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Bottled Kingsauce

I’m combining a poll announcement and a post today.  I’m just not in the mood to do 2 posts at the moment.. The poll is on Addon Updaters for WoW.  Pick the updater do you use and leave me a comment here.  If the one you use is not on the list, leave a comment and I’ll add it (you’ll have to come back and pick later I guess).

Back to the normal crap, eh?  Last night was Gruul’s. It was also Jess’ first 25man (both with and without us). I’m sure she will have a post up later about it. We had a couple of hiccups on the High King (including 2 consecutive >7k hits on the main tank) where we had to run out, but got him down on the 3rd or 4th try (don’t remember which).

I had brought Fhuun in for the first boss there for the extra healing, but switched out to Fimlys for Gruul himself since we were in need of more DPS.  We only tried twice to beat him since some people had to go. Both times Kenny (my Lynx) got stuck in the rocks at the back of the room. This limited my total damage for the fights, but he didn’t die as quick as he might have .. 🙂 We did pretty well, getting him below 40% each time (I don’t remember the exact numbers).

WoWScrnShot_061108_012235 After the Gruul run was called, we got together a group to run Heroic Bot. It wasn’t the daily heroic, but Bot gives you 5 badges and we are getting pretty good at flying through that place. We only wiped once and made it through pretty quick.  Everything that dropped was either Plate or something none of us could use anyway. We did get 5 badges though, so I can forgive quite a bit.

Tonight is Kara for Fyra hopefully. She still needs 22 badges for her new dagger.  A full run of Kara would settle that (of course, there might be a heroic thrown in for good measure too).  There are plenty of other badge goods that would benefit her also. Still need a ton after the blade.

We moved the Zul’Aman run to Saturday and hopefully we’ll get more people to come. Sunday just wasn’t doing it seemingly. I think we are doing Kara tonight and tomorrow and then going back to try Gruul on Friday and then my Z’A run on Saturday.  We’ve got a busy calendar.  I like having Sunday and Monday free from raiding though. 5 Days a week is enough I think.. LOL

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (unless you are a warlock..)… Laters!

Rolling Need…

First things first.  I have a request to the addon community out there.  I want an ACE addon that will export a list of all my addons.  I have an addon right now that I use called ACP (Addon Control Panel). I want something like this (or an update to this addon) that will let me export a list of addons with options to categorize them and figure out what the “main” addon is and which are libraries/dependencies/etc. I understand you can’t write an addon that writes out anything but a config file, but then maybe a website (I can probably run it) that parses those config files and gives you a nice HTML list (or somesuch) would be awesome.. PLEASE! :D  OK.. That’s done.. Thanks…

Last night I had a pleasant surprise in that Jess transferred over her other 2 “main” toons to my server. She is a great player and will be an asset to our guild!

I was farming for a bit on Fyra when I got whispered to come help with one of the 5v5 teams.  I asked if I could try out Fyra and they said sure.. Well, Fyra isn’t so good at PvP.. LOL… After 4 matches, I swapped out for Fhuun and we won a few of the remainder.  We actually increased our rating over the 10 games because the ones we won were BIG wins (like 20+ points each).  Most of the losses were low (8 points, 11 points…). It was pretty fun.  I like it mostly because it is also pretty fast.  On a few times Fhuun healed over 42k hp over the match!

DeadAgain_060908_233452The the GL wanted to run into our “cleared” Kara with his 69 Warlock and get the book from the Maiden area… Well, the raidID he joined had a small problem…. We hadn’t killed the Maiden yet! LOL… He got smacked down by the mobs there and then put together 10 of us that were either already saved to that ID or hadn’t run Kara that week at all (well, on particular ALTS).  We ran in and took out the Maiden pretty quick and cleared the room with the book.  I brought Fhuun since that was the ID he was saved to. 

BigAndDead_061008_012759 After the quick run for the book, we got a group together to run Heroic Blood Furnace. The group consisted of 2 Druids (Bear Tank and Oomkin (Fyra)), 2 Priests (Pil [Holy], Jessmyn [Jess/Shadow]) and Arienna (Kezz’ Hunter). We didn’t do all that badly considering our lack of CC. We had quite a few wipes on trash but the bosses were actually pretty simple (isn’t that usually the case with Heroics).  3 Badges later (and a large repair bill) we were done around 2am my time and that was all she wrote.

Tonight Tonight Tonight… It is Gruul night. Hopefully we will have enough to clear the whole place out.  Maybe, if we do it quick enough, we can head into SSC for some trash clearing. Wish us luck!

Spoonful of Kara

Once again, It has happened. It keeps happening. I don’t know why. I can’t stop it! Every week. Like clock-work. The weekend is over!!! And it is time for me to get back to the real world (Whatever that is).

So, what did I do this weekend?  Well, I cleaned up my office.  Made it a little quieter for the podcast “tapings”. And… I “rebuilt” one of my home servers (new MB/Proc/Mem). Recorded Episode 3. Oh.. and I played WoW.. (of course)

Friday night we were trying to get back into Gruul’s to take down the big boss (only got HK down on tues). We were unsuccessful in getting enough peeps online to even attempt it. So… Instead we put together an ad-hoc Kara run to which Fhuun was invited.

Fhuun_060708_235628 The run wasn’t too bad. There were a lot of unnecessary deaths (mostly to the healers of course) but we progressed.  I had to go just before we hit the Curator (recording our special guest) but another healer stepped in and they did fine. We finished that run on Saturday, but didn’t get Illhoof, Nightbane or Maiden.  I once again had to log out (this time around 1) so we could finish taping the show.

Sunday I spent a lot of the day editing and then tried to get a Z’A run going when I logged in at the normal time.  We had a lack of the rightly geared people on (and a missing MT), so we had to scrub it. WoWScrnShot_060808_221449 Instead I took Fimlys into an Heroic Magister’s Terrace run and then Fyra into a Heroic Shattered Halls run. I know… FIMLYS! I really forgot how to run instances with him.. By the end of the run though, I was chain trapping like the good ol’ days.  Only the 3rd “boss”(es) gave us any difficulty (LOTS OF DIFFICULTY) because we got BOTH warriors.. Bah!

In Shattered Halls, Fyra got the Trial of the Na’ru quest done (to get the axe in SH) but the “timed” quest bugged on us and didn’t let us complete it.  We also had a lot more wipes than we are used to, but learned how to do some of the larger pulls in there (after the gauntlet) without causing wipes. (LOS them around the corner.)  For the last boss, I even popped out of Boomkin and started healing when Pil went down (our priest).  I had (under orders) battle rezzed Stopitnow (our rogue) prior to that occurrence and so didn’t have it when healer goes boom. I ran out of mana healing just as the boss went down.. .(WOOT!)

Woot_060908_012222 Amazingly enough (probably because of Hunter/Rogue deaths), Fyra came out looking pretty good against better geared DPS in the group. Woot! She is getting there.

I’m hoping that now I am “back” from my conference I will have more time to put up some more “useful” posts. Tonight is Monday night and that means.. Uh.. Not really sure.  I think most people do their Arena runs. I also need to talk to the RL to see when we can reschedule Z’A.  Sunday just doesn’t seem to be working for us.

I’ll hopefully have another poll up by the end of the day.. I think it might be Z’A related! Have a good one!

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