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July 2020
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Nef Again

A week or so ago, my guild downed Nefarian (in BWD). I was being nice at the time and sitting out. It was still very exciting! Last night, I got to participate in the Nef fight.. We wiped over and over and over and.. finally.. in what would have been the 2nd to last attempt… We got him down! It wasn’t pretty. We lost our add tank and a couple healers but we managed to survive long enough to bring him down … again..

It was all very exciting Smile

Is This Thing On?

Hey! I’m not gone, just busy. I’m still around and still playing WoW. We’re still raiding. We’ve only done one Cata boss on heroic (Halfus) and we have HIM on farm. Otherwise we’ve gotten all but Nefarian down on regular and last night we got him to around 18% or so before wiping.

I’m generally playing about 3 days a week at this point. Mostly just our raid nights. I’ve got a few other things going on, including the podcasts, so that can take up a bunch of my time too.

So, I know, these posts are kinda silly but I figured you guys deserved to know what’s going on. Most of my discussing WoW tends to be on Twisted Nether right now anyway but I’ll see if I can’t figure out how to put some time aside to get some thoughts out here too.

This One Goes to 25

It all happened one Spring Tuesday. There we all were, minding our own business, one-shotting Cho’gall (a first, btw) when a tremendous noise grabbed our attention. KABOOM, an achievement of great worth appeared on the screen! What did this wondrous pop-up have to declare? Mythos, guild extraordinaire, had made it to the top of the Guild leveling ladder, LEVEL 25 was ours!!!

There was, of course, a great deal of rejoicing. And, of course, we all had to go out and buy our new Ground Mounts.. duh… It was a great night for the guild and I’m very proud to be a member. Oh, and I have to say that mass resurrection is AWESOME!

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