. The XP from mobs was a little less, but we cranked through the quests much faster now. Our guild got to level 2 yesterday which helped out in a little way. 5% more XP from mobs and quests is nice! I liked a set of quests where you take over a naga and get to use different abilities in a “dreamscape world”. One of the things that I think would help a little would be an easier way to get in and out of the zone than the LONG flight from Ironforge once you get the beach or boat flight points.

WoWScrnShot_120810_002512Tuesday night our Guild Leader helped set up 2 5man instance groups. Our group did Blackrock Caverns and then Vortex Pinnacle. I like that each instance seems to have 2 or more quests that you can pick up at the beginning of the instance and then sometimes follow-up quests as you complete those. One annoying thing is that the quest to kill the final boss in Vortex Pinnacle requires you go back to the beginning of the instance. Well, since we didn’t queue up to get into it, we had no way to leave except hearthing and thus I had to wait until I came back in next time to turn it in (Which I did on Wed. night). After that I finished up a few more quests and called it a night.

WoWScrnShot_120810_213425On Wednesday night I proceeded to finish up Vashj’ir, at least as much as possible since there is a bug, we think, that is saying there are LOTS more quests in those areas than there actually seem to be. Additionally the respawn rate on items I had to kill for a later quest was horrible and so I could never find one to do, so I skipped that step and got through the final sequence of events for the zone. They have a pretty epic fight at the end that you are just peripherally involved in but is nonetheless cool.

WoWScrnShot_120810_232252Again we got a group of us together to run an instance or two. This time we headed into Stonecore first, which I thought was pretty cool. There is a dragon in there who’s main mechanic is to drop stalactites down on you while you are fighting him. You just have to avoid the black spots on the ground to survive. Again, they had the silly, “you have to run all the way back to the beginning to turn your quest in” thing but at least you could actually GET back to the beginning with running. Afterwards we did Vortex Pinnacle again and then Throne of the Tides. I really liked that instance. They had some interesting boss mechanics including one of your party getting possessed by a squid thing part way through one of the fights. I continue to love the underwater visuals too. So much color and life.

WoWScrnShot_120910_014030I got headed in the right “direction” to Deepholm, after that. I finished up a couple of quests and then decided to park Fim in a “rested” area and head to my own “rested” area. I’m still having great fun with the leveling and generally haven’t had too many problems keeping moving. I’m excited for a new zone now and the ability to fly around while questing is a real boon.

That’s it for today. I’ll be sure to give you more updates as I can.

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