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December 2018
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HiKing Down to Mythos

Yes! You read it right.. Mythos went into Gruul’s Lair last night all on it’s lonesome.. And, after a few fits and starts (we had 20 for the first go..) we finally got the High King and his Entourage down. 3 of the Hunter/Mage/Warlock tokens dropped, but we happened to have just enough of them without the T4 shoulders to give them out. I brought Fhuun in for the helpful heals. 🙂

It was getting late after we finally killed HK, so we called it for the night and will try to finish on Friday. Afterwards, I was invited to mosey on down to Botanica for a little Heroic Action…  It was both the daily Heroic and the daily Non-Heroic! Traebear was our tank and a I have to say we carved our way through there like butter.  No deaths on bosses.  Fyra died once and our tree, Wickum, died once and that was it.

Fyra_060408_001149 I got a couple of nice cat/bear staves in the process and a lot of gold and 7 badges all told. (oooh, I rhymed). That was it for me, I’ve been having some computer troubles and logged out to give a shot at fixing them.

We’ve been working hard on this weeks podcast lineup, getting questions for Matticus put together and just general mayhem..  It seems to take all my “free” time (that I am not WoWing), but it is great fun! I’m still in the conference too, but trying to post just the same. 🙂  Hope you forgive me.. 😀  Later all!

Golden Arc

I’m at the Microsoft Tech-Ed Conference this week, so my posts might be a little smaller than usual (and less timely.. 😛 ). Also probably no images at least for the first version of a post.. Sorry, low bandwidth.

Last night I got on and did some herbing with Fyra then got pulled into some 5v5s (4 with Fhuun and 6 with Fimlys).  After that, we got a group together to go run Heroic Arcatraz. The run went really well with really only “kinda” wiping (vanish/feign FTW) once. Bosses were easy (one shot them all) and Fyra ended up with a new cloth belt (will look up later)..

That’s about it.  Tonight MIGHT be a Gruul’s run if we can pull together 25 (or even 24) of the right people.. If we can, I’m really excited for it.  Fhuun will probably be going and he doesn’t really need anything there, but it is all about us being able to do it at all … 😀

That is it for now.  Hope you guys are all enjoying the podcast.. Please leave us some comments on the site or in iTunes.. We want to hear from you!


Looks like more WoW-Ku goodness is here! Runycat at Unbearably HoT has a wow-ku contest going on. The hitch in this is that it must be Druid based!

This sounds like an excellent idea! Go have a look and submit your masterpieces today!

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