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December 2018
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Boomikin Spec 1

BoomkinSpec So, I am planning on sticking to my Moonkin build when Fyra hits 70. I was playing around on WowHead a little and came up with this possible build:  47/0/14. This is planned purely as a raiding build, so I skipped Celestial Focus and lowered Control of Nature and Nature’s Reach to the minimum I could just to get to the next tier. I wanted to get Balance of Power and Improved Fairy Fire (again for Raid utility).  I was also speccing for Intensity and not as worried about Subtlety since our tanks are usually pretty awesome about keeping aggro.  I could always move the IFF over to Subtlety if I am getting pounded too much.

So… What do you all think?  Any of you out there (.. Softi ..) who are Boomies have any suggestions?

Curator of the Lost Ark

Again with the short post.. Sorry. Fhuun got a chance to go back into Kara last night and help out. I was one of only 2 healers, the other being a Shaman. Generally it was an easy run and we swept through Attumen, Moroes, Oz (Opera Event), Curator and Nightbane. Nightbane gave a little trouble the first go around and we swapped out one of our tanks for their healer.  With the extra healer we had no difficulties and Nightbane was no more.

I will probably not have a chance to play much tonight (although you never know) and definitely not tomorrow night. Sorry again for the short post, but RL calls.

They Broke What?

Glass 1 Ok! I haven’t researched it yet because unfortunate events have kept me from WoW for a bit now, but I hear there are some Addons that have been borked in Patch 2.4.2. One such is AuditorFu. If you, my faithful readers, encounter any others, please add a comment below and I will try to confirm the issues and write a post with the list.  When I DO get to login tonight (IF I do) I will try to check out the ones I use to add to the list!  Get crackin’!

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