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The Pasture is Full

And the Gruul raid was not.. So it didn’t happen. Many of the “standard” raiders logged in a little late.. Maybe we need to push it back to 6:30pm server time since we usually don’t get started until late anyway. But.. Would that just have people coming on even later?  Bah! :)  Hopefully in a few weeks the “summer” slump will be over and we can get back to business.

So, instead of Gruul’s we started up a Kara run.  We’re going to try to get 2 in this week, and Fyra was invited to this one. Pil was running the show and we had a “spankin’ new” off tank to go with us. 3 Druid healers were on tap (whoa!) and that brought a total of 40% druidity to the raid.  We got through the Curator with me only dying around 8 times (or so..).  I’m pretty sure I won the death crown for that night (Jess brought in a close second though…). All in all it was a fun time and Fyra got a couple of badges..

Fyra_072208_224409 I will not be able to play Friday night so I need to figure out if I should sign up for the 2nd Kara run starting Thursday or not.  I will (possibly) be running the Z’A raid on Saturday night.  Hopefully we can get the right mix or it will be nixed again. I’m really not finding Z’A all that much fun, but I know if I don’t do it, nobody else will .. 😛

Last but not least, I think I mentioned it yesterday, but Episode 9 of the Twisted Nether Blogcast, our special “Blogger Round Table” is up and ready for consumption (if you didn’t already know).. Enjoy!

Gorge of the Jungle

Ah! Late post! Sorry.. Working on “work”.. 🙂

So last night I brought Fyra to ZF to help out Pil and Kezz’s little alts (is 50 little?) and another guildie joined us too (with his 50 warlock).. So my boomkin had lots of fun clearing out the place pretty quickly and then we moved back to questing/killing outside of an instance.

Freez is still behind the rest (he was at 47 when we started last night) but doing alright I guess. We made a beeline (well, not exactly) to Searing Gorge and blast through the quests there.. In the end I was level 48 1/2 and lookin’ good. I am also almost at 300 enchanting and have all the mats for my Runed Arcanite Rod except for the Arcanite Rod.. 😛

HotStuff_072208_010217 Tonight is Gruul’s if we have enough peeps. Hopefully we will have a decent # of healers so that I can bring Fyra again to tank Kiggler.  It was loads of fun last time and I am sure it will be again (um.. maybe..)..  And then.. Eh, I dunno.  So, short post, sorry.  New TNB should be up later tonight! Don’t Miss it.. please.. :P 

I’m hoping to be able to get back to some longer posts with some additional images for you guys! I know it’s what you want and I know it’s what you deserve! Um.. So, I’ll, uh, try.. :D  (good luck)

Talk u laters!

Kick Me

I’m back! My network connection was seriously gimped while I was away, but I had enough to get Episode 8 of TNB up and going (I know, old news, eh?).  I also helped with the Gruul’s run on Tuesday in my laggy state by bringing in Fyra to tank Kiggler.  It was great fun.. well.. once I realized that I shouldn’t really be standing so close to him.  When did I realize this?  Well, when Jess battle rezzed me.. :)  (OOPS!). We still one-shot the HK and I ended up 7th in total damage which isn’t too shabby considering I was on such a bad connection (and on a moonkin!).

I spent most of the week (when I could get on to WoW) leveling my rogue, Freez with the help of Pil and Kezz (well, their “little” alts too).  It is really fun doing all the quests and such with a cool group of friends. I got him up to level 47 now! I never really thought he would make it that far and it looks like he’ll be getting farther.  It is pretty fun playing him.  The most fun I have is stealthing around :).  I have him currently combat specced for leveling, but I might think about changing him around sooner or later..

Not much else going on at this point. We had a big TNB Live Roundtable on Saturday night, the recording of which I am working on right now to get it podcast ready.. :) 

Ghaz_072108_021200 Oh! And Bell from 4Haelz pointed me at a really cool site for UI stuff.. Vranx UI. It has a list of UI mods broken down by type with descriptions and screenshots of each that then included.  It isn’t “comprehensive” in that it includes ALL mods, but it seems to include all the “important” ones and even ones I have never heard of. I am going to take some time to peruse each of the categories and see if I can find any new gems for my UI.. 😀

Ok.. Now I’m done.  It’s good to be back, but I am really tired.. Stayed up until 4am for that roundtable and then until 2:30am last night getting to level 47.. Ugh.. Later alls!

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